Star King~ ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Special Episode {LookALikes}

January 31st’s broadcasting of SBS “Star King” hit the top spot as #1. According to ratings from TNS Media Korea, the broadcasting earned 18.8% viewership. “Infinite Challenge” was at 17.6%, and KBS 2TV “Sponge” was at 10.8%.

Kim Min Joon (21), an online shopping mall CEO, portrayed Gu Jun Pyo; Park Tae Joon (24) portrayed Yoon Ji Hoo; Han Young Min (23) portrayed So Yi Jung; and Bae Jong Il (21) portrayed Song Woo Bin.

Source: MyDaily

ROFL, I can’t say I’m surprised XDD ANYTHING that has to do with BOF these days are SOOOO FREAKING POPULAR 😀 Anyhow, congrats to Star King for achieving such nice viewership ^-^ The BOF LookALike cuts are below, do they look similar to you? XD For me, only Minho looks somewhat alike, except his eyebrows are a bit too thick ^^” The only thing that’s similar with JiHoo’s person is the color of his hair =.= (I am a bit biased though, Hyunjoong can NEVER be imitated, he’s too perfect ^^). The other two, sadly, I couldn’t really tell who they are ^-^” I think I just suck at recognizing other character’s faces besides HJ’s XDDDDD”” Anyhow, hope you enjoy ^^

090131 Star King “Boys Over Flowers” Special Part 1/2

090131 Star King “Boys Over Flowers” Special Part 2/2



  1. rana said

    why dose Joonpyo looks diffrent here ???

  2. Yun ji hu said

    It is a very identical

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