DBSK Pati Pati Scans (Jan 2009) + Arena 37C Scans (Feb 2009)


Hello there ^^ I’m sorry for the lack of updates in this past week. I’ve recently moved to another state, and is getting settled down. So far, I’ve found a job and also signed up for a college course ^^ I thought that since I won’t have to go to high school this semester, my schedule would be a little looser, but that hasn’t been the case -.- My 5 year old brother always finds someway to keep me busy and make me play with him, not that I mind ^^ Anyhow, sorry again for not updating recently, I promise to keep up with it from now on ^-^ Enjoy the scans~ The boys look so gorgeous as usual, the plaid looks really warm on them, and black suits never looked better @_@ XDDD

Pati Pati Scans (preview)~
Download full scans- Mediafire

Arena 37C Scans (preview)~
Download full scans- Mediafire

All credited: as tagged+ichigojj+war_freakz04



  1. su-moon said

    Thanx for the links!!! X3 Love you!

  2. leydilaura said

    thanks nice pictures!! ♥

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