Happy New Year~ =^-^= ♥


DBSK and I wishes everyone a very Happy New Years ^^ I will forever remember 2008 as the year I got into k-pop, beginning in April when Wendi showed me Twins and Don’t Don from SJ and I fell instantly in love ^^ XDDD Admiration led to obsession, and before I know it, this blog was born ^-^ In 7 months, there has been 271 posts (272 now 😀 ), 828 comments, 46 categories, and 824 tags. We’ve had 235,957 pageviews and counting, and our busiest day was on Nov. 6th with 3,251 visits (o.o). I thank you all so very very much for your continuous support, visits, spazzing, and awesomeness in general <333 Here’s to a fabulous 2009 with even more news, music, and fangirling =^________^=

Here’s a little present to end 2008, download links for the  SBS Gayo Daejun Full Show 😀 Hope you guys enjoy~

*FYI, you need to download all of the files without changing the names, and join them all with HJSplit.

Part 1-

Megaupload (850MB, full)~ Click Here
Mediafire- 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009

Part 2-

Megaupload (850MB, full)~ Click Here
Mediafire- 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009

Original link credit: 360kpop@LJ + KuteDragonBabe + queen_eddie
Reuploaded by me, please do not take out, please link back instead ^^


2009 will be filled with Sapphire Blue~ I can’t wait for Super Junior’s comeback ♥



  1. sharee^o^ said

    uhm, how to joint the part 1 files??
    example, i have download part 001, but the video format is xxx.avi.001 , so how i can play without avi format?? how to join together??
    could u make it no splitted and post them together in mediafire.?!

  2. Paulexie said

    Hi` Happy New Year! HAHA And Happy Birthday to our Cutie Danhobak Sungmin~! Me too, I can’t wai for Super Junior’s comeback ❤ Korea once again will be filled with Sapphire Blue balloons and love<333

  3. xion said

    woots~~~ thx for the award show…
    can upload kbs n mbc also? if u have ’em… thx sooooooo muchhh.. 😀
    izzit in high quality???

  4. lovemelodies said

    I’ve seen them around, let me see what I can do ^^ Yes, this is in HQ, each part is around 850MB XDD

  5. lovemelodies said

    Hello there! Happy new year to you too 😀 Yes, happy birthday to our beloved Pumpkin Sungmin, his birthday post will be up shortly ^^ SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING XDDD

  6. lovemelodies said

    Hello there ^^ You need to download all of the files without changing the names, and join them all with HJSplit. I would post it unsplitted onto Mediafire, but Mediafire doesn’t allow files bigger than 100MB, that’s why I split them ^^;

  7. xion said

    THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya lots.. haha… wee~~ oh dang.. need to study first before watching these vids…

    keep up ur blog post.. luv reading ’em… 😀

  8. JAYmayy said

    Hi there =] Happy New Year and thank you for sharing all the information and clips that you’ve shared =] Thank you! And I can’t wait for ther return of SUPER JUNIOR too! <33

  9. dotz said

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for the upload, was looking everywhere for the whole thing. So cheers!

  10. aki said

    thnks for sharing…..

  11. xion said

    hei.. erm.. is 8 n 9 of part 2 spoilt?? cant download it…

  12. lovemelodies said

    Hmmm…I tried downloading it, and it was working well. Maybe try again later? ^^’ Mediafire likes to spazz out sometimes XDD

  13. Jaejoongx3 said

    Is it only me? Cause i can’t seem to download .002 onwwards for part2.

  14. xion said

    sumtimes mediafire can be a lil’ cuckoo… haha… waited 2 days to dl 09 of part 2… so.. just wait… 😀

  15. alice said

    man, you should sub these too 😀 lol.
    i’m not korean so i don’t understand a word they say.. i’m only watching it for the performances 😡

  16. lovemelodies said

    Lol, I would sub them if I understood Korean XDDD

  17. noli said

    thanks for the link. Im grabing dis
    but i seem to have problem downloading part 2 003,004 an 008
    are they broken
    i have been trying for one week now
    can anyone help me out
    i have been dying to watch the show

  18. sharanghaeyo said

    thank you so much for sharing!!! i can’t wait to watch!!!

  19. Rafaela said

    hi friend!thanks for sharing! i think the part 1 007 its wrong!this ie the part2! you can re-up?

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