Shim Changmin (Max)- 100 Questions & Answers


1.) Male or FML: Male.
2.) Birthdate: February 18, 1988. Around 5 AM.
3.) Family: Dad, Mom, Me, Two younger sisters.
4.) Skin Tone: Reddish tan.
5.) Height: 180
6.) When were you most sad: I don’t think I’ve ever been REALLY sad.
7.) When I was the happiest: When I first walked into SM.
8.) Musicians I look up to: Brian Mcknight, Shin Hyesung, Kangta.
9.) Places I go most often: School, Learning Centers, bus stops,
10.) WHen do you watch the most movies: After tests, summer.
11.) –
12.) What kind of person am I: I laugh to brightly. I don’t get mad
13.) Favorite song to sing at Karaoke: Yurisangja- TO my bride.
14.) First love: No one.
15.) First Kiss: I haven’t even had a first love yet.
16.) Fav. Movie: Harry Potter, most anything that’s fun.
17.) Favorite flower: …buht kkot
18.) Fav. TV show: I don’t watch too much TV.
19.) What would you do if you weren’t a singer: ….
20.) Favorite Books: Harry Potter, ( I sound so young.)
21.) Where I want to visit: Europe.
22.) Fav. Food: I like almost everything.
23.) Fav. Fruit: tangerines, bananas, oranges.
24.) Fav. Color: White.
25.) Nicest thing I did: When i volenteered to clean up my school.
26.) My most important possession: CD player.
27.) Something I want to say: …hm…I’ll do my best at everything.
28.) People I remember: People who work for me, my friends, seniors,
29.) People I think of: The people i like.
30.) If you died: ….
31.) Good thing about yourself: I smile a lot.
32.) Something bad about yourself: I kind of act sudden.
33.) People you respect: People who work hard.
34.) Ideal birthday present: Anything is good.
35.) Hardest thing you had to do: Most eveyrthing.
36.) –
37.) hobbies: listening to music, singing.
38.) Specialties: Singing.
39.) Habits: goofing off with friends.
40.) What I want to do for the person I love: Everything I can.
41.) What I want to receive from the person I love: Everything they
can give me.
42.) What I want to do with the person I love: A lot of stuff, uhm,
walking together.
43.) Prized Possesion: Famiy.
44.) Fav. Animal: Dog.
45.) How are you dressed: Tshirt, pants.
46.) People I don’t like: People with bad personalities.
47.) When I look weak: When I can’t do something I’m set out to do.
48.) Stress reliever: Music, singing.
49.) When I hurt someone: I don’t think I have.
50.) What you think when you look in the mirror: …..
51.) Something I most regret: When i can’t do smoething.
52.) # of kids you want: 2 or 3
53.) What’s your phone greeting: I can’t remember
54.) Today’s weather: It’s dark.
55.) Fav. #: 7
56) How much can you drink: …..
57.) Slept over anywhere: At my friend’s.
58.) Have you ever run away from home: no.
59.) Ideal woman: good personality, cute.
60.) What I want to say to my friends: I’ll do my best to make you
61.) What I want to eat: Everything
62.) Your personailty: I think it’s pretty decent.
63.) How often do you go to the bathroom: depends…
64.) religion: Buddist
65.) Do you like recieving or giving: Both.
66.) Most memorable day: When i stayed at school until late and
talked with my friends.
67.) Fav. Fashion: I’m not very good with clothes.
68.) Hours of sleep you get: 5-6
69.) When you don’t like yourself: When I can’t do something I want
70.) When I find myself charismatic: hehe
71.) What you do when you’re alone: sing.
72.) People you’ve gone out with: 0
73.) Where do you look first when you see someone: eyes.
74.) What I think of my life so far: 50/50
75.) Complex: My skin’s kinda dark.
76.) You like your mom or dad: both!
77.) When you fight with someone: I feel sad.
78.) When someone wants to break up: I think I’d be at a loss of words
79.) If someone you loved got a horirble diesease: I think i’d try my
all to make them better
80.) If your parents didn’t like the person you loved: SUHLDEUK (TN:
i have no idea what that is.)
81.) What are you going to do after you finish this: get ready for
school tomorrow and clean up and sleep.
82.) What you think of couples: they’re cute.
83.) Nicknames: ……..
84.) What you have next to you: printer, homework, my mouse.
85.) Movies I want to see: Crazy first love (AWFUL MOVIE!!!) Memories
of mursder.
86.) Movie that I most remember: I am Sam
87.) Poeple I see most often: teacher, friends
88.) Fav. Sport: baseball, bball.
89.) Your hairstyle as of now: I’m drying my hair.
90.) Fav season: winter
91.) What do you have in your bag: chapstick, books, CD-p.
92.) How many cards do you have: my student ID, bus card…hehhe
93.) When you’re sad: when I’m having a bad day
94.) What kid of women do you not like: ones with bad personalities

