Happy Birthday Sungmin Oppa~ ♥


Happy Birthday to our favorite pink loving, multi-talented, cute, sweet, Danhobak 🐱 Stay happy and healthy in the new year and beyond, Super Junior is not the same without you or any of the members ^o^ Take care of yourself, and we eagerly await your comeback with SJ’s 3rd album in March. 생일축하합니다, 이성민 사랑해

Super Junior – Cute Sleepy Sungmin– Awww….sleep more bunny! XDD

Sungmin and Chocolate Cake (EHB Cut)– This cut from EHB Epi. 2 is SOOO CUTE!!! He looks so devious trying to decide if he should eat the cake or not, and the phantom earrings are hilarious XDD

Super Junior – Sungmin Martial Arts Cut from Love Letter– He’s not all fluff and cuteness, check out his martial arts skills @_@ He can probably give Hannie a run for his money 😀

Yesung Sungmin 지금 만나러 가요 FULL VERSION– A song composed by Sungmin and Leeteuk and sang by Sungmin and Yesung for homeless dogs <3333 A sweet song, and Sungmin/Yesung’s voice blend is quite unique and beautiful ^^

Wonder Boys – Girls’ Generation + So Hot -CRACK, at its best XD MUST WATCH! XDDD

Wonderboys 2-Kissing You, Nobody– Continuation from the video before, was just performed a few days ago on SBS. Show them your moves, Minnie XDD

Super JuniorSungmin can’t stop crying– I feel kind of bad saying this, BUT HE’S SO CUTE WHEN HE CRIES XDDD;;; Especially when it’s after the filming and he can’t stop ^^”’ Kawaii….He makes you want to just go up and give him a hug, he’s so precious ^^

Super Junior EeTeuk Driving – I know the main person in this is Teukkie, but Sungmin is sooo adorable in the backseat, and his last comment “I died and I’m alive again” is so funny XDD

080731 KM M! CountDown Super Junior SungMin ShinDong cuts– They are such good friends 😀

Superjunior Sungmin sings song in English– Bunny is very good at the guitar @_@ and the last part is hilarious XDDD

Super Junior Relay Talk – #4 SungMin to LeeTeuk – LEADER LOVING XDDD Awww….Sungmin, I’m sure Teukkie knows that you all care about him very much, and I do hope you can talk to him more about your troubles ^^

♥ Pictures of our adorable Pumpkin ^^ 24 for his 24th birthday ♥

Click here download a ZIP file with 144 Sungmin pictures, thumbs below are included ^^

Credit: as tagged + Soompi



  1. L said

    Happy Birthday to the sweet sweet Sungminnie! 8D ♥♥♥
    And Happy New Year to you! ♥♥♥ ^^ Thanks to carry on with the awesome job your doing for the fangirls in us. 8)

    I felt like sharing and luckily enough, it’s quite the good time of the year for this! Since it’s Min’s birthday why not sharing something related to him? ^^
    I wanted to mail the songs to the Lords of this site for them to share this to the world but (I might be too dumb) I haven’t found a contact-us link. 😦

    The God-powers of a webmaster can make this comment dissapear if it’s against any sort of rules I weren’t aware of… 🙂

    Minnie singing (and beautifully playing guitar aswell) Now and Forever:

    And from the Super Junior T Rokugo single released in Japan, Sungmin solo song (Well… With Moeyan, of course ^^):

    Nothing super new, but still lovable. I think.

    Minnie makes me acting nice and cute. He’s a good type of influence in a great pinky (rainbows, bunnies, candies everywhere…) type of way. ♥

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNGMIN OPPA~~ Hehehehe~ Wow, I got them downloaded~ Thanks so much~

    I got a question.

    What do you call Sungmin’s fans? If Heenim got Petals, Micky Yoochun got Minnie? Maybe we should endorse one? Hmmmm…….

  3. SUSU said


  4. xion said

    erm… pinkies??? hahah since he like pink.. haha

  5. Happy Bday my love!!!!!!Saranghaeyo!!!Hwaiting!!!

  6. Xion, I think I love that name too~XD

    A fan suggested Pink Pumpkin. Hows dat sounds?

  7. lovemelodies said

    Hello there! Sorry for the late message ^^’ I’m sorry, you are right, there isn’t a contact us link, because most people just come and look at the news and don’t comment ^^ Which is fine, but it makes me really happy when people leave comments like this 😀 Thank you sooo much for sharing those links, and I agree, Sungmin’s a great influence ^___^ We all love him very much <33333

  8. kriscate85 said

    Happy Birthday Sungmin Oppa..


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