Merry Christmas + Presents from Endless L.O.V.E. ^^


I don’t think I can ever say this enough, but thank you all so much for your lovely comments and support and overall awesomeness in general XDD I hope everyone’s having a great Christmas filled with presents and food 😀 When I moved here a couple of days ago, my parents gave me an iHome as a coming home present, which I ADORE very very much ^^ They were wanting to give me $50 to spend as I want as my Xmas gift, but I don’t really like cash as a present, and I’ve already got the iHome so I wasn’t expecting anything, so instead of money I asked to go shopping for a laptop messenger tomorrow ^-^ My parents really never give anything for Christmas so I’m very happy and thankful for their presents this year. In gratitude and thanks for your visits and support, I come bearing presents ^-^Also! If there’s ANYTHING that you are looking for, or would like to request, let me know and I’ll see what I can dig up 😀 Oh, by the way, did you hear?

Idol group members from DBSK-Big Bang-Super Junior-SHINee Dance Battle on SBS Gayo Daejun.

The idols’ will be performing their own style of dance and make it a combined stage /collaberation stage on the coming 29th, from PM 9:55, on SBS Gayo Daejun.

On the day, Big Bang’s Seungri, DBSK’s U-know Yunho, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Taemin will be competing each other under the theme of dance battle.

Following that, Super Junior’s Shindong-Sungmin, Big Bang’s Seungri, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, SHINee’s Taemin will form Wonder Boys and has a surprise event under their sleeves.

They (Wonder Boys) received attention as they performed SNSD’s “Girls’ Generation” last September on SBS Ingigayo.

As well as that DBSK’s Xiah Junsu and Big Bang’s Taeyang will participate in a piano battle.

Other artists like Rain, Kim Jongkook, FTIsland, Jewellery, SNSD will be participating in the SBS Gayo Daejun which is hosted by Lee Hyoree + Lee Chunhee + Park Yejin.

Source: @Edaily
Creds: vaseline.@TVXQaustralia (translations) + cecily@TVXQaustralia

This can’t get any better ^_________________^ Merry Christmas y’all 😀

Presents 😀

Er Hu (Chinese Instrumentals).rar– Er Hu (2 string fiddle)Instrumentals of famous and popular Chinese songs. Very relaxing to listen to, highly recommended ^^

Green Sleeves (Piano)– Piano arrangement of Green Sleeves by Eco Bridge, very beautiful ^-^

White X’mas– Christmas Single by Kat-tun, bittersweet and beautiful, I luff this j-pop group 😀

DBSK- Angels We Have Heard On High– pretty pretty <3333 Lovely arrangement

DBSK- Santa Clause is Coming To Town– Always hilarious to listen to them sing in English xDDDD

DBSK- The First Noel– One of my favorite Christmas tunes, DBSK’s smooth vocals make the song even more beautiful @_@ Jaejoong’s part in the beginning makes me melt ^^

SBS Inkigayo- Wonder Boys (SNSD, So Hot)– Pure crack for your iPod XDDD If you haven’t seen this yet…..shame on you XD This video sums up the comedy part of k-pop very nicely ^-^

SHINee- Miracle (SJ-H Appearance)– Just a really sweet, fluff, adorable performance of SHINee and SJ-H together <333 I really miss this song…




  1. Ahaaa! I heard about that too~~ now I’m counting down for the new year XD

    So many special appearance for the Gayo, but I was soooo anticipating the dance battle!!! That is ssooooo going to get a lot of attention~~ SHINee’s maknae, Big Bang’s maknae (what a coincidence!), DBSK’s Leader and SUPER JUNIOR’S POWER RAP!!!

    Thank you sooo much for the presents~ lurve it 😀

    Merry Xmas n Happy New Year to you girls^^

  2. Paulexie said

    Thank you for bringing us the latest news and downloads~ ❤

    And thank you for the presents too! XD
    I hope you had a merry Christmas 😀

  3. spazzes said

    You are lovely <333. Thank you so much for the presents ^^ I took the last one, the SHINee-Supy ‘Miracle’ performance. Thank you!

    Merry Xmas ^___^!

  4. lovemelodies said

    Pssh, choo are more lovely XDD You are most welcome, I love that performance as well, very adorable SHINee/SJ collab ^^ Merry X’mas to you as well =^__^=

  5. lovemelodies said

    The special stages and the whole show in general was so cool 😀 I’m glad you like the presents, and Happy New Year to you as well ^-^

  6. lovemelodies said

    You are always welcome, and I’m glad you like the presents ^^ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well <3333333

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