Park Yoochun (Micky)- 100 Questions & Answers


1.) Name: Park Yoochun
2.) Sex: Male
3.) Email address: …
4.) Birthdate: June 4, 1986
5.) Family: Dad, mom, younger bro
6.) Height: 178, 179 ?
7.) Weight: 66 kg (around 145-ish?)
8.) Something good about yourself: Nothing
9.) Something bad about yourself: I have a lot…hmm, I can’t think of one off the top of my head…
10.) Describe your personality in one word: Weird or gullible.
11.) Celebs that you like: Hwangbo, Kim Gunmo and Boa!
12.) Songs you like: I like all songs.
13.) Fav Season: Can’t choose between winter and summer.
14.) Game you’re good at: Jacks
15.) My ideal woman: Hwangbo
16.) If you have to choose between same age/older/younger: Hmm…younger, no same age! No! Older…I don’t know…
17.) Your mood as of now: Good, that’s why I’m actually doing this.
18.) What you have in your pocket right now: car keys, house key
19.) Sleeping out: too many to remember.
20.) Alcohol tolerance: 24 hours…
21.) Drinking habits: I can’t remember anything after 24 hours.
22.) How old were you the first time you drank: Freshman
23.) When do you want to get married: I don’t want to get married.
24.) About my singing: I don’t sound greasy!
25.) About my dancing: I don’t look greasy!
26.) Something I want these days: Will you do it for me? I want fan letters!
27.) When you’re home alone: I compose music.
28.) When you’re standing in front of the mirror: …dammit…
29.) Clothes you’re wearing as of now: Shorts and black boxers.
30.) How much money do you have in your wallet: 9 bucks
31.) What you want to buy for your girlfriend: Kimbap!
32.) Does height matter to you: Nope.
33.) What song do you sing when you go to sing karaoke: Imcomplete/ SISQO
34.) What would you do if you had plans with your friend but they never showed: I’ll call them later.
35.) What would you do if the person you loved cheated on you: Who are you?!
36.) How long will you be able to wait for the person you love: 24 hours
37.) First kiss: Kindergarten
38.) A feature you feel doesn’t need to be fixed: Eyelashes
39.) Feature you feel should be fixed: Skin
40.) People you miss the most right now: Yongyun, Hyosung and BOA!!
41.) First love: Elementary school
42.) When you cried the most: 1999
43.) When do you feel you’re grown up: When I look after and take care of my younger bro.
44.) What you don’t like: Discrimination
45.) When you felt happy: Right now
46.) When you were most flabbergasted: never
47.) Best looking person of the opposite gender you’ve seen so far: No one
48.) Why aren’t you going out with anyone: There’s no one to go out with.
49.) What you feel towards that person: What person
50.) What would you say to the people actually reading this: …good job.
51.) Something I’m most worried about: My skin.
52.) When I look most weak: When I can’t do anything.
53.) How do you NOT get dumped: change the subject.
54.) 3 things a person NEEDS: Friendship, love and manners
55.) Your grades in school: …no comment
56.) #1 on your phone: no one.
57.) Phone company: AT&T
58.) Phone bill: Around 49 dollars
59.) Place you want to go: Africa
60.) Favorite TV program: Rose War
61.) Movie that pissed you off: Hae-Ahn-Sun
62.) Movie you watched with most meaning: g***-ah-kkot-hyang-gi
63.) Most recent movie watched: Boon-no-ae-jil-joo 2
64.) Movie you want to recommend: g***-ah-kkot-hyang-gi
65.) If you could become a character inside a movie: Park Shinyang in Pyunji
66.) How many cafes are you a member to: 3
67.) Which do you go to most often: Ours.
68.) What you feel about this café: A lot.
69.) What you want to say to the starter of the café: I’ll pay you back somehow
70.) You believe it is okay to marry someone else to save the person that you love: No
71.) What would you do if your parents didn’t bless your decision to get married: Force them to.
72.) Do you think you’re a player: I hope not.
73.) What time do you wake up: 8-ish
74.) When you go to sleep: 2 AM
75.) If someone you met for the first time asked for your number: I’d give it to them
76.) What would you do if you liked someone at a meeting: Act as if I didn’t.
77.) Celebrity you want to go out with: Hwangbo
78.) How many kids do you want: 1
79.) Someone I really want to be good at: Composing music and going on with my dream.
80.) What I want to be in 10 years: Song writer
81.) Someone you’re jealous of as of now: Kim Gunmo
82.) A word that you use a lot: Suicide
83.) What I do when I first wake up: Play piano
84.) What would you do if you picked up a million dollars: why not 10 million.
85.) What would you do if you became invisible: …isn’t it obvious…?
86.) Singer you think is the best singing live: Kim Gunmo
87.) Singers you don’t understand why they even sing: Singers who don’t even like what they do.
88.) A kind of man you don’t like: A mama’s boy.
89.) A kind of woman you don’t like: 2-faced.
90.) What would you do if you found someone you love more than the person you’re dating right now: …I don’t know
91.)What would you feel if you met someone you’d broken up with: I’d feel glad
92.) Most important possession: My family
93.) What you do when you first get online: Visit our café
94.) What surprised you the most: When Yongyun said he was going to make an anti site. T_T
95.) What you do when you can’t fall asleep: Play the piano
96.) What do you think you were in your past life_ Harusali
97.) If you were to be born again: A turtle
98.) What are you going to do after you finish this: Post it up.
99.) How honest were you: VERY!
100.) What do you want to say: God! Who even made this test!

