Lee Donghae Trivias


Name: Lee Dong Hae
D.O.B: 15.10.1986
Hometown: Mokpo
Family: Dad(passed away on 8.8.07) , Mum, Elder Brother.
Musical Instrument: Guitar, Piano.


(note: he not longer rooms with Sungmin)



  1. irille said

    ahh…. sweet!!
    chongmal kiyowo… =)
    donghae oppa fighting!!!!

  2. urisujuoppa said

    he’s so gorgeous!!!
    warm hearted!!!
    good looking!!
    good feature husband!!
    good at everything!!

    love him!!

  3. serenity said

    aww cute~
    he’s such a hugglebear.

  4. michi said

    i think the entry above regarding his father’s death was actually August 8, 2006. not 2007… am i right? ‘___’
    oh my, donghae’s so cute.. he’s so sweet as i read through the trivias.. i wanna get friends with him… or even more..lol

  5. JuJu said

    Awww!~ thanks for sharing that^^
    but wait…
    he has a girlfriend now???!!

  6. lovemelodies said

    You are very welcome ^^ I do not know if Donghae has a girlfriend right now or not, probably no, since he’s very busy being an idol, and ELFs would realize if Donghae actually has a girlfriend XD

  7. Maya Saputra said

    He’s such a gentle-hearted.. n gomawo dongahe oppa for being so warm to my Kibum.. hehehe.. ^^ isnt DongHae also mean Sea (East Sea), just like Bada (Sea)?

  8. anna said

    awww donghae opp a is sooo cute
    its cute how he went to the bathroom becuz he was afraid of changing
    i heard that he doesnt drink or smoke becuz he promised him decreased father that he never would under any circumstances drink or smoke ._. i<3u

  9. Siti Aisyah said

    i really2 dunno wat 2 say….:(
    juz want to b his BRACELET…
    so that..
    i can b with him foreva…
    sorry 4 saying this…
    hepi 22th birthday..
    hoping that you will live in cheerful…
    May HE BLESS u….

  10. Siti Aisyah said

    o my GOD..
    it is not 15th october yet…:)

  11. norae said

    waaa~ i’m loving donghae even more! such a sweet person!

  12. donghae is really nice person.

  13. allyssa. said

    Aww! Donhae is such a sweetheart.

    If you are still able to do Q&A with SJ members, you should do KangIn next.
    I would love to see his answers. <33

  14. Baby said

    Donghae your really adorable and cute,keep up the good work.Love you so much.

  15. haru said

    Donghae is really sweet and adorable.

    Does anyone know if he’s still in college? Oh, thanks for posting this.

  16. Steffi Kim said

    I LOVE DONGHAE!!!!! he is such a sweetheart I never knew he was such a softy I am definitley in love with him now

  17. cP said

    “When Kibum first came to Korea, Donghae’s the 1st person to hug him and welcome him.”

    i was so touched to read this 🙂

  18. mrs.lee dong hae said

    dong ahe oppa saranghaeyo!!!!!! you are so gorgeous!!!! yourshimi hae juseyo!!!!!!!!!!

  19. mrs.lee dong hae said

    i wish to meet dong hae oppa!!

  20. xiakoreanaticz said

    oh my gosh!!!
    reading all these stuff about donghae makes my heart thumped faster!
    i truly like him.
    go papa dongs.
    you are so gorgeous and nice too!

  21. lisa said

    wow, he is kind…

  22. I wished I’m friends with Donghae oppa!! 🙂 He’s always sweet and caring . . His wife and kids will be very lucky. . . :]

  23. hana said

    thanx for sharing!!
    he is so sweet and caring plus loving…
    hes so cute..!!! wee~
    when his dad passed away he is so sad,
    luckily he have his mmbers wif him…
    donghae fighting..!!

