Asmama shop survey + ‘Antique Bakery’ Movie~

Visit this soompi thread if you are interested ^^ Asmama doesn’t do international shipping, so this is a great chance if you are interested in getting merchandise from them. They have idol stuff as well, click on the drop-down box “*asmama style” on the left ^^ Their stuff is really really cute and somewhat cheaper than jewelry in the US, so I’m thinking of getting some stuff as well…


Has anyone ever seen the ‘Antique Bakery’ movie? I just finished watching it yesterday and it was EXCELLENT. The storyline was engaging and the actors were hot XD The french actor looks gorgeous as well ^o^

There was this one interview with the cast and Andy was there. The interviewer asked him, “did you enjoy working with the Korean guys?” and he replied, “yes, he was a good kisser” AKDGHLAKD;JFLAFH The rest of the cast were laughing their heads off while Jae Wook nodded innocently at the camera and was like, “yup, I’m a good kisser” XDDDDDDD

Click here for the mentioned interview. Visit this user for the full movie, subbed ^^ If you have watched this movie, let me know of your opinions, if you liked it or not 🙂



  1. Rinni~pooh said

    I really liked this move as well. Jae Wook is very entertaining to watch! The story line kept me interested- which is becoming a rare thing these days… movies are so boring now- till the end.

  2. lovemelodies said

    JW is all kinds of adorable ^-^ I agree, good movies are hard to find these days, what a shame…

  3. elle said

    yay,,i’ve watched the movie like 6 times. so interesting despite Sunwoo being a gay, i wish the character is straight but still adorable like that.fall for Jaewook-oppa..

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