30 Fun Facts about TVXQ

1. Yoochun is the lazy one in the group.

2. Junsu wakes everybody up in the morning with his video games.

3. Changmin is a crybaby.

4. Junsu is an uncle.

5. Yoochun is from the U.S. but was born in Korea.

6. Jaejoong is the “mom”; he cooks.

7. Yunho is the leader.

8. The house in “Ocean’s 12” is the house in Miduyo.

9. Yoochun’s family currently lives in Virginia.

10. Yoochun has had a lot of girlfriends.

11. They watch Korean dramas when they can/have time.

12. Junsu, Yunho, and Yoochun are all ambidextrous.

13. Jaejoong and Yoochun both dropped out of high school.

14. They both used to smoke.

15. Jaejoong wants to marry a fan- he believes that he`ll end up marrying a fan anyway.

16. Junsu wants a bright girl with a positive outlook of the world. Yoochun thinks it`s because Junsu is a negative person.

17. Yoochun doesn`t want to get married. (Junsu disagrees…he thinks that he MUST get married…)

18. Jaejoong wants 2 daughters and 1 son while Junsu wants 2 sons and 1 daughter. Yunho wants 5 sons and 20 daughters – Junsu says “Think of your wife!” and Jaejoong says “Are you trying to kill somebody?”

19. Yunho wants a girl who is assertive and has senses – someone who can guide him.

20. Changmin wants to marry someone who is girly and who will attach herself easily because he is shy and quiet.

21. Yunho`s message to his future son is “I love you”.

22. Junsu thinks that dating and marriage are the same thing because he sees the girl he`s dating as his future wife. He has to like the girl that much (enough to see her as a hopefully Mrs. Kim Junsu) in order for him to date her – he doesn`t want to date just anyone. He`ll date her to a point where he wants to marry her. (Changmin agrees with him.)

23. Junsu likes to use his hand as a pillow.

24. Jaejoong made Changmin show off his body in their Hiyaya single.

25. Yunho sleeps diagonally on his bed.

26. Jaejoong was laughed at because of his puberty stage–his voice would crack and his friends would laugh at him each time he sang.

27. Yunho got rejected by a friend that he came to like. He asked her out and lit 100 candles. She told him she only wanted to be friends.

28. Junsu was suppose to debut earlier, but due to puberty…he lost his voice. He would always go and scream hoping his voice would come back.

29 Before debut, Max would make up excuses as to why he missed class. Each time it was always a relative’s funeral and when he couldn’t make that up he’d say something else. No one was curious because Max has a wide range of relatives. : )

30. Micky likes to sleep listening to music on his walkman. He tends to drop it, so at nighttime Junsu might get hit with a walkman or book or something. (That was when they had bunkbeds…)

Credit simplegulz @ imeem



  1. asiahk said

    haha. i loved the part abt marriage 🙂

  2. Stephanie said

    Are those things true !?

  3. lovemelodies said

    @ asiahk

    Me too! That part is so funny =D

    @ Stephanie

    That’s a great question, i’ll put it down on my list, so if I do see him in my lifetime, i’ll be sure to ask xDDDD

  4. bagning macula said

    wow im so amazed 2 tvxq.i luv wat they say about marriage.gudluck 2 tvxq.

  5. Jessica said

    I want more about tvxq..

    this is not enough for me..

    Hmm.. example
    about their future. daily activity, etc..

    God bless you TVXQ!!

  6. dencavitta said

    mmm i’m wondering in which variety show or interview yunho stated that he wants 5 sons and 20 daughters?

  7. karen said

    LOL junsu ah~ watch out! a dropping book from the sky might hit you in the head~~

  8. 최승현❤ said

    Didn’t know Max have wide range of relatives and he uses em in that cheeky way

  9. jungyume said

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!! Yunho-oppa wants to kill his own wife!!! Jae-oppa sooo funny~!!!

  10. hikari said

    Jaejoong……oppa…..SARANGHAE!!!!! when you guys make concert in indonesia…????? when..when…when????????????????? i am stres because of you…..would you marry me????

    Ame_onna: Kyaaaaaa……..heing heing! Yun Ho oppa…….you are so..so…sexy
    I like you..but i like Dong Hae too…I must choose you or DongHae?! I will choose you two…wkwkwkwkwk

  11. Haruki said

    Doushite…..kimi wa suki ni natte shimatta darou???

  12. Haruki said

    Doushite…..kimi wa suki ni natte shimatta darou???
    ada yang punya liric “haha” nya TVXQ ga?? moga ada orang indo yaaa…

  13. tou_a!! said

    i love everything things about them..-^^-
    they drive me crazy..
    TVXQ Hwaiting!!!<333

  14. tou_a!! said

    i love everythings things about them..-^^-
    they drive me crazy..
    TVXQ Hwaiting!!!<333

  15. yanshan said

    and Junsu so Loving! he’s so nice!!!!!!!!

