Boys Over Flowers~ Extended 8Min Epi. 5+6 Preview + New Screenshots ♥

Episode 5 Extended Preview (ENGLISH SUBBED) [Watch]

Episode 6 Extended Preview (ENGLISH SUBBED) [Watch]

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Hope you enjoy as well, this makes me even more excited for the upcoming episodes!!!! OMG, KISS AT END OF EPI. 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m a huge Jandi/Jihoo fan, mostly because I adore Hyun Joong XDDDD)


{Please don’t hotlink! ^-^}

Life is not fair TT________TT He carries her, gives her piggyback rides, and kisses her -.- Jealous……XDDDD”’

BOF news – few short cuts (Eng Sub)

AND SEE HOW NICE HE IS ALSO???? XDDDD I’m such a fangirl, yes yes XDDD Sleepy Hyun Joong is soooo adorable ^-^ He probably didn’t look too awake since Kim Bum’s all like, “do you even know what you are giving me?” because HJ just woke up from a nap ♥♥♥ KAWAII, OK??? XDDD ………..I’ll shut up now ^^”


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