Sungmin- 100 Questions & Answers


1. Name: Lee SungMin

2. Birthday: January 01, 19863. Blood type: A

4. Height/Weight: Don’t know Don’t remember.. hehe

5. Family: Dad, Mom, Younger Brother 4 people

6. Food you like: Hamburger

7. How long have you been an SM trainee: 4 years

8. Amongst the trainees, who’s the closest to you: HyukJae, JunSoo

9. Something that changed after becoming a trainee: My goal has become definite

10. Favorite singer: Lee SeungChul/Bi/KangTa/etcetc

11. Your worst score in NoRaeBang: 0! After I saw it, I did better

12. When you see your fans, what do you think of: Thanks and I feel loveable

13. Amongst all the CFs, the best CF: Fanta? (it’s pronounced Hwan-Ta by Koreans xD) Mae Soda? Jumping into the swimming pool, and then flying. Hehehe

14. The one place you really want to go on vacation: Japan/Australia

15. You want to go to a far place by yourself, but you don’t have money for the bus… what do you do: Flattery and be cute

16. The one ride you can’t ride in an amusement park: None… Oh yea! Sinbad’s Adventure.. It smells —

17. One friend you are thinking of right now and a memory of them: In junior high, the memory of dancing in the hallway…

18. A SM endorsed celebrity you respect: KangTa Sunbae

19. The amount of joint cafes in a week: 1~6 times (cant really translate but I THINK it means how many times you go on the café or how many times people join in a week… not sure…)

20. The amount of dots (T/N: beauty marks? Is that what they’re called? I don’t remember… hehe) you have on your body: Don’t know… how are you supposed to know that!! )v(

21. In high school the grade you got in your best subject/in your worst subject: 98%/A secret,,;;;;;

22. You’re ideal person and the name of a celebrity who’s the closest to your ideal person: Shorter than me, cute, acts cute a lot, nice, sings well or likes music, does a lot of pretty actions amongst celebrities….hmm.. Nobody! +_+

23. A comic you liked reading when you were younger: GeuRangJyo! Hehe (… I don’t know this comic…)

24. You’re second most treasured possession: Piano

25. When you look at a picture what do you think of: What type of picture?

26. Show yourself off (the longest you can make it): [It’s long when you read in Korean.. he writes out each sound =D] I’m nice, sincere, and I work hard

27. You’re favorite word: SaRang Love (- – that was written in English)

28. If someone you didn’t know said “Darling~ honey~” to you: Why~ honey~

29. A drama you enjoy watching nowadays: I can’t really watch much tv.. Age of hero_ the one drama I have a chance to watch sometimes_

30. A girl celebrity you want to become friendly with: Bada etc…

31. If you come here you can see me [mall etc..]: SM…my school… my house… other than those I don’t really go anywhere else…

32. An unknown number calls and then you pick up but you hear “Call me” and then the person hangs up. This person is really [exception that the person called by mistake]: Fellow student at school

33. Something you do better than others: Acting pretty (T/N: pretty actions)!! – T – ;;;

34. One cute action you want to really do at the moment: Holding the piano and playing it like a guitar… –;;

35. A food you really want to eat: hamburger

36. A comic book you read with deep interest: The Wind’s GungShim (T/N: I can’t really tell if its ㅇ or ㅁ)

37. The title of a book with the most appealing cover: I don’t really know…

38. What if an impersonator of you appears: hit him! BbaSsho! (T/N: dunno… how to translate BbaSsho…==)

39. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Transparent Being etc who do you want to be the most: Spiderman

40. What you like about being a male: I like the voice…

41. Why you wanted to become a celebrity: Because I like music…

42. A song to sing that would make everyone like you if you sang it at NoRaeBang: A song like that! = = (T/N: he’s saying a song that gets good comments is a song that answers the question… basically hes just saying a song like that would get everyone to like it)

43. A song to sing that would make everyone hate you if you sang it at NoRaeBang: A song like that! = =

44. You’re favorite time of day (ex) 8:45 : 1:11 and 3:33 and all the other times when the numbers are all the same

45. You’re favorite game: I don’t play games~ hehe

46. What do you think is the sexiest part of your body: that’s humiliating~//~^^~

47. When someone looks sexy: I have yet to see a girl look sexy to me..^^ when they dance?

48. Words you would like to hear most: You are a nice, honest, and a hard-working person.

49. Words you would like to hear least: Words that have to do with my business

50. First love: ^^

51. The place of your first kiss: Of course it’s a secret~3

52. The color of the underwear you wore today: white

53. Neon, leopard print, mesh/gauze etc- amongst these undergarments which one do you want the most: All_ I don’t like them. –T–