  16. xiah said

    hi! TVXQ I love (XIAH) I like TVXQ

  17. --Felicia--JJ said

    really love to read it… nice… TVXQ! jjang!! is that all true? coz i heard Junsu oppa sleeps alone… 😕 really like jaejoong oppa!!

  18. Coolzie said


    Love them..

  19. elline said

    I love these guys so much!

    Hero is so cute!
    I found Junsu romanntic about what he said on mariagges. I want to marry him!
    Didn’t notice Changmin’s shyness until today.
    Micky is so straight forward!
    And Yunho is without a doubt, the sexiesssssst leader ever!

  20. micky said

    “18. Jaejoong wants 2 daughters and 1 son while Junsu wants 2 sons and 1 daughter. Yunho wants 5 sons and 20 daughters – Junsu says “Think of your wife!” and Jaejoong says “Are you trying to kill somebody?” ”

    – weeee. jaejoong’s afraid to die. hahaha yunjae!!!

  21. aikawaii said

    15. Jaejoong wants to marry a fan- he believes that he`ll end up marrying a fan anyway.
    Hahaha yea ,I said the same thing whilst reading he’s very popular so whoever the lucky girl is she’s bound to be a fan lol
    ^im an opposite match for junsu…..Should always stay Positive.
    aww looking out for him, but i agree 2.
    I laughed so hard at 18 ☆
    He says the most thoughtful and caring words allways speaking from the heart.
    ……….. : (
    Clever….sly, and naughty. but …..clever. Go to skool Kids ! lol
    @ 30…………Insert Notebook i used to do the same.

  22. msblia said

    wah! this is just adorable! Yunho with 20 DAUGHTERS! Jaejoong said “are you trying to kill somebody” cos it might be him, kekes. jkjk.

    #27-awws 100 candles! so sweet!
    && 28-typical junsu, no wonder he can scream so well, lols
    && 30-i do that all teh time, but i dont have a bunkbed, kekes.

    thank you for the facts!

  23. Shim Yichin said

    How about Changminnie (my hubby ~lol~)..? How many sons and daughters does he want? hehe.. 🙂

  24. Nocchi said

    Is Yunho TRYING to kill his wife? XD He’s still amazing. ❤

  25. Raie said

    18 made me laugh
    silly jaejoongie!

    Q27- yunho lit 100 candles to ask a girl 2 be with him
    shes mad!

  26. Ling222 said

    no. 18 making me laughs out loud. XD
    TVXQ are SO FUNNY !!!!
    LOVING THEM SO MUCH ! ! ! ^o^v

  27. 999 said

    5 sons and 20 daughters ? ha ha ha ha ha ha
    seems so harsh… but reflected that he wanna long life marriage… ^__^

  28. Nikki John said

    Numbers 17, 18 and 29 really cracked me up and it’s 4.30am! xD

  29. mai yang said

    junsu was so funny. hero look like a girl.

  30. blia yang said

    hi changmin you is the one in my life i love you.

  31. tia yang said

    Hi! U-know how are you doing to day are you doing good I like dbsk.

  32. alex. said

    yunho wants 20 daughters!!!!
    poor jaejae…hahahaha

    wooow jaejoong and micky used to smoke!!!???
    i did not know that…they such good voices that i’m glad they think about it and quit..either way i don’t really have a problem with it is their own lifes so…
    i just didn’t know….i think jaejoong in a pic with a cigarette in his mouth will look hot as hell!!!!! :):)
    sorry jeje byebye
    tvxq fighting!!! cassie forever!!!!

  33. lebai said

    Oh…no!!! jaejoong oppa,why did you dropped out of high school?? you musn’t do that..

  34. lebai said

    Oh…no!!! jaejoong oppa,why did you dropped out of high school?? you musn’t do that..but i love u DBSK!!! i’ll never cheat to u guys!! SARANGHAEYO..TVXQ SOUL!!! FIGHTING!!!

  35. Me said

    well i can give YUNHO as many babies he wants…hahaha…

  36. uknowdudette said

    yunho’s 20 daughters and 5 sons..
    i won;t mind it so pick meeee honeyy.

  37. Jessica said

    LMFAOOOO 18. love yunho xD

  38. zyramax said

    my crybaby…..

  39. Kristal said

    “8. The house in “Ocean’s 12″ is the house in Miduyo.”

    And the house in Lady Gaga’s Poker Face mv!!

  40. […] dances and an amazing image. Each of them is unique in their own ways. Something interesting, this 30 fun facts about TVXQ! xD A song that shows off all these is Mirotic, which is one of my favorites Though the lyrics […]

  41. Salha said

    Micky. . .
    I dont believe u have a lot of girlfriend. .

  42. Yunho oppa do u want to kill me? 25 children are too much for us lol :p

  43. KeceneC said

    I’m Kecene, and I’m Vietnamese, so I’ve a little friend. I’m a Cassiopeia, I love Kpop, but without SNSD. Can U be friend with me?

  44. TheBrightSunshine said

    Hi thanks for collating all those! It was interesting to read xD may I know where you got the information about the kids and marriage from? Was it a variety show/interview?

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