Jaejoong/Hero’s Trivia



  1. Maya Saputra said

    hero is always special.. he must be so advanced to do such text message technique! haha.. even me as a girl cant type really fast :p

  2. Evelynn said

    Childhood dream was to be a grocery store owner, so that he could eat all the cookies

    LOLLLLLLLL omgg i love him ;]

  3. lovemelodies said


    Isn’t that adorable? Shows that he’s still a child at heart 🐱

  4. NaNi YooChun said

    “Believes he will marry a fan, wants 2 daughters and 1 son”
    haha..i love this one..

  5. tarayqen said

    most cooks dont like to do the dishes too…… he is more appealing now than before… wow the boys are growing up so fast … they are now men with boylike appeal….grabe

  6. twilightprincess89 said

    Childhood dream was to be a grocery store owner, so that he could eat all the cookies – ROFL.. jae is LMAO. ^^

  7. fichan said

    hahaha! then, can i put my name on Jae joong’s future wife list? ROFL

  8. tou_a!! said

    Likes eating spicy food…
    i like this…
    “Naga Jolokia pepper”
    i had seen the exploration human body..
    Super Junior eat the pepper..wow..their expression tell its was sooo spicy..
    jaejoong…u are the best..
    can u cook 4 me..??

  9. Jade said

    Believe he will marry a fan!? Where or when did he say that? o.0

  10. Ayumi said

    the first thing that popped up there was the 11 peircing- WOO HOO JOONGIE

    he shares a workroom wit micky AND YUNNIE!

  11. aikawaii said

    aww this was fun to read. i didnt know all this info. Thank You! o*(^_^)_o

  12. Shim Yichin said

    11 piercings? 🙂 cool! Ermmm.. he’s a member of a band before entering SM ent.? Which band was it? 🙂

    Well, Jaejoongie
    is so awesome..
    ..can eat even the
    spiciest food. haha..

  13. Raie said

    11 piercings?? i knew bout his ears and belly but not the nipple part ouch lol

    he doesnt like his voice??
    aww jaejoongie ur voice is beautiful
    evry1 will agree

  14. Nikki John said

    LMAO he’s good in cooking but doesn’t do the dishes. I feel sorry for Junsu who got the title “official dish cleaner”…. ;P

  15. Jasmine said

    I wanna marry Jaejoong!

  16. nikkie said

    wow Grabe,,,His SooOO CoOl,,, i CAnt iMAginE a FAmoUs guy or Celebrity Who wAnts or he belIeve that He cAn mArrY A fAn,,,

    Dont HE like a celeBriTy Or his Co-sTArs????

    How HumbLE!!!!

    LikE yoU!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Cheri said

    Is it bad that I already knew almost all of this?? Lol,Hero didn’t break his leg during Rising Sun, he only ruptured the cartlige in his knee(:

  18. Elzha said

    Oppa marry me please. .
    I love you

  19. mayito said

    waooooooooo hero jaejoong is beautiful .forever in my heart I love you
    listen is pretty doushite kimi wo suki……

  20. nataly said

    te amo
    te kelo
    eres el

  21. beta said

    Aih,,, he’s just too adorable >///<

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