SS501~ Because I’m Foolish Live Performances {1/22, 1/30, 1/31} ♥

090122 SS501 – Because I Am Foolish {Live}

I AM SO HAPPY THEY ARE PERFORMING THIS SONG!!!!!!!! Beautiful song, gorgeous voices, pretty boys, HJ’s pals, what more can you ask for? XDDD But honestly, I’m really happy they decided to promote this song after UR Man. It is certainly getting them a lot of attention as well, since anything related to BOF these days are getting attention it seems XDDD”” Of course, that’s not the only reason ^^This is a pretty difficult piece to perform live in my opinion, with all the high notes, and the boys are doing a fabulous job with this song~

I have to praise Young Saeng on his fantastic singing 😀 In the track, you can tell that during his part around 3:11, he goes into falsetto because he couldn’t reach the high notes. However, in the live performances, his part at 3:23, you can tell he definitely reached it and sang it so beautifully <3333 To have the lives be better than the CD version is quite an amazing accomplishment, wonderful job Young Saeng ^^

Lives from 1/30 and 1/31 is under the cut ^^ Enjoy ♥

090130 SS501 – Because I Am Foolish {Live}

090131 SS501 – Because I Am Foolish {Live}


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  1. anggun said

    so handsome…i like you

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