080622 SHINee At Cyworld Digital Music Awards– SHINee performing at their one month anniversary and winning the “Rookie of the Month” award



  1. sam said

    i absolutely loove shinee!! they’re so talented! (^-^) Shinee hwaiting!

  2. lovemelodies said

    @ sam

    Me too! SHINee is just too adorable!!!!! SHINee Hwaiting! ❤

  3. rooraa said

    Key is soooo pretty! His features are so unique! And OH. MY. GOSH. Minho’s hot smexy deep voice! Dangit, everyone’s such a cutie pie! heehee I wish Shinee and DBSK would team up and perform together! XD

  4. taeminluver said

    SHINee!!!!!!i’m so in love with you n you voices.i love u taemin the most.u r very talneted n cute.TAEMIN&SHINee hwaiting!!!

  5. SHIN(ee)yongmi^^ said

    i totally love SHINee!!..i hope i can see them in persOn!..especially..^.~miNhO^.~ and !!tAemiN!!..^^

  6. lovemelodies said

    I love them too, and would LOVE to meet them in person one day ^-^

  7. aWw sHiNNe
    u rOcK N HoOot MaNz
    wOoW nEpAl TiRa pAnI ai De huNtHYo
    ReH k<3 XD
    LoOOp ThEm

  8. Xoxoxoxo said

    luv luv

  9. nanda said

    i love your voice very much in AMIGO song…..

    i am waiting for your new song…..he_he

  10. tRiNlAy said

    LoVeUKiMBuM said February 14, 2009 @ 4:57 pm

    aWw sHiNNe
    u rOcK N HoOot MaNz
    wOoW nEpAl TiRa pAnI ai De huNtHYo
    ReH k<3 XD
    LoOOp ThEm

    Haha I wonder if dey evn knw wher NEPAL is, it’d b so kool if dey sang in NEPAL.

  11. re_athrun said

    Minho’s so handsome………

  12. katrina policarpio said

    omg…. i am soooo amazed when i saw there music video …ill always be a fan of super junior..!!!wwhhooooo

  13. love shinee love key said

    i love key muc muc

  14. YAY SHINEE~! ♥
    esp. TAEMIN~!

    i love shinee.!

  15. mai yang said

    I love shinee replay i always listen to it.

  16. Nessa said

    Shinee ……….

    Lup u aLways ❤ 🙂

  17. a nion ja se o said

    i love shinee (key ,taemin,onew,minho,jonhyun) forever in my heart . listen beautiful ring ding dong waooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  18. Daisy said

    I love super junior. I wish i could see them perform live .I’ll be waiting for ur next MV.Sarange……..

  19. sarah cocoa said

    oppa:))))) jonghyun,onew,taemin,key,minho

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