Happy Birthday Junsu Oppa! ♥


Happy birthday to our beloved dorky, amazing singer, fabulous dancer Xiah Junsu and his handsome, manly, supportive twin brother Junho ^^ I have this HUGE picspam all sorted out, and imageshack keeps on telling me that there was no media uploaded after it finishes uploading -___-\\\ Also, it’s finals week for me and Wendi, so we are going to keep this post here and I promise to come back and edit it after this horrid week’s over XDD 我爱你 Xiah Oppa~ May you always be happy, healthy, dorky, charismatic as you are right now. Have a happy birthday ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Xiah Junsu’s Angel Poses An adorable collection of Xiah doing his famous Angel poses ^-^ What makes it even more endearing is that laugh he does out of embarrassment, too kawaii XDDD

Junsu loves to be bullied Awww…poor Junsu getting loved bullied by the other members of DBSK XDD We all know they love him very very much ^-^ I find it so cute that he’s so afraid of Changmin’s strength, even though Changmin’s suppose to be the magnae and baby in the group XDDD

NG king! xiah junsu! Cuts from History of Japan where Xiah is famously known to mess up XDDD His adorable, fail-y “See you next week!” English is TOO CUTE XDD and Micky’s all like “WTF WAS THAT?!?!” from the side XDD Yoosu forever ^^

Bigeastation Epi. 78 Yoosumin English Cut (Eng Sub) “PARPUL WINE” and “I’M VIRGINIA” are made of win ♥♥♥

080815 Junsu Solo Dance – SM Town Whoever said he’s all fluff and dork and cuteness? Watch this and die from hotness XDD I still can’t figure out how this guy does a 180 degrees change onstage, it’s…astounding @_@

DBSK ~Junsu “What should i buy?~ I KNOW I’M BIASED, but he sounds so cute speaking Japanese ^^

DBSK xiah junsu mistake [rehearsal-fancam] purple line ……..Oh Xiah….WHY BE SO CUTE AND STEAL EVERYONE’S HEART??? XDD He looked SO HAPPY to be up there in front and everything, and everyone was leaving and he didn’t realize XDDDDD;;;; Ohhh, too much fail and cuteness ^-^ Luff you Xiah, luff you sooo much XDDD

23 pictures for his 23rd birthday ^-^

For a download of 111 pictures (a coincidence, I swear! XDD) of our birthday boy Xiah, click here. Enjoy~

Credit: As tagged + Soompi + spiderliliez


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  1. Neko-chan said

    how come no one posts about onew’s birthday? -upset-..
    hahaha.. but im still happy to read about junsu’s birthday post..

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