Kim Jaejoong (Hero)- 100 Questions & Answers


1.) Name: Kim Jaejoong

2.) Birthdate: January 26

3.) Address: Someplace in Seoul

4.) Blood type: O

5.) Height: 177 cm

6.) Weight: 63 kg

7.) Shoe size: 275 mm

8.) Personality: Bright I guess? (People say I don have a very good first impression.)

9.) Dream: To be a famous and respected singer, and to have my name remember for a while.

10.) Specialties: Singing, Staying awake, walking, thinking, playing and playing the 3.6.9 game.

11.) Hobbies: My specialties are my hobbies

12.) My idol: A person like HK

13.) Celebrities you likes: MILK?s Yumi, Shinhwa?s Junjin, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee, Hweesung.

14.) Fav Flower: Lily

15.) I want to go out with this kind of person: Kangta

16.) Fav. Fruit: Bananas and apples

17.) People you don like: Someone who thinks they are all that.

18.) Fav comic book: I like most of the ones I read but my absolute fav is DRAGON BALL!

19.) What I worried about: Secret

20.) Sleeping out: Il let you make up on your own.

21.) Alcohol tolerance: around 4 bottles, but depends how fast I drink them

22.) First love: First year of MS

23.) Someone I respect: parents, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee and Hyesung

24.) Sport I good at: Running

25.) Fav song: I have too many

26.) Number of blind dates youe gone on: 3

27.) When I look the best: When I stayed up for a day

28.) Person Ie liked the best out of all the people Ie gone out with: ?hm?

29.) Fav number: 2 and 7

30.) Prized Possession: my parents

31.) Lowest ranking: what do you mean?

32.) Religion: atheist

33.) What I think when looking in the mirror: MOMMY!

34.) Fav color: black and white

35.) Good thing about myself: Im nice, but I think my first impression IS bad.

36.) Bad thing about myself: my first impression is bad.

37.) Drinking habits: I think a lot of myself

39.) On a rainy day I want to go outside and get wet?: No~! I want to sleep

40.) Things I cook well: Im good at cooking in general.

41.) Something I want to do right now: I want to go home and wash up.

42.) Foreign language Im good at: Chinese

43.) Something I want to do with the person I love: Walk near the river holding hands.

44.) A present I want to give the person I love: A piggyback ride near the river.

45.) Things I want: I have too much I want.

46.) If you met a boyfriend from the past: ?boyfriend??

47.) A present I want to receive from the person I love: Love and more love!

48.) Phone greeting: I can type in what I want. I broke it.

49.) Ringtone:

50.) Caller rings: TT0TT!!

51.) If you found 1 million dollars on the road: Il leave a 1000 dollars and pick up the rest to save.

52.) Habits: thinking, laying down.

53.) Sleeping habits: I sleep on my belly.

54.) What I wearing as of now: White beater and jeans.

55.) I want to die when: I don have the nerve in me to kill myself so I think I just go one suffering.

56.) Something I want to do right now: I want to debut!

56.) How many times have you received flowers from a person of the different gender: Do you mean given: is this a quiz for girls?

57.) Where I want surgery: ?what?

58.) My charm: If I get closer to someone, that person can depend on me.

59.) What people think of me: It all different.

60.) Someone I say a lot: Let save!!!

61.) What Im scared of: cockroaches

62.) When I was most hurt: When I had a Jangyum

63.) When I feel the happiest: When I say something nice to my parents

64.) What I do when Im scared: I sing.

65.) When have you given chocolates to someone for valentines day: once in MS.

66.) What I do when Im stressed: I listen to music.

67.) What I like to eat when I drink: Soup and casseroles.

68.) What I do when I mad: I hit things!!!

69.) Things I cant eat: Dog.

70.) Time I get to school: ?.

71.) Something I want to learn: acting.

72.) What I do when there is someone I dont like: Ignore them.

73.) When I was the happiest in my life: When I had my first rehearsal in SM.

74.) What I think of money: It doesn grow on trees.

75.) If the person you love ended up loving someone else: Il let them go because there must be something they don like about me.

76.) Most recent time I cried: ??

77.) Sunshine or Moonlight: Moonlight.

78.) First kiss: 6th year of EM.

79.) If someone I broke up with wanted to get back: Il think about it.

80.) Favorite person of a different race I like: I like Koreans.

81.) My most favorite thing I own: I guess my clothes.

82.) How long I can wait for someone: 3 hours.