54. Your favorite day of the week: Friday

55. The longest you’ve talked on the phone: 2 hours

56. The time you go to sleep: It’s probably around 12~1

57. The one thing you do the most {Breathing, talking, Opening your eyes, Closing your eyes, Moving!} : thinking… is that too (t/N: can’t translate… I think…) YapShip~? Hehe but I can’t help it~ hehe

58. You’re favorite season: The season when a cool breeze blows

59. Lee SungMin was this sort of student: Someone who had nothing to say_wasn’t funny_quiet_

60. The time you want to return to [use descriptions]: When I cried….A WHOLE LOT….

61. A birthday present that remains the most memorable: cdp? Clothes-

62. The first album you ever bought: H.O.T. 3rd album

63. Your favorite clothing: I’m not good at picking out clothing_hehe Random style! Hehe

64. Lead pencil and lead, pen, eraser, which one have you bought the most: pen…

65. A person that if you were with for a whole day would seem like forever: None… I like being by myself…if I have to choose then is Hyukie (HyukJae).. of course when I get a girlfriend I’ll like the times I’m with her the most…hehe

66. Usually how long are you with another person of a higher rank/age: In the practice room, almost all the time

67. If a random person comes up to you and tells you that they are from your school how will you greet them: keep on asking who they are over and over until they get really really sick of it… _ _

68. A time when even I think I am handsome: None… but I do have a time I really like… it’s when I’m singing

69. Favorite drink: ChilSung Soda…It’s an obsession so I’m trying to lessen how much I have of it…

70. A song that seems like it’s talking to me: Nowadays all songs sound like that

71. A person you want to shoot a kiss scene with: there’s nobody like that…

72. A time you don’t want to think about: There was a time when I was a little embarrassed in elementary school

73. When have you gotten goosebumps: When I heard weird noises when I was in the practice room

74. One thing you like about being born in Korea: Just… Because I met the friends I have now…

75. From all the lies you’ve said, what lie is the biggest lie you ever told: I don’t have money…. _ _;;;;;

76. Are you a different person from what people see you as? If there is, what? : I’m not nice.. _ _

77. You’re best friend is gay!! He wants you to go out with him? What are you going to do: I’ll refuse… I’ll vomit on his face.. _ T _ And then I’ll introduce him to a good-looking person……

78. A non-Korean actor you like: I don’t remember the name… Gladiator…

79. The first movie you saw in a movie theater: Titanic? I don’t remember…

80. You were walking when a fly goes into your mouth or nose, how will you feel: Wek!!!! (T/N: It’s how you feel when you want to throw up.)

81. If you see blood what do you think about: When I see blood… TT It hurts…

82. A mystery about yourself that has still yet to be solved: My ankle hurts, but I dunno why it hurts…_ _ my fingernail too…_ _ I was taking an extra class with my friend in junior high but I don’t remember when or how the class ended. _ _

83. The more you think about it, this electronic device is in love with me (ex) Fan: I just bought an mp3 player… it obeys me well… It feels like my cellphone has lost its affection for me nowadays… it obeys me slowly and sometimes it doesn’t work_

84. Why do you think that device likes you, Lee SungMin: Because it obeys me… its makes me feel good… when I’m sad or bored I always have it with me…I think it might even love me…_ _

85. Clothing you’re wearing right now: tanktop… whenever I say this evil people think of weird things… I’m also wearing pants…

86. A common sense you were just recently made aware of: No matter how much you love somebody there are times when you can’t love

87. While you were walking on the streets and you saw a pretty girl, have you ever followed her: Of course~! Hehe my house was in the same direction.. _ _

88. If a fan wanted something you were wearing right now do you intend to give it to the fan: If you want it… Pay money and take it!

89. Your girl has to be like this: can’t be sick… can’t be sad… has to be happy

90. An accessory you like: The one the person I love picks for me

91. I really don’t understand this type of people: Nosey people/Minds other people’s businesses, people who act like their all that, people who act like they have a lot of stuff, people who act like they know what’s going on, someone who does everything/bossy_ sometimes I don’t really understand them…

92. trainee[s] that you would want to be trapped on a deserted island with: Hyukie…Mm…Hmmm………hahaha//It’s a secret~ the reason is because we can sing together… then we won’t be bored…

93. Something you want to do when you’re still young: Making my dream come true!

94. Something you don’t like even if it died: acting cute… making others do weird things… making others do things forcefully… [T/N: I’m not sure how to translate this… I think it can be translated in two ways so here’s the same question translated differently]

94. Something you don’t ever want to die: acting cute… making others do weird things… making others do things forcefully…

95. From all the things you’ve recently bought the price of the most expensive item: $240

96. To fans! I’m wondering about: when you see other fans… you guys fight… why do you guys fight… do my fans fight too… let’s not fight_ if you fight all of you Ssaeng! (T/N: I think he’s saying the end of the fans using a *sound*. Lol~)