Credit: Soompi



  1. marjorie said

    why do you want to be a turtle if you were to be born again???

  2. May Diallo said


  3. lovemelodies said

    @ May Diallo

    heheh, I see you spell the name w/ an “e” also, i do that quite often, MICKEY MOUSE! ADORABLE! it’ll be so wonderful to find guys like him, i wish you the best of luck to find a bf like him xDDDD

  4. Puppy said

    haha, I agree with his last answer XD

  5. kym so-mien said

    can i be your wife?

  6. athena said

    wow,you really like hwangbo! good for you..

  7. anna said

    does anyone think that micky yoochun felt a little sad when he found out that hyun joong &hwangbo got married? and hyun joong&micky yoochun are close friends

  8. 최승현❤ said

    He said he doesn’t wanna get married?! if its true and honest, all the fans including me will be darn heartbroken xD

  9. jungyume said

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!! oppa!! i want ur number!!!! wae oppa doesnt want to get married? if u were married to me,i’ll make u have no regret doing so~^^ saranghaeyo,oppa!

  10. anna said

    you kinda sound negative

  11. Ayumi said

    junsu was -something good about urself:everything
    yoochun is-something good about urself:nothing

    and still they manage 2 b so close 2gether, opposites attracts

  12. Ayumi said

    i cracked up when he said turtle
    lol how did he even thought of that?

    omg, he wants 2 go out wit HWANGBO?

  13. 36.) How long will you be able to wait for the person you love: 24 hours — THAT’s SWEET~

  14. Raie said

    his answers r a little odd but mickys
    the random 1 so i guess it fits
    and a turtle?? wtf?

  15. Highlight Q:

    28.) When you’re standing in front of the mirror: …dammit… [Pfft !!]
    37.) First kiss: Kindergarten [aww!!~]
    55.) Your grades in school: …no comment
    72.) Do you think you’re a player: I hope not. [LoLz !!~]
    78.) How many kids do you want: 1
    [the guy doesn’t want to get married but he wants kids . T_T haha ! !~ CUTE !! ]
    84.) What would you do if you picked up a million dollars: why not 10 million.
    85.) What would you do if you became invisible: …isn’t it obvious…?
    [apparently no . care to explain ? can’t be walking around naked & pulling praks right ?? *spongebob*]

    Woooo ! !~ HB ! !~ New 1oo whatever list ?? HwangBoHyeJung’s Idol admirers!!~ haha !

  16. pania said

    very funny at the end but why… want one kids but dont want to married? yup ur wierd park micky yoochun

  17. ASFLORES said


  18. Kitten said

    I completely understand about wanting to be a turtle. They represent freedom, protection, and love. From the beginning of life, turtles fight their way to the water, trying not to get eaten. Then they have to rely on each other once in the water to survive. They flock in numbers, showing the love they have for family. Turtles are more than what meets the eye, Just like you Micky. Cheer up buddy, we’re all rooting for you. ♥

  19. dorkaholic said

    hahaha!!!only 1 child?! didn’t want to get married?!
    a fortune teller told that he’ll married TWICE in his life..AT LEAST, TWICE!!!
    haha…yoochun oppa, please don’t marry twice.. );
    i pray you’ll got MANY children!!!HAHAHAHA!!!!

  20. yuenaf said

    jgn gthu donk masa g mw meried
    tunggu aku beberapa tahun lagi^_^

  21. Denise Byrd said

    Micky you really are weird. Want 1 child but don’t want to get married? Really weird but that’s why you are an unique person!