Credit: Soompi



  1. Nikole said

    he sounds like my kinda guy;)

  2. lovemelodies said

    XDDD He sounds like my kinda guy too ^^~

  3. allyssa. said

    Haha. Same here.

    I Am Sam is a good movie, too.

  4. toreyhyesungie said

    changmin love hyesung n kangta as mentor…whuaaa

  5. anna said

    lol he sounds so cute and omg my kinda guy too

  6. tou_a!! said

    i love everything about him..

    changmin..will u be my boyfriend??

  7. Ayumi said

    lol- I am Sam
    I dont understand, he said, getting ready 4 school, guess he took this test wen he was 18 or something

  8. Mary said

    OMG I LOVE changmin 🙂 Isn’t he just perfect! I’d love to meet him ^-^

    Ooh and he is fascinated of english.. I’ll speak english to him 24/7 if he talks korean to me 🙂

  9. Karerusan said

    If I’m not wrong this was answered by Shim(Max) when he was auditioning at SM entertainments, just like Jaejoong and the others did. Some questions are a bit too weird…

  10. He’s really humble and contented on what he have and who he is. . 🙂 I wonder how he still manage to go to school behind the busy schedules.. and how the students breath whenever someone sees him walking in the hallway.

  11. Daisi said

    max is ma ideal guy too if he scraps his love of harry potter lol, and i don’t want to go to europe as am from europe lol

  12. mai yang said

    Max why are u so cute and everybody love u ? What is ur email ? Do u have myspace ?

  13. kta sma2 ska mkn…..*hhe*

  14. Jessica said

    aweh changmin is such a cutie ^_^ i am sam made me cry soo much D:
    He’s pretty down to earth 🙂
    Does anyone know if he’s had a first love by now?

  15. nenita dbsk said


  16. zyramax said

    my max….

  17. nadya said

    max…is the one super sweety,cuty ,sexy in THXQ.. Will u marry me?

  18. Eliene said

    Straight forward guy.

  19. Sammy ^_^ said

    we have so much in common…. ^_______________________________^

  20. janelle said

    Children: 2 or 3.
    haaaaaaaa, me tooooooo!!! LoL 😀

  21. Elenaa said

    설득 means persuasion, btw :3

  22. Lee Lee said

    I Love u so much but now i am still 13 and you are of 23 i”m 10 yrs younger then you but i know one day i”ll get marry with u and i don”t know how to speak KOREAN but after 12 i learn to speak KOREAN.

  23. ... said

    IoI My max….I love you…I’m fanboy:P

  24. Daisy said

    U r such a cutie .I really love ur smile .Chang-min ssi Fighting!!!

  25. lensong said

    oh.. his first kiss is jaejoong right?? tsk tsk tsk

  26. isn’t that his first kiss is jaejoong 😛 hahaha yeah it’s true

  27. i am sam.. my gosh.. i cried a lot because of that movie T.T

  28. Riya rai said

    Chang min,you don’t look like u r of 23 in paradise ranch. You look too young to be of 23. Wis u a happy life. Hehe

  29. Lisa dasmun said

    Max: when i look at the mirror…. So dang cute

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