My pictures……..WAHHHHHHHHH



Does this mean I’ll have to reupload everything? ;;_;;

EDIT:  The reason there are photobucket icons instead of pictures is because people have been hotlinking from my photobucket account T_T This cannot be solved by removing pictures from the account according to photobucket FAQ

“Bandwidth is not a measure of how many images are in your album. Rather, it is a measure of how many times the images in your album are being viewed from locations on the Internet where you have posted links to your media. “

I would like to ask you all to PLEASE DON’T HOTLINK from this site TT____TT I don’t have the time to reupload all the pictures or the money to upgrade to pro account, so please do not hotlink from my photobucket account. I’m sorry to post this for people who have not been hotlinking. Thank you guys for your help ^^



  1. xion said

    woahhhhh… wat happen……

  2. su-moon said

    I’m sorry for you…. T^T
    How bout delete some of the photos from ya folder?

  3. sharee^o^ said

    i think.. it’s because of so many people used ur pics to theirs.. and.. maybe it happened bcoz just some errors on server

  4. lovemelodies said

    Gahh, I knows, and I really wish they wouldn’t, because it’s common courtesy to not hotlink and it honestly doesn’t take very long to upload it to their account ;___; I guess we’ll just have to endure the ugly watermarks till the 24th, when it’s reset. Right now, I’m just uploading to another account, so that’s how you can see the picture on the SM/KBS post ^^ Thank you for your comment.

  5. Mariana said

    I’m so sorry about this! I really hate it when ppl hotlink, really,, all you’re doing is providing us with DLs and pics and endless updates in the kpop scene and all ppl can do is be lazy and not even have the decensy to upload things into their own server-some way of showing their appreciation!

    and thanks for this lovely blog-hope this hotlinking crap stops!

  6. lovemelodies said

    <33333 Choo are soo cute ^^ Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I’m glad you like the updates/posts, and I hope the hotlinking will stop as well ^-^

  7. Rinni~ yah said

    This sucks. Please, no more hotlinking? The photobucket bandwith sign is so very ugly…… I miss the pictures that are supposed to be there! TT^TT

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