SBS Gayo Daejun~ (Videos, Downloads, Photos) ♥

Download the full show HERE ^^

♥ 2008 SBS Gayo DaeJun ~ Full Dance Battle– Taeminnie, you are wayyy to mature and talented for your age XDD That outfit looks great on you, and you looked soo fierce throwing down your jacket like that in the end <3333 Seungri is very good at dancing @_@ I didn’t really realize since he seemed to be always over-shadowed in the dancing department when he’s in Big Bang, but wow, such smooth moves ^-^ 2PM’s guy I really don’t know that well ^^;; but his dancing was very sexy XDDD

♥ 2008 SBS Gayo DaeJun ~ Yunho Cut Dance Battle
Download~ Mediafire

YUNHO, OMG YUNHO, WHY IS THAT SO AMAZING AND PERFECT AND FLAWLESS???? Full black outfit with silver necklace and white shoes, he looks so sexy ^-^ and then he started dancing…..♥_♥ I wasn’t really sure if the hat was suppose to come off, but he didn’t even look at it when it came off, so professional!! Like, no words to describe the performance, IT WAS JUST SO AWESOME, OK??? XDDD WATCH NOW!!!!

♥ 2008 SBS Gayo DaeJun -Piano Battle (Taeyang + Junsu)
Download 001|002 (Mediafire)

Awww XDDD Xiah’s soo adorable during Taeyang’s performance, mouthing to the words and everything ^^ I really love the color contrast with them, one outfit black, one piano white, one outfit white, one piano black XDDD Xiah’s performance was soooo amazing, HE SANG ‘MY EVERYTHING’ LIKE DONGHAE DID :DDDDDDDD Vocals….vocals…..@_@ Hehe, who wants to bet that the back-up singers are the rest of DBSK? XDD That would be so cool ^-^ High note in the middle KILLED me, why are you so perfect Xiah? <33333 GREAT JOB to both of the pianists, congratulations on a flawless performance ^____^

♥ 2008 SBS Gayo DaeJun- Wonder Boys 2 (Kissing You, Nobody)– I’VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! and of course they don’t disappoint ^^ ‘Kissing You’ was sooo cute, with those felt lolly pops and cute moves XDD Omg…they did perform Nobody!! XDDD Did you see Wonder Girls’ expressions in the audience?? They were loving it, as was all the audiences XDDDD Sungmin can swing his hips better than any girl, and TAEMIN WAS SOOO CUTE!!!!!! =^o^=

2008 SBS Gayo Daejun – Super Junior Happy- Pajama Party– AHAHAHAH, when was Super Junior’s U’s Pelvic Thrusts part of Pajama Party’s dance? XDDDD ABSOLUTELY HILAROUS addition though ^^

2008 SBS Gayo Daejun- DBSK ‘Wrong Number’ + ‘Mirotic’ LIVE
Download~ 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 (All Mediafire)

ROFL, they performed the rap first, and then to the actual song XDD That little dance break by Yunho in the beginning was great ^^ Yunho’s tie is red, the others’ are white XDD This is random, but I crack up SO HARD every time the fans scream their heads off at Xiah’s “I’m breaking my rules again” when it’s sang differently XDDD;;; “UNDER MY SKIN” BABY, TAKE THAT YOU….YOUTH PROTECTION OFFICE OR SOMETHING XDDDD Awesome dance break in the middle 😀 and man, Changmin’s scream will never get old ^^ AMAZING JOB DBSK!!!

2008 SBS Gayo Daejun – SHINee Medley

2008 SBS Gayo Daejun – SeungRi & DaeSung’s Music Drama

2008 SBS Gayo Daejun – Hip-Hop Stage (Eun Ji Won, Epik High, Big Bang, Dynamic Duo, and BEG)

2008 SBS Gayo Daejun – Daesung {Look at me, GwiSoon}

Pictures~ (DBSK and Big Bang only for now, will update when I find others XDDD)

Group~ One | two
Junsu~ One | two | three
Micky~ One | two | three
Yunho~ One

Big Bang-

Below the cut contains some adorable rehearsal/performance pictures of Wonder Boys and Eunhyuk from my earlier post, hope you like ^^


The Wonder Boys’ costumes make me die, so hard XDDD SHINDONG, YOUR HAIR XDDD ;D and oh Sungmin….why so adorable?!?? <333 Click on some of the thumbs below, Sungmin’s slim figure and perky butt makes me so jealous ^-^ That gold outfit actually works on him, in my opinion XD Seungri looks great in black, and Taeminnie….@_@ Bowl hat and fringed shawl looks sooo cute on him 🐱

The picture below is Eunhyuk’s rehearsal pictures for his dance battle, I assume. The silver suit and mask looks very unique, I can’t wait to see the full performance XDD

Be back later to update, need to go out with parents right now, maybe that’s not a bad thing because then I won’t go insane waiting for updates on Soompi XDDD;;; Oh, check out Spazzes’ live blogging on the show here. So jealous she can view it live XDD Be sure to thank her for her hard work ^^

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  1. Bestt Photo and article

  2. aya^^ said

    are you going to upload the full show (HQ/MQ)???
    i really want to see the full show clearly…

  3. lovemelodies said

    Hello dear ^^ I would love to get the full show as well, very much XDD I’ll post the links up as soon as they are released/I find them ^^

  4. lovemelodies said

    Thank you for your comment ^^ I’m glad you like it 😀

  5. aya^^ said

    thank you. i will wait patiently ^^

  6. tarayqen said

    best back pose for me was changmin especially with the head on the side…. he sure is a baby no more… best im so sexy look at my back pose goes to jaejoong… seriously even without seeing his face you can just imagine him emoting to the max and of course let us not fail to mention the tatoo …hot…best i can go lower if you want me to pose junsu…i never realized that he has such a broad back….very cute since its not as define as jj but nevertheless ahhhhhh….love micky and yunho but for some reason their backs faded compared to changmin and jj…micky’s pose seemed awkward and yunho well its just ok… maybe have to watch this again and again and again..(yah its just an excuse hehehehe)…thanks this the best clip of their dance….

  7. HKchopstix1012 said

    thanks!!!! <333

    you seriously are the best ^-^

  8. Icha said

    thanks for pics,videos,download links ..
    you’re JJANG !! THE BEST XDD
    seriuosly the best ^^

    thank you XD
    waiting for the full show ^^

  9. lovemelodies said

    Haha, you are most welcome ^^ Thank you for the lovely comment ❤ You can find download links for the whole show here. Hope you enjoy ^^

  10. EternalELF said

    aw your download the whole show link doesnt work
    when i click on it it says something like the page is not found

  11. lovemelodies said

    @Eternal ELF
    Thank you for pointing out the mistake ^^ It’s fixed now 😀

  12. iloveyoochunnie said

    omg. i love you! thanks so much for this. 😀

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