Junsu/Xiah’s Trivia

Well known for his “oyaji gags” in Japan



  1. I-ღ-junsu said

    wooo0oooow~. .. great info …yay~ I love & admire junsu oppa alot .. though I just read things I never knew … like those abt his mother ..& alot more ..^^..!! thanx alot for this ..I really loved it … u r the best ,,,=D … *hugs* …^-^

  2. Maya Saputra said

    xiah is our prince forever ^^

  3. NaNi YooChun said

    i saw yunho, yoochun n junsu was used their right hand when writing (all about dbsk season 2 variety show). but they using their left hand when doing other things. maybe they’re right handed when writing..

  4. tarayqen said

    he is really cute especially when i watched their anyband videos … its not a surprise if his mom is a former ms. korea…. really love his voice

  5. twilightprincess89 said

    Jaejoong and Junsu lend each other’s underwear.- WHAT?! omg! lulz..

    He will become very excited if people talk to him about soccer. – yeah. i remember this on dangerous love..

    His mother used to be a singer and was also a former Miss Korea – W-O-W

  6. yanshan said

    he’s so nice and mature lehhz.
    and the fact that his voice kept changing is funny actually . LOL
    I CANOT IMAGINE THE FACE!!! ^^ bLEHX. @#$$%%$%#u@u@@@@(
    <33 LOVE JUNSU!!!!

  7. jian said

    my first favorite in TVXQ! was changmin (i found him cute during the hug MV). next is jaejoong (rising sun mv and his hair on “O”) then next is u-know…now i guess i’m moving on to micky and xiah! *just learned that u-know, micky and xiah are left-handed like me*:)

  8. Jessy said

    oppa i love you

  9. Shim Yichin said

    Hehe.. I started to become a fan of TVXQ esp. Minnie and Xiah since their HUG days.. Their voices are my favorites 🙂

    Junsu gets angry
    if people talk to him
    about adult films..
    I like that..! ü

    Prince Xiah is the BEST! ^^,

  10. Raie said

    prince xiah?? omg thats cute

    his fluffy blonde hair durin the way u r
    my absolutely fav
    saranghamnida junnie

  11. rosego said

    woah. he really is the prince in the group he is so cute. he really is loving to his family :]
    Prince Xiah i love you:]

  12. Amanda said


  13. eunyoo kim said

    junsus mom actually wasnt a miss korea, she was a volleyball player

  14. kpopluver said

    wow!! he has sensitive skin! when his mom spilled hot soup on the back of his neck, how can he NOT get a scar??????? hmmm….

  15. Hellohello said

    Junsu yoochun and Yuhno are ambidextrous

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