Yoochun/Micky’s Trivia



  1. Maya Saputra said

    mickey is such a good song composer! I love his songs very100x much.. N he’s my dream husband.. hehe.. 😀

  2. Chu~Ny said

    micky oppa~ hwaiting~~ i’ll always support u~~ hwaiting!!~

  3. tarayqen said

    so lazy wahhhhh…. i remember in heroine was pointed at by team members for not wanting to be inflicted with any pain… he refused to help his partner by receiving the punishment…

  4. MimieJay said

    oh noo..why? if he didn’t give up the US citizenship he won’t get to military..T_T

  5. minjung said

    HE is so HOT

  6. Ayumi said

    no, dont join the army oppa, who knos wat those pple will do 2 u
    I LUV U
    dont go

  7. Shim Yichin said

    Me, too! I don’t want Micky to join the army. 😦 Don’t want him to get hurt. Oh! Micky has an asthma? I didn’t know about it. But, thanks for this trivia. 🙂

  8. LophtvxqSUJU said

    Yochun oppa. .

  9. Raie said

    wot they mean he doesnt speak much english
    micky and changmin speak better that the others
    (hav u hear his english lol??)
    its cute!

  10. MickyEyza said

    ANYONG HASEYO,micky…oh no!!micky has an asthma..so pity boy..hehe..me too..it’s cute when micky speak english..keep it up..

  11. Hannah James said

    not getting married!!…wht a bummer!!..hw are we gonna enjoy beautiful babies from u!!..hahaha =D….adorable smile!!!…kyaaaaa~~

  12. khamavadee said


  13. whiteNORAL said

    YOU are the lazy one in the group that is so cute.WHY not getting marry why?i am so sad when you join to army.your SMILE is so so so cute.FROM MYANMAR (BURMAR)….^^

  14. hanchun said

    yuchun,MICKY is so cute.OPPA if you have a long holiday .please come to our country [MYANMAR]…Welcome….

  15. siti kholijah said

    oppa, i hope you always happy n gudluck in your new team JYJ.

  16. nayzinyuki said

    Micky you are so cute and handsome. I also invite to visit to Myanmar. I LOVE YOU AND ALL THE THINGS THAT CONCERNED WITH YOU. Fighting!

  17. shweyilinn said

    i also from myanmar. woo…. there are so many fans of micky in myanmar. MICKy >>> you really NEED to COME myanmar.
    i want to say my micky that HE IS MY LIFE and I will SUPPOPT micky FOREVER. So FIGHTING JYJ…………………………………

  18. y u no want to be married? u said u like to have daughters.kekeke

  19. pycjjang said

    Him not wanting to get married was aeons ago, he was so young…. affected and devastated by his parents divorce so it’s very understandable for him to think like that. In the recent years and now he changed perception about marriage and he is so hopeful to have a happy family of his own in the future.

  20. pycjjang said

    Just read his any recent interviews where he talks bits about marriage and having a daugther ❤ about family!<3 hmmm around 2011 up to now….esp. in JYJ magazines interviews…. he was so so cute talking about his thoughts about those topics <3333 Amazing how mature he have become now…

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