Kim Hyun Joong – New Model for mVIO ♥♥♥

Please don’t hotlink! ^-^

Oh my…….@_@ Hi gorgeous ❤ Guys in suits KILL me, and this, even more so because Hyun Joong is sooo handsome ^_^ ♥♥♥♥ Full sized photos because I can and he’s so cute ^^ Can’t wait to see him back in BOF (Boys Over Flowers) on Monday!! HJ Oppa Hwaiting 🐱

Credit: As tagged+soompi



  1. qiguai said

    whoa, looking good

    what’s with the orange socks in the last one tho? lol.

  2. lovemelodies said

    Glad you enjoy it as well 😀 He’s soooo handsome ^^ Oh, the socks ^^’ I was wondering about their…unique appearance, but maybe the pants were too short on HJ? XDDD I am not sure ^^”’

  3. maha _ Saudi Arabia said

    Hyun joong very handsome

    I love him so much

  4. lovemelodies said

    @maha _ Saudi Arabia
    Isn’t he gorgeous? I love him very much as well ^^

  5. hachaaa said

    lol i love the socks xd I own them 🙂
    ah my gawshhh i actually love that hair, tis like…the bomb!! xd i dotn know why im talking like this, its just so nicee!!

  6. KHJ said

    HJ looks so handsome in suits ! i love him ! ❤

  7. faeze said

    oh my god… he is very handsome … i can die your smile kim hyun joong… so lovely…

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