Happy New Year~


新年快乐 ^-^

EDIT: I hope you guys had a great new year 😀 Woke up around 7:30AM to watch the New Year Festival/Gala live, was very pleased with all the performances and costumes ^^ I LOVED the tap dancing from Ireland (?), their skills was quite amazing to watch @_@ I liked how that Taiwanese idol performed with that little kid, both were sooooo cute ^^

I really really wish though, that other idols (namely Hannie, JJLin, and even Top Combine) could have an opportunity to come perform on a show like this. I name those idols mainly because they are Chinese and somewhat well known, which is important ^^ I would LOVE IT if DBSK/SJ can perform there, but I think they would have a lesser chance since they are not Chinese and after all this is a CHINESE New Year Gala  XDD” Maybe in a couple of years, I’m keeping my hopes up for these lovely idols 😀

To be honest, I also kind of just want a chance to be like, “I know those people, didn’t they do a good job in the Gala?” to my parents and all XDD OH oh, during that Beijing Olympics comedy skit with the Korean tourist, he said “Hello” and ”Thank you” in Korean, and I was spazzing out like “HOMG I KNOW WHAT HE’S SAYING :DDDDDDD” ……..LOL XDDD

Anyhow, Happy New Year to everyone ^^ May the Year of the Ox bring you much luck and joy. 恭喜发财,红包拿来 XDDDD



  1. Happy Chinese NIU Year *bows* ^^

    I wish you guys would be healthy and successful throughout this year~~~

    Hope this bloggie would continue to be awesome and awesome!! XD

  2. lovemelodies said

    @Miss Healerzz
    *bows back* ^^ Thank you very much!! I wish you happiness and good luck in this new year~~ Thanks for your lovely wish for my little humble bloggie 😀 I hope your blogspot will also continue to be awesome ♥

  3. pearlyswirly said

    lmao 红包拿来
    There wasn’t that much pop stuff for younger people this year/ The only two were Jay Chou and Huang Shengyi.
    The River Dance was pretty cool, but it was a little long. ><
    Zhao Benshan’s skit was actually pretty funny.

    Happy New Year!

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