97. Something you want to say to the fan who made this 100 questionnaire, while writing it what did you feel: who made this… so many of the questions were confusing and absurd… but still compared to the other 100 questionnaires… it was different so it was fun… Never ask me these things ever again!! Hehehe embarrassing… *blush blush*

98. If you have anything to ask of the fans please ask it: I have… I have a very wide foot (T/N: this means that he is very open)… the rumors that I hear talk of fans that treat and talk to each other as if they’ve been friends for 100 years… of course the girl fans wouldn’t do that~~ anyways I just want you guys to be honest… it’s because I hear some confusing things_^^;; I’m sorry for saying this~ and I hope my fans don’t fight amongst themselves… you guys probably didn’t fight… what I want to hear is your fans are really nice~! I want to hear that a lot… I’m asking you a favor~ you can do that, right? ^^ Because I love you guys so much~ and I ask to be treated well consistently! (T/N: it’s hard to translate this into English because for some reason when I read it, it sounds stuck up in a way, but he just means that his fans will be kind… etc… good to him… like blah you guys get it ^^) FIGHTING! (In romanticizing way: Hwaiting!!) Thank you so much for rooting lots for me~!

99. A present you really want to receive from your fans on your birthday: Love

100. What is the background of your computer?: Computer…T T It’s so crappy there is no background… If I do a background the computer gets screwed up/(T/N: word for word translation for the last part- the computer goes down)



  1. Lee Sung Min you are so cute and I love you!!!

  2. urisujuoppa said

    not much to say!!!
    he’s my ideal type of husband!!

    *chongmal saranghae*

  3. Hana said

    when did he answer this??? cutie sungmin XD

  4. sungmin is my love said

    OMG Sungmin wants 2 come 2 Aus yey!!!…oppa come 2 sydney hehe

    44. You’re favorite time of day (ex) 8:45 : 1:11 and 3:33 and all the other times when the numbers are all the same <<<CUTE!!!

    77. You’re best friend is gay!! He wants you to go out with him? What are you going to do: I’ll refuse… I’ll vomit on his face.. _ T _ And then I’ll introduce him to a good-looking person……<<<ROFL

  5. sungmin is another cute boy from suju.

  6. dae-shii said

    lol. he says he is not nice XD

    88. If a fan wanted something you were wearing right now do you intend to give it to the fan: If you want it… Pay money and take it!

  7. GKL said

    Was Anna your first love?

  8. hey sung min,
    why r u so cute?
    I want to meet u so much.
    I always listen ur songs & see movie.
    I love u so so so much!

  9. kimixoy said

    77 is love xDDDD

    OMG he is so cute >_____<

  10. Coolzie said


  11. Candy(from Super Lovers) said

    사랑하는 형
    If you know how much I love you…………….
    If I will be your sister…….(How much I happy)
    형 너무너무 사랑해요.
    Please coctact to me when you see this page.(I do apologize)
    With unable dreams(나의 형)
    Candy(I’m not a KOREAN)

  12. sweet sc3nt said

    anna is sungmin’s first love?
    i heard about her before….

  13. gaelle said

    Euh je suis la seule a parlée français ici

  14. teuki'sgirlfriend said

    88. If a fan wanted something you were wearing right now do you intend to give it to the fan: If you want it… Pay money and take it!

    ah, i’ll ! i will waste my money !!

  15. bea said

    i love you sungmin! is this on the utube? where did u get this ?

  16. yuki~ said

    cute ~~~cute!~~cute~~~

  17. Amanda said

    I think Sungmin and the rest of the Super Junior members work very hard because they did an awesome dance for Sorry Sorry. I JUST LOVE THEM. SUNGMIN THE MOST!!

  18. eenjana said

    Awee, he mentioned Hyukkie a lot of times. 😀 hehes

  19. Hikari said

    XDDD Oh wow, he “says” he’s not nice
    But i love yus SUNGMIN<3

  20. sarang said

    saranghae sungmin oppa! fighting!

  21. sharksuju said

    rofl sungmin is so funny xD

    i love u min

  22. waa…….he’s cuteee…love youuuu……Hwaiting

  23. jheralyn said

    .. you are so cute and a nice person !!!

    .. hope to see you soon lee sungmin !!!

    .. fighting .. ; ))


  24. jheralyn said

    .. you are so cute in the MV (happiness)

    .. please come in the philippines, hehe…

    .. > jhera <<

  25. elton said

    i luv u sungmin im your no. 1 fan..

  26. Sungmin oppa~ said

    hey sungmin oppa ^^ 1 of my good friends rlly LOVES u
    like everything she hs is u she knows jst like everything about u too ^^
    im also a fan of u too ^^ cozz ur very cute and most oft he thigns in the 100 questions (questionnaire) is just like me. i even find most funny *lol* but my friend is ur no 1 fan if u webcam her (:P) ull see ;P

    well we all lvoe you sungmin. hope everything goes well in Super Junior and of course on ur bday we will give u lvoe ^^

  27. yukii said

    hey..when did he answer this questions?and can you give me the link to the main page where you got this?did he really answer this questions?lol he said he is not nice..but just looking at his face..he looks like he wont do anything know INNOCENT…haha..cutie sungminnie!
    saranghae sungmin!super junior hwaiting!