  24. Donghae is ♥ said

    i really love him since i saw his pic. [:
    even though it was just a pic it’s still him. Ü
    now that i know those things, i love him more. [:
    he’s really one of a kind. Ü
    i hope to see him in person. 😥
    *nan Donghae sarang. -always


  25. aisylee said

    i think donghae is a very adorable person. he’s so sweet. not to mention he’s 22 going on 23.. but he’s such a kiddy (in a good way). and indeed a CUTE-DORK i ever known too. he loves to drink milk, alcohol is a no-no, he’s sensitive, he always hold to friendship and such.. Donghae and i have so much in common. hm, no wonder i love him. ^.^

  26. sujuhae said

    PERFECT!! D<3nghae

  27. Larskee said

    I want to be his chingu even more… Thanks for the info…

  28. tiny said

    donghae always love you dad,saranghaeyo to appa

  29. tiny said

    donghae always love you dad and keep to pray

  30. Rhoda said

    I really admire donghae.
    He is a role model and good example for his donsaengs in SUJU
    and condolence also… Your dad is in peace and happy now.
    saranghaeyo donghae and hwaiting!

  31. rema said

    Donghae you so sweet and good man .. cute

  32. ellen cecilia said

    very like dong hae oppa now..~
    ❤ ❤ ❤
    when i finish read this i almost cried…
    very awesome…
    sarangheo dong hae oppa ^^

  33. KKC said

    Donghae is LOVE!! ^^

  34. nenakaiba said

    oooh yeah i loved all those qualities and i always felt that he is such a kidooo with baby innocent heart!!! he always cries when it comes to talk about his family conditions and his dear father.
    i feel that he needs a lot of attention and it is true he doesnt like to stay alone…he is sooo cute more than i can imagine…i really love this prince forever 🙂

  35. sweeteng said

    i love dong hae oppa!
    anyway, anyone know what’s his favourite colour? no info seems to be given on that :X

  36. Holy said

    hi dear i want to know ur e-mail..i am boy

  37. Holy said

    tell ur e-mail to me one plz my e-mail is holy_nova@yahoo.com u a my hero

  38. Minchul said

    His father didnt pass away on august 8. That’s just the day donghae last saw him.

  39. SHINeegirl1521 said

    thanks for those informations ’bout DONGHAE! it made me laugh and it also touched my heart!

  40. Czarinah said

    It hurts when I discovered he has a girlfriend. I know that I dunt have the right to feel this pain,however,I just dunt knuw,he’s been a role model for me as a teen,and I wish he wont have a gf before I finally met him and thank him for all I’ve learned from him… -Rinah

  41. jes said

    sarangheo donghae oppa!!
    i really like him..want to get his email-address;)

    pls.send me..jeje

    he really sooo cute!!!jeje

  42. Hope said

    wow what an amazing man he is very sweet and cute im really love him alot he has amazing personalty

  43. Alexandra said

    so cute 8->

  44. sahar said

    hmmm he is so cute…

  45. ciehee said

    very2x love donghae oppa.hope u find honest girlfriend can take care u same like u father or mother..i will support u..believe urself watever u doing..jesus bless u.amin..

  46. jhoy said

    hi lee donghae
    were the same birthday october 15………..

    i love suju so much

  47. donghae oppa said

    donghae future wife is very lucky,.,.,.

    donghae is cute and loving person that’s why i love him so much,.,..

    saranghae donghae oppa.,.,.,!!


  48. ~aigoo said

    This makes me love donghae oppa more…haha..so does many people….
    Oppa, take care always…SARANGHAE…

  49. haejhoy said

    elow donghae oppa …………
    my friend really like you …………
    is jessica your girlfriend????????????
    its my frien”s question…….

  50. JUIN said

    Hello Donghae.You’re a gem and you’ve truly become my inspiration for not giving up your hopes and dreams under any circumstances.I’m really sorry for what you had to go through.Since your moral behaviour and determination is firm,you will do more great things in future.And me,as one of your biggest suppoter,I will keep supporting you life long.I hope to hear about you more often.Bye,take care,PRINCE.

  51. belle said

    awwww.Donghae is so cute and sweet…..