  22. Tanaka Erika said

    uhm… I just wonder when I could get the chance to go to Korea… to meet my ONLY LOVE — PARK (MICKY) YOOCHUN.
    (I never imagined that posting one comment would be this embarrassing hahaha) =’p

  23. faketalesofagirl said

    Anyone didn’t notice his answer for the question, “A word that you use a lot”? Dang, Micky, don’t even think about it!

  24. caroline joy wong said

    wao!!!!Micky’s 100 questions and answers. . .simple,short and cool!

  25. Onni said

    Micky oppa, u r 1 weird person.. U r still my fav rtist! I wish u could giv ur email address to me.

  26. bblvE said

    oh my! Why is it suicide?in one of a question? Are you mad or what? Please don’t think about it,and use that words again! Theres a lot of people loved you!!

  27. Damanbha said

    Oppa i thnk ur’e kind of weird d way u answer… Bt i dn’t care any of dat.. I lyk u jst d way u r.. Saranghae..

  28. siti kholijah said

    yoochun oppa,i love your skin..
    so dont fix it by plastic surgery k
    i hate plastic surgery the most.
    oppa saranghae…

  29. hanchun said

    Hi,MICKY fightting.GOOD LUCK…^-^

  30. whiteNORAL said

    YUCHUN,you are so cute with your smile and you are very handsome in SUNGKYUNKUN SCANDAL.I like your beautiful lips.The lazy one in the group HA HA….it is so so so cute~~~!I think your country have beautiful girl. Why don t you want to marry?It is so supprising & next one why do you want to a turtle?Do you love turtle?You are the only one for me.Take care of your health.THANK.

  31. whiteNORAL said

    YUCHUN,you are so cute when you smile and you are very handsome in SUNGKYUNKUN SCANDAL.I like your beautiful lips.The lazy one in the group HA HA….it is so so so cute~~~!I think your country have beautiful girl. Why don t you want to marry?It is so supprising & next one why do you want to a turtle?Do you love turtle?You are the only one for me.Take care of your health.THANK.

  32. KIRA said

    Song Joong,MICKY,YUCHUN,you are so so so cute.If you have a long holiday visit to my country.My country is MYANMAR~~~WELCOME…. I am MICKY crazy^^^^^^^^^

  33. chawchant said

    Micky I find out you are a 50-50 good and bad person.
    I like your character in SUNGKYUNKUN SCANDAL.

  34. Hi!
    I just want you to be a goog brother and don’t use the word suicide a lot.
    For me, as an asian, I don’t want to see and face it a lot. I want you possess a successful and peaceful life forever.

  35. Monch LovE YooChuN said

    Yoochun is a unique person in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. His answers into the questions above (though some Q were pretty duh ah! ^^) were so random that he even looks more mysterious. He isn’t like other K artist. Go Yoochun Oppa!

  36. Have you got a new series as JYJ ? We do hope to listen new songs. If you were in wish, visit to our country, MYANMAR.We always welcome you,Ko Ko Yu Chun.

    P.S, If you smile, it’s so cute.

  37. OH!yuchun you are lucky boy. Lee song jung ,I am so afraid of…
    HA HA HA~~~I’m very very like your character.Yutaka,Mr.Song,you are so so so cute……. can you teach me panio if I get KOREA^_^.Try your best.

  38. OH!Yuchun,you are lucky boy.Omo Lee song jung oh! sorry GARAN ,I am so afraid of…But Yutaka, ,you are so so so cute for me & can you teach me piano if I get KOREA.Annyo cute boy^_^Try your best!!!

  39. lolwhy said

    No, he won’t get married in his first life and not have kids, in his second life as a turtle he will xD

  40. asianSpikes16 said

    hey PYC fans,is he dat cool? neva hrd of him until ystrdy wn i wnt tru an article abt him being a strong contender agnst JKS 4 d 2011 SDA. i am gna watch miss ripley n sunkyunkwan scandal soon enf-hp his good. newys u guys r truly faithful 2wrds hm. n dat ansrs of hm wr quite cool 2.
    p.s-@jungyume,yr an indian rite?-”kyaaa…”
    m arunachalee:-]

  41. What did he mean by suicide?! And was this something he really did?

  42. kat said

    Yoochun oppa, you’re my favorite among all the Korean stars. I wish we could meet in person so that I can have your autograph and a picture of us together. Love it! 🙂

  43. Anna jyj said

    Yoochun you are so funny,29.) Clothes you’re wearing as of now: Shorts and black boxers. Really you couldn’t of said like a shirt maybe?
    jk, but i just want to say i love you and you are like my ideal man. I would love if you came back to America, and see Janaya again, so that I can meet you and get your autograph it would mean the world to me. I would marry you in a second lol 🙂 and you will be a song compoer for the rest of your life and please dont ever stop singing and danceing.

