090413 SJ- Come to Play (except Leeteuk/Kibum) Subbed ♥

Credit: sj-market+as tagged

For official photos from MBC, click here

Omo, Wookie looks SO CUTE in that baby blue checkered shirt and bowl hat XDDDD TOO ADORABLE, I SAY XDD Ohh, the crack that is Super Junior, I really miss it ^-^ It’s so wonderful to see the majority of the members on a variety show, cracking jokes and spilling secrets XD This makes me miss EHB so much~

♥ Super Junior Come to Play Part 1 [Eng Sub]

♥ Super Junior Come to Play Part 2 [Eng Sub]

♥ Super Junior Come to Play Part 3 [Eng Sub]

♥ Super Junior Come to Play Part 4 [Eng Sub]




  1. pronk said

    ahahahaahaha kyuhyun is my favourite!

  2. Flower said

    Super Junior Opas, Can you visit our country, Myanmar.I am very crazy about your songs.I like all SuJu songs & also SJ members. Super Junior Fighting!!!

  3. Sonya said

    Omooooooo .. Han & Kangin with them T.T
    Thank you very much 😀

  4. LOUISE said

    hey,part 2 and part 4 have been removed from youtube..where else could i find the full version with english sub? ..thanks!!

  5. sun manlosa said

    hi, do you know where i could download this??plsss

  6. tangerine said

    I cant find this anywhere! Can you please re-upload??

  7. talatala said

    can you give mediafire link?? plis

  8. dytha_ruff said

    awww,, youtube already removed it ><
    can u give another link?^^

  9. kimki_hana said

    hopeguly this link will help you


  10. Ally said


    The link doesn’t work. Please re-upload??

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