DBSK- Bolero #1, BOF- #1 Rating, BB Daesung- Trot Release+Download ♥

Cramming everything into one post again, I hope you don’t mind ^^””


TVXQ’s first Japanese single in 2009 dominated the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, setting a new record as the first foreign artist to have five consecutive singles hit #1. The single released on January 21, and includes three songs: “Bolero,” the main theme song for the Japanese movie “Subaru,” “Kiss The Baby Sky,” written by member Micky Yoochun, and “Wasurenaide” (Don’t Forget), written by member Hero Jaejoong.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s third Asian tour kicks off on February 20 and will last for three days.

Source: MyDaily
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

adlfkhalgahklfdjlaghalsf CONGRATULATIONS DBSK!!!!!!!!!! Not that we expected anything less ^^ Bolero was absolutely fantastic 😀


For the first time, KBS “Boys Over Flowers” has brought down MBC “East of Eden” to win the top ratings spot.

According to TNS Media Korea, January 26’s broadcasting showed “Boys Over Flowers” ahead of “East of Eden,” 19.5% to 17.5%. (It can be noted that on this day, ratings were lower than usual due to the Lunar New Year celebration.)

“Boys Over Flowers” started on January 5, with the following ratings so far: 1st episode 14.3%, 2nd episode 17.6%, 3rd episode 20.8%, 4th episode 21.4%, 5th and 6th episodes 24.8%, 7th episode 24.8%.

Source: MyDaily
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

Nice job BOF 😀 It’s always nice to get so famous, and even nicer when you are not expecting it XDDD BOF Hwaiting!


After DaeSung’s “Look At Me, GwiSun” comes a new trot song “It’s a Big Win,” which will be online on January 29.

Last year, DaeSung introduced “Look At Me, GwiSun” (composed by fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon) to attract the older generation and also younger generation. “It’s a Big Win,” means to feel some kind of hope even in this economic crisis of 2009.

The music video will be directed by Cha Eun Taek, who also did Big Bang’s “Lies” and “Day by Day,” as well as BoA’s “Eat You Up.”

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

대성 (Dae Sung) ★ 대박이야!
ALBUM TYPE Digital Single
RELEASE DATE 2009.01.29
RECORD LABEL YG Entertainment
BUY IT YA North Am. / YA Global
PREVIEW It’s a Bit Hit Preview @ YouTube

01 대박이야!

FULL SINGLE (5.09 MB @ 192kbps)
Mediafire Link

Credit: YWH@LJ


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