  28. lolita choi said

    Anna was his 1st love? Full House’s Anna? How come? They didn’t even got interact a lot in the show..

  29. sungmin~jjang! said

    Anna of ‘Full House’?i don’t think so…
    but the name ‘anna’ is VERY close to my name!lol~
    oh i wish i could talk to sungmin-oppa this way….
    ah!sungminnie!!we have A LOT in common!!!!FOR REAL!
    and oh yeah…you just described my personality!!all of them!
    sungmin-ah!i’ll wait for you at ss3!!!then i’ll grab you then
    take you home…errr…i mean 4jib daebak!!!super junior hwaiting!
    aaaacck!!sungmin loos VVEERRRYYY HOOOOTTTT in the teaser mv!!!
    *speechless*O_O ToT

  30. blexie_pink1204 said

    on the 100th question… I think his computer’s got virus… xD

  31. youjin said

    he already has our love he should have said something else though i would soo buy his clothes…hehe

  32. sungmin said

    saranghaeyo sungmin lover oppa i love you so much saranghae chingU saranghaeyo………………………………………………………………………………

  33. DanialSungmin said

    Sungmin hyung…
    I will always support you and the others member….
    you great Sungmin hyung…..

  34. Joyce Lee said

    i really love LEE SUNGMIN ! He said that he is not nice ?! huh? but he looks really INNOCENT , SO CUTE ! ^^ ~~ ‘KAWAI OPPA ! Saranghaeyo ! Super Junior fighting! I will always be here to support all of u guys,, . BTW, where did u get this interview-1o0 questi0ns for him?could u gve me the main link?please. . ^^
    I AM PROUD TO BE SUJU’S ELF . I am really looking forward to SS3 Manila . lols . ;))

  35. lee sungyeon said

    sungmin! i hope you are really the one who answers all the questions here! haha.. just kidding! nomu pogoshipossoyo! saranghae!

  36. nara said

    I want to me sungmin’s wife yeongwonhi

  37. Steven said

    I love Sungmin, and reading this… I love him even more…
    Sungmin is the best, the best in the whole world, and I am from the United Kingdom, and I still love him 🙂

  38. samantha said

    Sungmin’s the most perfect guy !! Love him SO much !! ❤

  39. helene said

    The girl in Full House was named Anja, not Anna 😉

    Sungmin is so cute ^^,

  40. Lillo said

    “I’ll refuse… I’ll vomit on his face”
    Yeah, homophobic and ignorant. But yeah, isn’t like 99% of the men, even more in Korea, all ignorant, sexist, homophobic, etc.? Shame on him anyway.

    Still like him as an artist, though. 🙂

  41. candy said

    you are so so so cute……

  42. taeyeonlover said

    sungmin!!! you are such a cutie!! (i’m saying this as a straight guy, lol)
    we have so much in common!! i hope you succeed in achieving your childhood dreams (or perhaps you already have?) and marry your ideal girl! hehe i bet no girl can refuse your aegyo!!

  43. ellah said

    sungmin is my only one idol in seoul!!! go!go!go! saranghaeyo…….

  44. MHADEL09 said

    …sung min is soo cute..we are the same favorite color…

  45. Kaeminn said

    OMONA! 14,27,32,35,41,44,45,54,56,58,63,75,80,91,93 ALL SAME AS HIM! <33 His my ideal type no matter what <33 Jeongmal Saranghae Oppa! 🙂 I have same favorite color as him too XDXD

  46. kumiko said

    Sungmin soooo cute and funny ❤

  47. fann said

    hao xi huan ta ku ku de yang zi,huo po ke ai de xing ge.(@﹏@)~

  48. 🙂 I love Sungmin 🙂

  49. sharhyun said

    .saranghaeyo oppa.
    KyuMin 4ever. XD

  50. Milaii said

    His Ideal girl sounds a whole lot like sunny.

  51. ELF said

    sungminnie. it looks like we’re all your number 1 fan.. haha. I found that cute. Don’t worry. we won’t even fight. We love you so much. You said you’re not nice. lols. I knew it!!! 🙂 But you’re the best member of SuJu. or, maybe, in Korea?? or it could be in the whole world! yay! hmm.. I think you’re just perfect. I am thinking about marrying you lately. hahaha.

  52. Sungie :D! what’s your favorite animal? i never saw it, i guess i was scrolling too fast, Dx i will always love you, always be by your side! Keep smiling darling love~

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