83.) When I was most disappointed: too long to write down.

84.) Your monthly allowance: 3 or 4 dollars.

85.) Fav animals: Dogs.

86.) Fav. Season: Spring

87.) Most memorable date: ?.hm?

88.) What I look at when I look at someone of the other gender: Everything.

90.) Nicknames: Boojaejoong.

92.) Love is?: ?like a drug

93.) When I know the person I love has changed: When the things they do change.

94.) What I don like when I going out with someone: ?..

95.) What I like the most about myself: Skin

96.) A wish for this year: I hope everything I do ends up well.

100.) Last thing you want to say: Im done! I can finally go home!!

Credit: Soompi



  1. asiahk said

    what does MS stands for?

  2. lovemelodies said

    I’m pretty sure it’s middle school, but I could be wrong ^^

  3. marjorie said

    funny jj oppa…hehehe.lolz

  4. Amber said

    AWWWW, Jaejoong is so cute.

  5. stefaniew said


  6. Richard Shin said

    Woo atheist like me. Very rare from koreans nowadays… >.>

  7. kat said

    i laughed when i read about the piggyback ride thing..jaejoong-san is really funny..and i find him sweet..ryt guys??..

  8. KIWII said

    OMG, according to what were written above, Jaejoong loves to piggyback the one he loves, then does that mean he loves Yunho AWHOLE lot? You see, he has piggybacked Yunnie before ^_^…Awwie, he is so sweet! I would definately want a boyfriend like him ^_^

  9. anna said

    i wonder how his first impressions are? could they be that bad that he thinks its bad?

  10. Apple said

    he reallly have much the same things with me… i’m not lying… T_T

  11. LY_MAULA said


  12. yanshan said


    Oh. he’s a atheist, i didnt noe that before ya know. HAHAH

  13. Ayumi said

    when joongie says, he likes to hold his luver’s hand and give that person a piggyback ride-didn’t this happen between yunjae?
    anyway, where did dbsk take this quiz? when?

  14. Ayumi said

    i bet that’s wat yunnie named him

  15. valarea said

    when i fisrt knowing about him, i found he’s look like someone i like..he’ s not a handsome guy but he’s full package.. so lucky the lady who dating with him?????who’s that lucky girl………….????????????????????? wathch out GIRL….Be carefull with..

  16. Karerusan said

    This war answered by Jj when he was auditioning in SM entertainment right? Does he realy fall inluv w/ a fortune teller? Because that’s what he said in Banjun drama. Ur the best Jj!

  17. chaimaa said

    you smoke ?????????

  18. waaaaooooooh! said

    this must be really old since the language hes best at is chinese here and also since he converted to chiristianity a while ago lol but at the end it seemed like he didnt really wanna take the quiz since he was so happy he could go home. gosh jaejoong is just so cute.

  19. OMG he’s atheist!! That’s too bad!! and he didn’t have much anything to say and looks like he doesn’t wanna do the questions… 😛 I more like Heechul’s survey!

  20. sxlx said

    He’s Christian now.

  21. Amy said

    When did he become a christian?

  22. Beth said

    i heard that he became a christian lik 2 yrs ago? but i do not know how or why he became a christian, i would lik to know though

  23. Amy said

    yeah me too! I never knew he became a christian, but I prayed for Jaejoong many times because i care about his soul most importantly and I wanted him to believe in Jesus so he can be forever in heaven with the Lord and have a joy in his soul it made me sad what he said about number 55 and suffering. 😦

  24. Beth said

    to Amy:
    number 55 and suffering? wad do u mean? care to explain? im betting u r a christian too, where u from?

  25. Amy said

    oh, I meant when he answered question number 55 his answer was sad…
    >-< and yeah I'm a christian 🙂 I'm from the united states, how about you? =)

  26. Beth said

    im from singapore. haha, im a christian too, pentacostal church. ive been praying too.. praying tat more celebrities will come to know Christ. haha, some ppl think it is stupid.. but ya:)

  27. Flyawaylove♥ said

    Oh my. I have a lot of things in common with Jaejoongie. Hehe. That’s so cool :] I love him so much.

    Joongie would be a lovely boyfriend. Whoever gets him is so lucky. (So Yunho’s a lucky fellows. Kyahahaha xD!~♥)

  28. tDBSKFOREVERot said

    Listen, this post is false…the real version is here:

    In this one, someone changed all the answers. His favorite color is Black & blue.
    He is a Buddhist. He is 180 cm. He can’t type in what he wants on his phone.
    He’s afraid of cockroaches AND spiders. He can’t eat raw food; not a dog!! (That’s silly!)
    His favorite animal is a dog!
    PLease read the other questionnaire instead~!
    Thank you.

