090125 MBC Star Dance Battle {New Year Special}

| Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 |

Just FYI, I will only be talking about groups that I’m familiar with, so please don’t take offense if I skip over a group that you like ^^’ They all did a magnificent job <3333

First up, SHINee 😀 They danced to a H.O.T song, and did a wonderful job XD You can tell it was really popular before because everyone in the background was also dancing to it, which was really cute XDDD Taemin’s hair though….T___T oh wells, his dance break more than made up for it XDDD

Then we have Seungri against Taeyang from BB. It was surprising that they were battling against each other, seeing that they come from the same group, but whatever XDD”’ Seungri’s dance was terrible (says my 5 year old brother, whom I shoo-ed away after getting the drift of the dance -.-”’) but I thought it was nice, just wasn’t what I like watching ^^””” …..ANYHOW, Taeyang did an awesome job with his dance. I’ve always thought he’s a great dancer from his solo debut and live performances, and he didn’t disappoint his fans with this stage 😀 Oh, and really cute hat, BTW XDD

That……costume/hitting game is full of lulz XDDDD Don’t know most of the people playing it, but Taeyang against Seungri is so cute!! XD

The beginning dance, round 4, part 4, is AMAZING @_@ Traditional dancing in amidst of all the hip-hop dancing is quite refreshing to watch. He did a fantastic job, beautiful moves and flow-ly gestures ^^ and…..of course here comes the hip hop dancing afterwards XD Not that I’m complaining, it was very nicely done. Who’s this person? Taegoon?

THE RAINISM PARODY WAS HILARIOUS XDDDDD I really really really wish someone will translate her lyrics, the “would you like something to drink” was so funny, Hyung Joon thought so too ^^ The dancing and singing isn’t bad at all also @_@ She’s got some sharp moves XDDD

The…..fight on the poles (why does that sound so freaking weird? -.-) was hysterical to see, great job to Eunhyuk for winning 😀 The poor guy though, got a nose-ful of Eunhyuk’s smelly socks XDDD”’ Seungri did a great job as well, although the positioning at times was rather…awkward XDDD

Here’s the showdown, SS501 against SJ-H 😀 I’ve sort of kind of became a SS501 fan overnight, mainly because of my fangirl obsession with GORGEOUS Hyun Joong XDDD So I was really looking forward to this when I first heard of it 😀 …..and for some reason, I kind of ran out of things to say now that it’s here =.= I felt like SS501’s dance was more flashy and showy, and SJ-H’s dance was better technically, if that makes sense ^^” I ADORE Sungmin’s slow-move flip, great job Pumpkin 😀

I really enjoyed watching this show, awesome showcase of all of dance talents of the participants. Hope you guys liked watching it too. What part was your favorite? Do you agree/disagree with any of their decisions? 😀



  1. yumimaki said

    Oh, this was a nice review. I agree with a lot of your statements like that SS501’s performance was showier while SJ-H’s own was a more technical performance but they were both good and that Taemin’s dance solo made up for his not so great hairstyle. Oh yes, and that guy doing the classical dancing was Taegoon – he’s kind of cool, no?

    Anyways, thanks for linking to the full show. I wanted to see it but only found cuts here and there. I’d definitely like to check out the in between stuff.

  2. herojj said

    You don’t know Taegoon?????? Listen to his album!!! You’ll love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he should have won over KARA but oh well!
    Great Show!

    PS. I started watching BOF…..totally addicted!

  3. Oh well, yes. SS501 was smexy with those dance moves and all, I kind of drooled (I did :P). But SJ-H really owns the stage, those special and creative dances reminds me of Japanese tectonic dance!! It was fun-filled and full of surprises~ So my win is for SJ-H actually T.T

    SHINee….hehehehe~~ they did good, but…hehehehe~~ I’m giggling when I see them doing We Are The Future though~ esp. Taemin’s hair…I dun spot him at first!! XD Yep, 2PM is better and more energetic.

    KARA………I like them. But Taegoon just have to win~~ That moves are not easy you know?? This dude is going to make it big so pay attention to him girls!!! 😛

  4. Sarah said

    Hey there, i’ve yet to watch the whole thing, so i can’t comment about it just yet. But about Taegoon, apparently he is a new singer, who just debuted with his song “call me”, and in his MV, it stars Hero, Jaejoong from DBSK, and actress, Park Shin Hye. Wow right? i mean for a new singer, he’s got some “known” people in his MV. The reason, from what i know is that, Taegoon and Hero, have been friends for a long time, childhood friends, if i’m not wrong. =/ LOL! Well, hope this info was useful~~ =)

    Here’s a link to the MV. =)

  5. lovemelodies said

    Hello 😀 Thank you so much for your comment, I’m really glad you liked the review XD I just started watching it, and thought I might as well record what I think as well. I find that if I just watch something and review it later, I miss out on details ^^ Ohh, so that’s Taegoon….I’ve seen his first MV, but still can’t really identify him very well yet- he is kind of cool XD

    Yup, I’ve listened to his mini-album and he did a great job 😀 i loved the MV as well XDDD Haha, so you’ve fallen into the BOF fandom as well, good luck surviving the next month and a half XDDDD

    @Miss Healerzz
    Gahhh, I can’t decide between SS501 and SJ-H, not possible =.= I’m too biased for both of them. SHINee….Taemin’s hair -.- I couldn’t even recognize him at first XDDD I identified the 4 other members and was like, where’s Taemin….? XD Taegoon does have a lot of potential, I wish him the best of luck within the difficult Korean music industry 🙂

  6. Ohmona~~ yes! And I tot I was the only one mis-looked Taemin XD That hair…ahahah~ I was wondering why the hairstylist kept the weird style for him? It was brave enough to have him debut with mushroom hair LOL!

  7. Courtnney said


    First of I want to start off by saying I’m not Korean but I love all these bands. LOL. The Lies and So Hot parody were so funny, almost peed my pants!! Some of those guys can actually dance! I was disappointed with SeungRi’s performance, I’ve seen him dance better. Tae Yang, I have always thought was an awesome dancer (his style reminds me of Usher). I think SHINee should have won their dance battle against 2PM. I didn’t think 2PM’s performance was that great plus it wasn’t clean. There were off on alot of things. I also don’t think they should have battled against eachother cause it’s 2 different stlyes of dance. I really only think 2PM won cause the guy ripped his shirt off (not saying it wasn’t nice, cause it was ^^). Tae Goon’s performance was awesome!! and he should have won instead of KARA. I loved how he did the traditional stuff before and he just has a killer smile ^^ it could melt your insides. Between SS501 and SJ-H, I would give it to SJ-H because like you said, SS501’s dance was all flash and sex appeal. I personally like SS501 music and style more, I never really got into SJ, but SJ-H danced as a group and performed well instead of trying to appeal to the crowd as single dancers like SS501 did. Anyways, I loved the poles too!!

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