  52. chadd said

    these was heart melting! ilove hae more!!!
    if i will have my dog soon, ill name it Bada too :))

  53. cute orange said

    hi dong hae! you kno that you are sooooo cuuttttee. i like your performance so much…try you best to what you wish…….. good luck na Prince!
    From your Cambodian fan

  54. HAELova said

    It’s amazed me how an idol keep his manner in a good way..that’s why i Love You..I’m inspired by you..You’re really a Husband Material..in 2009 Come To Play the member’s also stated that Donghae is the type that never watch an Adult Movie.. In 2010 Youngstreet Heechul said that Donghae also doesn’t like to play online game..and he is popular among Girls Idol too..well i think we all admitted that his personality is truly awesome..he is the member who get along with others well..even temperred Heechul said that he is the one that can control him, and he will definetely listen to Donghae, and Also donghae the one in SJ member who permitted to use Informal Words/Banmal to Heenim(since he is a Hyung). Leeteuk is also close with him ever since pre trainee (since he in junior high), and shared room with him.

  55. memoo said

    ohh he is so sweet and i love him so muche
    he is so cute

  56. kuiacake said

    go donghae..

  57. jema said

    your so cute and good heart i hope you wont change..

  58. yomi dragon said


  59. pinky said

    yah!! donghae!! huhuh ur so cute.. i h8 u!!1bleeh!!! i can’t reach u..

  60. Fishy loves me! said

    so cute!!

    my ideal guy..♥

  61. NUR AINI said

    aq suka bgt ama lee Donghae Oppa….
    dy cow yg cool,n mempunyai senyum yg maniez…
    posture badannya juga perfect banget
    type cowQ

  62. Christine Suing said

    Aw 🙂 He’s so cute 😀

  63. Bhagya said

    Oh I LOVE Donghae

  64. Bhagya =) said

    Donghae is a very cute kitten
    =) =)
    =) =) =) =)
    =) =)

  65. lee gi-chan said

    i want to be your WIFE…!!!! SARANGHAE!!!!!

  66. jemima said

    awwww… so sweet.. i love you, donghae:) i’ll be that girl! 😉

  67. que said

    I love donghae. He’s a boy version of me

  68. fann said

    happy birthday…….

  69. fann said


  70. fann said

    zai meng li dui ni shuo:sheng ri kuai le…↖(^ω^)↗

  71. Coolchill said

    Well…..be happy always cuz we will always be there for you in times of need! Lead a healthy and happy life ahead! Love ya<3

  72. yamin said

    I’ll love n appreciate 4ever,God bless u oppa 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Coolchill said

    Will pray for a healthy and long life for you ahead! LOL 😀
    God Bless!
    LOVE YOU!!!! ❤

  74. Jin Kyung said

    Oppa is so cute and kind…. Aigooo his perfect 🙂

  75. Donghae said

    Saranghamnida Donghae Oppa
    Fishy Is So Cute

  76. shemie said

    wow…donghae is the best of all the best

  77. Sittie Aisha Gutoc Mangondato said

    Wow! It was just so cute. . . . It was cute for we have similarities like lee donghae and i dont lyk pink!(i really dnt lyk pink since then, but i lyk blue) and i also wear silver bracelet that was given by my grandfather hehehe,, i’m liking him more as i read his autobiography. We do have similarities! Hehehehe,,,
    _18chone hae

  78. Park Su Young(Quennie ) said

    ahh Saranghae Donghae. Aigoo you’re so adorable. I wish i knew someone like you.
    – E.L.F(unofficial)

  79. Kryzlyn said

    When i read this trivia i laugh at this one.. “Donghae used to reside on the 4th story of a small apartment. Everyday after school, he would press the bell of his neighbor’s house (1st story) and run away, until he got caught once.”

    ..Because when i was a kid,i also do the same thing..Pressing the neighbor’s doorbell.. haha . LOL 😀

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  81. dae said

    Donghae is stupid. But his fans look this as cuteness, how stupid.

  82. Johnf420 said

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