  44. Bula said

    Hi! I think you should come to fiji one day… I cn be your tour guide! 🙂

  45. naomi said

    oppA! ! Weneva i c u,i jst think of u as my future hus..lolz..marry me…..T__T

  46. Salha said

    Micky opPA. . .
    U are the best actrst 4 me! Please be the best prson 4ever.

  47. Salha said

    Micky opPa. . .
    Why u won’t mErRied!
    Might i be ur wife letter?
    HmMm. .
    I wish. . .

  48. I think he’s a bit handsome & cute. 🙂
    Good luck with your life and aims!

  49. Anna said

    Just a litte handsome. 🙂

  50. Jess said

    He is VERY cute and handsome!

  51. Mari said

    LOL..! Love the answers….I love Yoochun so much!!!

  52. Yannie said

    Can’t believe how many girls blind by love. He plays like a jerk! & it’s not make sense at all. If he loves his family so much, why he always thinking of suicide? Does he not value his life & not care how much pain that he will give to his family who love him so much by living like this? I love his work & talent, such a lucky guy but can’t see life as a blessing & he is sick in pain, because his heart is hurt by something. I hope he can believe that everything happen for a reason & have faith in God, maybe he can’t understand now, but later he will & be grateful & regret of all this answers he made. God loves you, Micky! & GBU!

  53. Jessica said

    I wish I could meet you in the future…you remind me so much…..

  54. aarti said

    micky oppa u r so cute in rooftop prince …I love tat kdrama…fighting..jyj

  55. Kim SangMi Chen said

    ..i dont know what it is with micky that makes me look after it his eyes?his smile?his appearance?his personality?or maybe because he is what he is..
    tell me if u want to get married micky and i’ll help u fnd the best girl;)

  56. Asdf said

    I hate him..

  57. XianLue said

    Were these really his answers?

  58. parmida said

    i wanna b came invisi so i can watch hawt guys oppa =3=
    nd wanna be aslan in narnia X3
    luff u

  59. jovelyn taladtad said

    . ,hhhmm, ,i want u as who,u r now,down 2 earth @ being a simple gUy, , ,taKe care always,god blesS u,gudluck @ FIGHTING<3<3<3

  60. I don’t know if this message reaches Park Yuchun. If it does, I hope he will be doing well. Wish you actualise your dreams before 30 years.

  61. belle said

    anyong hashimnikka?! to see micky’s pictures is enough to make me happy.. i want to go to korea just to see his billboard or photos somewhere in korea. and if thats happen.. pwede na kong mamatay.. thats my greatest dream..

  62. Praxedes T. Nolasco said

    hello micky! ur answers are ok. u answered d questions which mostly are personal spontaneously, but d only answer that i would like to comment is ur not getting married,u might be misinterpret by others,i know u got what i mean n i hope u r not what i think u r,ok? you said that u would like to have a fan letter,well,can u give ur address? i’m going to write to you a fan letter not a luv letter,i admire u as a good n talented actor so with han ji min,u both are d best. i hope u will not be selfish enough to give ur address,bye,god bless n take care always!!!

  63. […] really true, except that his looks is like an average person. Because I come to visit this site… if what it said is true, then I might conclude that he is one of typical boys who like sexy girls, […]

  64. Why you don’t want get married????

  65. anime lover said

    Really mickey a turtle come on now you can do better than that anyway text me at 254 4985839 please i really love you

  66. mayen said

    your so cute yoochun,, i like your cute dimple hope to see u.

  67. Katrina said

    I love your smile so keep smiling ❤ .. like you Yoochun!

  68. MickyCrazy said

    Were those actually Micky’s answers?? Micky, why you use the word suicide a lot?? You are such a Wonderful person and your life is a Gift from God… So Value it… If you want to be a Turtle, then i’ll be the water… I really want to go to Korea and meet Micky Yoo Chun once. It’s not impossible for me to go to Korea. But how can I meet him? Somebody please help me… Oh God! Please let me touch his hand once… Just Once… Love you Micky and God Bless you for a Wonderful Future!!!!!!!
    (Don’t ever think about Suicide)

  69. rowelyn grace jacaba said

    I really2x love park yoochun..I just read ur Q and A ,can u give ur # or ur email??
    Ur no.1 here in philippines!!Godbless and hope that someday we will meet..

