Epik High- 090408 Chocolate + Pe2ny Showcase Appearance~

090408 Epik High @ Chocolate

Part 1– Rap Melody, Cipher
Part 2– Map the Soul
Part 3– Top Gun, Fly

Credit: CodeAnalysis

What a great showcase by EH, on Korea public television ^-^ I think they were able to perform Top Gun because they edited out the ‘serial killer’ part in the performance. I really liked the fan interaction in Part 3. It’s great to see that the fans stayed calm and didn’t go crazy when Tablo went into the crowd. They actually gave him some space, isn’t that nice? 😀 Fans should be considerate like that, yes yes ^^


Epik High Live in Pe2ny Showcase

Credit: dhhiphopplaya

(Oh, btw, I just realized this is from last year @_@ I was wondering why they didn’t perform anything from MTS album XDD”’)

Epik High performed ‘The Future’ as well as ‘Breakdown’, LOVED the crowd energy ^-^ ‘The Future’ is one of my favorite songs by them, so it was wonderful to see it performed live 😀 EH Hwaiting!


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