EDIT: 081212 Park Hyo Shin~ “Only Look At Me” {HQ Download}♥♥♥

Park Hyo Shin Singing ‘Only Look At Me’ (12/12)

(Thank you to hweeriric and spazzes@wordpress ^^)

EDIT: Download links~

Park Hyo Shin- Only Look at Me Cut {Peppermint}.avi (23MB, HQ)

Park Hyo Shin- Only Look at Me Cut {Peppermint}.MP4 (30MB, HQ, iPod version)

Source credit: omona.net
Cut and iPod version reupload by me, please credit this site if taking out, thank you ^^

Homg @_@ WHO’S THIS AMAZINGLY ADORABLE AND SWEET AND GORGEOUS VOICE GUY???? XDDD I’ve never heard of him before!! That must change now! 😀 Ahhh, I ADORE the song “Only Look at Me” from Big Bang/Taeyang, such a pretty song, and Hyo Shin’s vocal is sooo amazing <3333 The girl is so lucky XDDD and Gummy’s voice in the background is to die for, she and Hyo Shin compliment each other’s vocals sooo well….and his embarrased laugh in the end IS SO ADORABLE ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Oh, talking about Younha, I saw this BEAUTIFUL performance by her of “All I Want For Christmas is You”. The vocals….voice control…..VOICE QUALITY…..perfect English….@_@ No accent at all, it’s ridiculous!! XDDD;;; She’s such a great singer, I love all of her collabs with Epik High and her solo works as well. Listen to the song and fall in love 🐱 Happy Holidays!!



  1. Alice said

    i love that guy’s version of look only at me!!
    thanks for posting it up!!
    do you know what that show is called??

  2. lovemelodies said

    Hey Alice ^^ I’m glad you like it as well….Ah, this is the show they were on, I knew I read about it somewhere (click here). Hope that was helpful ^^

  3. levantz said

    hey.. dya know where to download the performance?

    thanks ya..


  4. lovemelodies said

    Haha, I’m trying very hard to find a cut right now as well, I love this performance <333 I’ll edit this post if I do find the download link ^^

  5. Hey, thanks for uploading this!

    And sorry to burst your bubble, but that is Gummy, not Younha. They look similar, but Younha is younger hehe. It’s true that they both have awesome voices though!

  6. spazzes said

    omona omona *___*! THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING!!
    i *love* PHS <3! Thank you! 🙂 🙂

  7. lovemelodies said

    You are welcome! Wait, Gummy performing in Peppermint or performing ‘All I Want For Christmas is You?” XDD;;; I’m a little confused ^^;

    Haha, you are most welcome 😀 Judging from your post, you loved that clip very much, and so did I ^^ I am soo obsessed about him, I downloaded a 700MB (56 minutes) file JUST for a 2 minute cut, and I JUST got to know him XDD;;; Oh dear….I foresee another fandom in my future XDD;; But I can’t help it, he’s so cute and that hairstyle is so stylish and his voice is soooo beautiful @_@

  8. lovelygirlx said

    it’s Gummy performing at Peppermint and Younha singing All I Want for Christmas is You. 🙂

    thanks a lot for the download link! ^^

  9. lovemelodies said

    Ohhh, thank you so much for clarifying that XDD I’m afraid I don’t know either of them well enough, and Younha was the first thing that came to mind when I saw her at Peppermint ^^ You are most welcome for the cut, hope you enjoy~

  10. angie said

    omg what a husky beautiful voice, would phs ever record his ver? because i will soooo buy it
    i get to know phs during his snow flower days, back then i react the same as u too. who is this amazing singer! must.find.out XD
    you should check all his album, esp soul tree
    btw the 1st MF cuts kinda weird to me, seems the file is corrupted, maybe just me, many thanx for upping this tho’

  11. summer said

    many many thx for uploading this
    so in love with PHS’s voice
    even tho taeyang’s ver is good, PHS’s version is even better
    thx again

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