081230 Sungmin Cyworld Update~ Wonder Boys ♥

081230 11:40
“SBS Gayodaejun”

The best dancer Seungri! I wanted to take good care of you
when I saw you working hard without trying to show you were tired! Keke let’s eat together again next time!

Jo Kwon, you have the best face expression ever ! kekeke your expression is always alive..
I cracked up so hard!! keke your ankle must have hurt but
you were trying so hard to hide it..you’re amazing! keke

And our adorable Taemin! keke try again next time since your still young~! keke
I want to back out! Can you get any cuter..?
You stole all my fans!! Shame on you!! kekekekeke
I really care for you Taemin~~

As I thought, Shin Dong you were the hero! so cool~
I might as well tell you the rest when I get up there..

I… was just being pretty!
Ah..so sleepy..I need more sleep..”

credit: Sungmin’s Cyworld & Honey.bee@soompi

Sungmin makes my heart melt…..♥_♥ WHY SO CUTE AND SWEET AND ADORABLE AND NICE??? XDDD I luff choo, Pumpkin 🐱


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  1. che said

    he is!
    aw he is! ^^

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