  29. tDBSKFOREVERot said

    In addition, the thing he likes most about himself is eyes! Not skin!
    Plus, he said, “Wish me luck!” not “I can finally go home!”
    And he likes all asians not just Koreans!
    Whoever changed all this is being silly~!

  30. Beth said

    r u sure? but i tot he converted to a christian? like a few years ago?

  31. Jasmine said

    My birthday is in january! I like to sleep when it rains and i want my future boyfriend to give me a piggyback ride!

  32. dbsk lover said

    is this all taken by themself?
    do they answer all this themself?
    pls n thx

  33. jaejoongislove said

    jaejoongie pls marry me <3333

  34. nikkie said

    wow his sooo patience enough to answer those question,,,

    in the sense of his soooo eager to go home hehehehhe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. JJ_TVXQ said

    who start this 100 questions ? ( is this in game show or sth??)

  36. won-wen said

    … and white arnt colours…thats the only thing i’m annoyed about…i’m an artist so yea…i wondr…how good is he @ chinese? ignor’n ppl wen i dont like them~he has quite a lot of patience…3 hrs…and yes. sleep is good~lub sleep’n~zzz…

  37. Cass_Always said

    i don’t understand
    Number of blind dates youe gone on: 3?? what is that mean???

  38. gaby wong said


  39. gaby wong said

    🙂 i’m happy for him ,he’s fine.

  40. hey your soooooo sweet i think the person who gets o be your girlfriend your gonna love her alot!!!!!!!!! I JUST WISH I CAN FIND A GUY LIKE YOU!!!

  41. emaRRR said

    OMG my favourite numbers are 2 and 7 o.O? what the heck thats freaky >.<

  42. emaRRR said

    OMG~ my favourite numbers are 2 and 7 o.O? what the heck thats freaky >.<

  43. dahnvimgs said

    he is a christian now …. who is HK?

  44. francis said


  45. Cheri said

    29 is wrong, watch the making of Balloons, he says 33 because he thinks 3’s are pretty

  46. jae1lover said

    wooow i gess jaejae where so cute in that time the last question his answer was funny for sure they ask him alot but thats make me feel like he is my twin most of the things he like or think about is the same as me ^_^.
    <<<<< so happy

  47. kokojjang said

    till now, I just can’t believe it that Jaejoong shares the same birthdate as me !!! 26 January. Kyaaaaaaaa~ <333333

  48. Saamas said

    Actually his real birthday is on 4 february!!! By the way he us trully handsome……

  49. JJlover said

    what is jj’s fav. drink

  50. DBSK FOREVER said


  51. shineemax said

    Jaejoong, please takes care of yourself and be happy!!

  52. cute :)) he’s like a little boy 🙂

  53. jaejoong oppa Fiighting,,,^^

  54. Whatever said

    When was this survey taken?

  55. Connie said

    I was watching KMTV’s “I Love Show Music Tank” today and found out HK stands for H.O.T.’s Kangta LOL. I’m not sure if he answered all of the questions above, but he did answer many of them. It was a show from 03/17/2004.

  56. little rath said

    was he answering these questions? or was this by a fan? or what? PLEAS SOMEONE ANSWER

  57. Kesesesese said

    He’s not atheist anymore.

  58. Wow oppa so cute

  59. rida zehra said

    AHHHHH~!!!! kim jaejoong! ❤ 3 ❤
    you are soo cute and the best thing that i think abt u is tht you love ur parents like andything and adore em soooo much!!! :DDDD ❤ o ❤
    same here! I LOVE THEM AND U TOOOOO!!!!!! *O*~

  60. sango said

    BOOJAE!! i cant believe he actuallly wrote that down!
    and lol “boyfriend??” “is this quiz for girls?”
    they thought they could confuse jae…but hes too smart. lol!!XDD

  61. kim sue je said

    I don’t think so

  62. kim sue je said

    Why did u lie?
    You know what I meant?

  63. […] ترجمة مختلفة نوعاً ما. هذه النسخة هى الأكثر إنتشاراً (هنا) ولكننا لا نعرف مصدرها الرسمى. بالتالى ديانة كيم […]

  64. klara said

    Jae joong oppa fighting

  65. lovejj said


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