Changmin/Max’s Trivia

  • He is the tallest, the youngest, and the members call him the most mature in the group.
  • He is known to talk less, and eat more.
  • His personal replies to fans on a Korean celebrity website “UFO” are popular on the internet.
  • He now has 2 piercings(one in left ear, one in right ear) which he got recently.
  • His childhood dream was to be tv announcer.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • Wants to be the Best/Max in the entertainment world so stage name is Max Changmin
  • LOVES to sleep so really hard to wake him up
  • greedy when it comes to music, so sometimes cries when he isn’t satisfied with his singing
  • Best swimmer in the group
  • He has a huge appetite
  • tries very hard at schoolwork and reading
  • Got into one of South Korea’s top universities
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    1. I-ღ-junsu said

      wow .. cool info ^^ … I like changmin alot …=D
      aww .. I was shocked to know that he “cries when he isn’t satisfied with his singing” ..T.T ..WHY?!! .. he is a really very GOOD singer his voice is the best …^^ .. don worry oppa~ … u r so cool ..=D

      btw THANX ..really …*hugs*…XD

    2. Maya Saputra said

      got into one top uni in S.Korea??? wooowww XD

    3. tarayqen said

      me too double wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. PinkeylovesYB said

      I love his ear rings!!!! OMG MAX OPPA SO SEXY!!!

    5. SinkuiYan said

      wow changmin’s amazing!

    6. twilightprincess89 said

      WOW! changmin oppa! ^^

    7. allyssa. said

      ChangMin is too cute!

      And could you you start dating your Q&A things?
      I would like to know when the questions were answered.
      Thank you! ^^

    8. shaMINNIE18 said

      he’s fave color is purple??!!
      coincidental world it is!!
      purple lover here too!


      ILY Max Shim Choikang Changmin! 😀

    9. tou_a!! said

      somebody help me!!!!!
      i fall in love with him..<33

      changmin, u are so sweet..^^
      hope he can be the best in entertainment world..


    10. Anonymous said

      OMG, he replies to fans??
      Does anyone know the site?

    11. jian said

      i think he’s the most mysterious in the group. actually he’s my current and official favourite in tvxq! 🙂

    12. Shim Yichin said

      Minnie really is the crybaby.. lol

      He got on one of S.K.’s top universities..? wOw..! a very bright and so talented guy.. 🙂

      Luv YaH, min-ah! *gets kick*

    13. jae said

      KyungHee is top Uni? Really?
      woot! I’m there right now, bahahaha
      Only on exchange though XP

    14. chaimaa said

      you smoke ?????????

    15. Raie said

      gorgeous max
      purple my fave colour aswel lol

    16. SweetLips_Kmf09 said

      Oh wow changmin is cool he is the second best from yunho! both of them are very hard working…yet all of them are hard working!

    17. Lady-Q said

      presented 4 his new wife, SHIGE!!! who loves him with all her life. LEBAY DEH!!!

    18. rema said

      sweet and lovely changmin so cute

    19. mai yang said

      chingmin u are so cute and handsome but u and yunho are the only one that handsome.

    20. nikkie said

      wOw Wat A fAntAstic MAn,,,,

      Hmmmppp Wat A cOol inFO!!!!!

    21. Ellie said

      The best swimmer? But I read in an interview made 2009 that he couldnt swim at all. He wanted to learn but it was useless…

    22. Ibadat said

      u r the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt……………..

    23. Ibadat said

      u r amazing

    24. Ibadat said

      u r so coooooooooooooooool

    25. Ibadat said

      u r awsome

    26. Ibadat said

      u r great

    27. Ibadat said

      u r just awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    28. zyramax said

      my max like purple colour…….
      same like me!!!!!!!!!

    29. cjshoi said

      talk less and eat more LOL Chagmin.. very cute!

    30. Fateha Kim said

      kyaa ! purple lover ? *same here*
      wow ! he’s a good swimmer ! HOT ! 😀

    31. shamin said

      we have so many similarities.. SARANGHAE!!! Shim Chang Min.. I’ll supprt you forever.. I hope.. I’ll be able to meet you someday and become your friend.. ❤

      I'm so proud of what you have become..


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