  70. This is on OOOOLLLLD QnA. Definitely YC has changed a lot. Like about marriage. Now, he already thinking about marrying someone, someday. And i think he has grown up more mature and positive than that time he wrote these answers :).

  71. bonda said

    love u yoochun wanna meet u !! ❤

  72. Abe said

    Keep smiling . God bless you.

  73. lulu lin said

    I wish I could see you..wish u would be a success actress..

  74. Saranghae opa yoochun…….neomu2x saranghae…..

  75. sHake said

    I wonder how would you look like in person . yeahright, maybe better than your pictures . 🙂 come to philippines . more fans are waiting here. Or I’d rather go to korea . haha . but I don’t think that’s possible. BE GOOD TO YOURSELF ! hope you’ll stay humble and funny as you are. thank you for being a good inspiration to us 🙂

  76. legak n rooftop prince..
    Us 4 n0w i send dz c0mment i,m lo0king ur video tapE.
    I like 8,cute,nice and kakakilig.
    C0nt. and g0od job

  77. Edna B. Gasmen said

    I have seen all your drama series and you are really a good actor. I hope to see you someday. I always read news about you. I wish you good health. God bless you.

  78. Numb Sensitivity said

    …the QandA is so nice. park yoochun’s really a smart and honest person. hey there! i am your avid fan here in the philippines! i collected all your korean dramas (dvds) that had been broadcasted here, i even bought them as my collections. hope you’ll visit our country, and hope to see you in person (that’s my wish this year)..

    thank you and more power!

  79. sajeewanie said

    hi micky,i’m from sri lanka.
    you are very loveliy boy,A good actor,bright song writer,bright singer.i like you.
    but i ask you as your feriend/sister ,not to use the word”suicide” is a negative are one of positive boy.YOU HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE .and ask you to think to be born A good man again not to a turtle .and learn about Buddhism.THEN YOU HAVE HAPPINESS .TRY TO ATTAIN NIBBANA.Best of luck !, keep your similing face everytime.and i wish you good health(DONT EVER THINK TO SUICIDE,IT IS A SIN.)
    thank you

  80. Jovy said

    It makes me happy reading this and to know something Mickey Yoochun… 🙂

  81. Jovy said

    hi Micky,.. Just wanna say thank you for making me happy for your smile, talent and who you are… My dream is to see you in person even just for a while. God Bless you always.

  82. Cynthia RAGDULLZ said

    Hello, Yoochun! I hope that when you read this you are in great health! I love your singing and acting skills. You make me laugh or cry every time. I love your humility and the truthfulness which seemed to shine out when you answered your questions. I feel as if I know you just a little more. Thanks for all your hard work and being that shinning light at the end of my dark tunnel (which life can be at times). Take care of yourself and I wish you and your family the best this coming year in health and work.
    Keep in touch:)

  83. keep it up. I’m your avid fan.

  84. 미사 said

    what year is this interview??

  85. Awesome answers, love all your shows but love you more. Take care and God bless each and every endeavor. Diehard Fan, I am .
    I hope to see you in more dramas, and I hope one day I get to meet you all in person.

  86. minnie said

    wait for me….❤️❤️❤️

  87. yoon Sena said

    Wow i like your honesty!!! ♥ 사랑해,

  88. Rashmi Sonali said

    Please, say your friend Junsu. ‘Happy Birthday’ I’m Rashmi Sonali from Sri Lanka.

  89. Rashmi Sonali said

    Hey Micky, my friend is Oshini. She is like to you. She love to JYJ band. She send so many email to you in your Birthday. Bye.

  90. Rashmi Sonali said

    Hey Micky, my friend is Oshini. She is like to you. She love to JYJ band. She send so many email to you in your Birthday.

  91. so min said

    micky i love you,i miss u. I think i’meet you some day i’ll always know you, but u will not know me.i’ll always love you and i’ll always be.

  92. sharon said

    After reading this…its refreshing to know more bout my oppa…always remember I’m a fan of jyj..especially of you mickey yoochun here in the philippines…I watch all your you so much..wat ever troubles you have right now…your still my ultimate crush!!!hope you read this message of mine..have faith always…keep safe.

  93. Kalota Mercy said

    Your love for your family is Awesome and really touching.

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