Map the Soul USA Concert- Ticket Purchase Information~


I’ve bought my tickets yesterday, and I’ll be going to the NYC concert on the 22nd of May 😀 Only NYC has an age restriction (+18), other venues are open to all ages. Anyone else going to NYC concert or any of the other ones? 😀 Let me know ^^

Click on the link to purchase the tickets ^-^

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090415 DBSK- Arena37°C No. 319 Scans Download~

DBSK is featured in the April edition of Arena37°C No. 319. I swear, this magazine always has the prettiest photo shoots ever, remember that shoot where they had the boys pose with those shimmery, pastel colored curtains? Pretty ^^~ This issue also features behind the scenes photos from their Survivor PV. Thank you very much to kisvip
for scanning these for us ^-^

Download Link (22 scans, 28MB)- Mediafire

Credit: kisvip@LJ

Preview thumbs under the cut ^-^

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090413 SJ- Come to Play (except Leeteuk/Kibum) Subbed ♥

Credit: sj-market+as tagged

For official photos from MBC, click here

Omo, Wookie looks SO CUTE in that baby blue checkered shirt and bowl hat XDDDD TOO ADORABLE, I SAY XDD Ohh, the crack that is Super Junior, I really miss it ^-^ It’s so wonderful to see the majority of the members on a variety show, cracking jokes and spilling secrets XD This makes me miss EHB so much~

♥ Super Junior Come to Play Part 1 [Eng Sub]

♥ Super Junior Come to Play Part 2 [Eng Sub]

♥ Super Junior Come to Play Part 3 [Eng Sub]

♥ Super Junior Come to Play Part 4 [Eng Sub]


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2PM- 2:00PM Time For Change + Younha- Peace Love&Icecream Download~

ALBUM TYPE: Mini Album
RELEASE DATE: 2009.04.16
GENRE: Pop / Dance
RECORD LABEL: JYP Entertainment

01 What Time Is It Now
02 Again & Again
03 니가 밉다
04 돌아올지도 몰라
05 Again & Again (R&B Mix)
06 Again & Again (Inst.)
07 니가 밉다 (Inst.)
08 돌아올지도 몰라 (Inst.)

Download: Mediafire Link

니가 밉다 is my favorite out of the single, it sounds so soothing and pretty ^^


ALBUM TYPE: 3rd Album
RELEASE DATE: 2009.04.16

01 Peace Love & Icecream
02 Black Rain
03 Break Out
04 1, 2, 3 (원투쓰리)
05 She Is
06 사랑하다
07 Luv U Luv U Luv U
08 My Song And… (Korean Ver.)
09 1, 2, 3 (Inst.)
10 사랑하다 (Inst.)

Download: Mediafire Link

Younha’s back with another great album~ My favorite is Black Rain, her voice is absolutely gorgeous in all of the tracks ^-^

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Kat-tun- Ueda {Romeo & Juliet Pamphlet Scans} ♥



Ueda-chan…why so pretty? ♥♥♥♥♥

I understand that his image is suppose to be pretty boy, and I highly approve, but…the frills and feathers doesn’t really help with the masculine/boxer image 8DDDD

I LOVE that headdress on the girl, she’s very cute as well~ Just can’t help but compare when she’s beside Tat-chan, you know? XD

Previews + download link behind the cut, scans are around 2500px, they are very HQ. Thank you very much to kitsunemd for taking her time to scan these for us, they are quite lovely ^-^

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Epik High- 090408 Chocolate + Pe2ny Showcase Appearance~

090408 Epik High @ Chocolate

Part 1– Rap Melody, Cipher
Part 2– Map the Soul
Part 3– Top Gun, Fly

Credit: CodeAnalysis

What a great showcase by EH, on Korea public television ^-^ I think they were able to perform Top Gun because they edited out the ‘serial killer’ part in the performance. I really liked the fan interaction in Part 3. It’s great to see that the fans stayed calm and didn’t go crazy when Tablo went into the crowd. They actually gave him some space, isn’t that nice? 😀 Fans should be considerate like that, yes yes ^^


Epik High Live in Pe2ny Showcase

Credit: dhhiphopplaya

(Oh, btw, I just realized this is from last year @_@ I was wondering why they didn’t perform anything from MTS album XDD”’)

Epik High performed ‘The Future’ as well as ‘Breakdown’, LOVED the crowd energy ^-^ ‘The Future’ is one of my favorite songs by them, so it was wonderful to see it performed live 😀 EH Hwaiting!

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090407 DBSK- Ontama Clips ♥ (4/?)

Part 1

Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4

Credit: yunnie206 + DBSG@LJ

Really really cute clips/interviews with the boys ^^ There are 4 clips out as of now, I’ll be adding more if more are released~

Part 1 involves talking about first impressions of each other. JJ sure loves to talk ^-^ He’s jealous of Yunho’s hair (LOL), thought Yoochun looked like a Chinese action star (MAJOR LOL), and labeled Changmin as sweet and innocent (BRB, DYING). His expression was absolutely hilarious XDDDD Part 2, they had to sing a line or two starting with a syllable given to them, which mostly resulted in amusing fail XDDD” Part 3, the manager asked them why their room is full of black sheets/curtains and asked them if they could change it. JJ texts him back, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t wanna” XDDDDDDDD Junsu’s ‘yayayayayaya’ is soooo adorable ^O^ I personally think it might be because it’s easier to fall asleep when your room is darker, and god knows the boys need all the sleep they can get ^^” Part 4, Yunho’s such a dork, beware of JJ, don’t take his food, and don’t take Heechul’s food, it’s dangerous XD Yoochun asks Yunho to use the phone after YC falls asleep, because it’s too loud, and Xiah’s buttcrack at 1:08 =.=”’

Amusing 1:30 min clips ^-^ go watch them, it will make your day brighter XDD

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