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Hello gorgeous @_@ Lmao, Yunho and Micky’s hair make me laugh sooo hard XDDD Aside from the…creative hairstyles, they all really look quite amazing, with the stylish outfits and everything ^^ Visit this link from spazzes for more pictures from DNBN. Yunho….damn you are hot @_@ XDDD Those underwear model pictures are to die for, I swear ^^;; I adore all the black and white solo portraits, really captures all of their facial features well, with amazing contrast 😀 I wish for more Junsu pictures ^-^

About amienguyen‘s pre-order, unfortunately she wasn’t able to get any of them as the magazine is sold out in Korea and there will be no re-prints ._. I am quite sad as I was looking forward to it so much, but it was very nice of her to try to get it for us, and we’ll just have to look forward to HQ scans ^^

I hope everyone’s having a great winter break. I apologize for the lack of updates from the past couple of days, I just moved yesterday to Bedford, MA, and is still trying to organize/unpack stuff ^^; I like it here, although it’s very cold, and snowed around 2 feet overnight =.= I guess I’m not driving anytime soon…. Wendi is currently in China with her family. Please send her happy thoughts as she is going through a somewhat difficult time right now.  Thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding. Happy holidays to you all ^-^

PS. Please vote for Hangeng oppa here:- http://www.mtv.co.kr/poll/matjjang_view.php?idx=57 You can vote for every 10 minutes, let’s support Hannie! ^-^ (thank you to Majestic_Heaven) Oops, looks like I’m a bit too late, but I believe Hannie won from a screenshot that someone from soompi posted up ^^ Congratulations!



  1. The NoKy brothers are trying out ‘wind-up’ look for their hair eh? LOL

    Ohhh…what happen to Wendi? Send my regards to her, I hope she is doing well.

    LOL, that is the reason you’re not updating, hope you’re happy wif d new home^^

    And about Hangeng oppa’s poll, it’s still on. In soompi is just reporting that he is now leading. We should keep the pace until the voting is closed 😉 TQ

  2. Kyu Hyun Hye said

    ahmm, excuse me..
    unnie, can you tell me.. what is the website of DOPAMINE which where you are getting HQ videos????
    please reply..
    i need more videos regarding DBSK..
    hehe, like asia aid concert and the sky festival concert.


  3. lovemelodies said

    Hello dear ^^ I hope you are having a good break 😀 Ahaha, wind-up hairstyle for the NoKy brothers, I didn’t even realize!! XDDD Wendi’s doing fine, methinks, hopefully she’ll be back soon ^-^ I am pretty happy with it here, although it’s really quite cold and snowy and it gets dark at 4pm =.=\\\ About Hannie’s poll, I clicked on it, but it comes up blank, that’s why I think the poll is over, although I might be clicking on the wrong link ^^; Thanks again for your comment 🐱

    @Kyu Hyun Hye
    Hello 😀 I find my links from various random sites, but this site here http://dbskarchives.blogspot.com/2006/11/downloads.html has an amazing amount of DBSK downloads. Good luck finding what you would like, and happy holidays ^^

  4. Ohh~ it’s good to noe you love it there~ whoa! 4pm and it’s already dark? I hope you can adhere wif d new surroundings ^^

    Yeah, sometimes the page went blank but it’s okay, Hannie is leading now! A MAJOR leading~ latest, 74.1 vs 25.9 XD

    Merry Xmas~~

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