EDIT: Tablo Cyworld Entry {Pieces of You-English Version} + Preorder ♥♥♥♥♥

EDIT: http://hanbooks.com/piofyoueed.html

Store website is in English, ships to the US and worldwide.

Pieces of You (English Edition)

Author: Tablo
Publisher: Dal
220 pages(!!!!!!)

This store’s selling Tablo’s “Pieces of You”, Limited Edition before the release from what their email said. The book price is $16.04, and shipping starts at $5.99. The price+shipping came out way cheaper than DVDHeaven, at least $6 (for me). From their webpage, it says the book will start shipping out around Feb. 10th. I’ve already preordered mine, I can’t wait to get it 😀

P.S. I got an email from Yesasia saying that they won’t be stocking this book, so I gave up on them XDDD Just FYI…


타블로의 소설집 『당신의 조각들』의 원문 영문판이 『Pieces of You』라는 제목으로 곧 출판됩니다.
Tablo’s novel, “Your Pieces” original “Pieces of You” is being published soon.

예약판매는 2009년 1월 21일 부터,
전국 서점들에는 2월 초^^
Preordering starts Jan. 21st 2009,
in bookstores starting beginning of February ^^

저의 글들… 아껴주셔서 고마워요.
My writings… Thank you for loving it.

당신들의 부탁(?)을 어찌 외면합니까ㅎㅎ
How can I ignore your requests Hehe

– blo

Preorder links from the following sites are up ^^

– Yes24
– Aladdin
– Kyobo
– DVDheaven

No word on if Yesasia will stock this yet. Let’s all email Yesasia and ask them, they usually WILL stock something if enough people bother them about it XDDD This link allows you to contact the CEO directly. Do you think that’s a bit too…direct? Oh wells, I sent in a message anyhow XDDD I sure hope Yesasia will stock it soon ^-^ Because DVDHeaven’s shipping is like, insane =.= I was thinking, do you guys think that Barns and Nobles and/or Borders will carry this book when it’s released?

TABLO, I love you so much, you FREAKING GENIUS XDDD In all aspects, really ^^ I can’t wait to see his awesomeness showcased through this book 😀 I swear, I haven’t been this excited in the k-pop fandom since the release of Mirotic XDD;;; Feb. 2nd come sooner!!!! XDDD Tablo hwaiting ^-^



  1. xepik said

    i simply HAVE to get my hands on this
    really hope YesAsia stocks it (:

    and agreed
    table is amazing

  2. Nancy said

    I happened to find your post and I think it’s a great idea about emailing YesAsia. I just emailed them & I posted it in a forum that maybe they can email it too. 😀 so I hope enough people email YesAsia that they will stock up on the book soon !

  3. spazzes said

    I ordered on DVD heaven too :D!

  4. Nancy said

    hehe I saw your post in the epik high thread 😀 and I think I might order it on Hanbooks too ! Your post was very helpful and I am sooo glad that the shipping will be wayyy lower than that of DVDHeaven…

    Well I just wanted to say thank you for your post on soompi about the book on Hanbooks 😀

  5. Lauren said

    Thanks so much for the heads up! I have been waiting and hoping for Tablo to release the english version, and now its here! I already ordered mine off of Hannbooks too!

  6. lovemelodies said

    ISN’T THIS EPIK????? XDDD CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS BOOK, I WANT IT NAO 😀 I hope DVDHeave doesn’t take too long to ship ^^

  7. lovemelodies said

    Hi hi! 😀 How in the world did you track me to here from my post at EH’s thread? XDDD Awesome stalker skills XDDDDD Jk, Jk ^^ I’m glad the post was helpful to you, the shipping at DVDHeaven was about to kill me =.= You are most welcome, I’m very glad to be of assistance 😀

  8. lovemelodies said

    You are very welcome! 😀 I’ve been waiting and hoping also, SO HAPPY HE HEARD OUR WISHES RIGHT??? XDD W00t 😀 Let me know when your book comes!!

  9. zee said

    oh why did you have to tempt me like this!! i really want it but with combined shipping it would cost me over $40 which my mum would never allow!!!! i was almost murdered when i ordered the suju dvd 😦

  10. lovemelodies said

    Aww…I’m sorry >< XDD”’ It is really a good book to get, and Hanbook’s shipping isn’t bad at all. My total came out to be around $22 ^^

  11. thanx said

    yesasia actually has it..tablo<333

  12. Anne said

    YesAsia has it, but at 24.99 D:

    So I’d definitely go with the HanBooks option

  13. ayanurrs said

    Hahah, seems like the fans nagging on YesAsia worked. They have it in stock. But for 25 dollars. o_o

  14. wmac1412 said

    Does anyone know if this will come out in American Book stores, like borders, barnes and nobles, etc??

    Or is the internet the only way to get it???

  15. damyoungji said

    For a second, I started freaking out since i thought my friend was lying to me about how buying it from YesAsia will be cheaper than buying it from DVDHeaven. I actually signed up for an account there just to make sure that she did not calculate it wrong or anything. Hm~ DVDHeaven’s price is cheaper, but the shipping cost is so expensive. It will cost me $35.26 to buy it at DVDHeaven, and $30.83 (CDN) via YesAsia (not to mention that the shipping is free of cost since my friend and I are combining our stuff together and she has a $5 dollar coupon).

    The shipping will take longer, but I don’t really care since I won’t have the time to read it until the summer since all the courses I am taking this semester is English T.T

    Anyway, thanks for the update =) I never bought stuff online before and even though my friend was speaking of the truth, I guess it never hurts to make sure things are right.

  16. Nathalie said

    Is hanbooks trustable? cause i really wanna buy it lol.

  17. K-Holic said

    i am buying it too!

  18. Windstruck said

    Just in case anyone is wondering, it’s only like 20 dollars with shipping and handling on Aladdin.com. ^^v

  19. Sea said

    just order my with priority shipping from hanbook! and surprisingly it came to a total of 25! can’t wait for it to come in the mail!! to damyoungji i think hanbooks is cheaper than yesasia, including S/H

  20. Sunshine said

    Hey Nathalie! Hanbooks is trustable, I order mine there with priority shipping for about $25……and it came in today!!! Yay!!! I can’t wait to read it!!

  21. aladinus said

    if you buy it at aladdinus, it is $14

  22. Laura said

    Ah! I’m so excited. I pre-ordered it from HanBooks with priority. It was like, $23 dollars.

    It’s cheaper than YesAsia, but I still love ’em. ;]

    I’m so excited to get it. My mom wants the Korean Version now for herself.

    I love Tablo so I’m sure it’ll be good. I’m glad its in hardcover too, I hate paperback cause they don’t last as long.

  23. Panda said

    Yeasia stocks it now. 🙂

  24. Panda said

    I meant Yesasia. But it’s more expensive than hanbooks.com

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