Random Christmas Sukira Picspam of Love ♥

Because Teukkie and Hyukkie look SO ADORABLE and the Christmas decorations in the station is so pretty 🐱 And because I love them both very very much 🐱 ♥♥♥♥♥♥

(I apologize in advance if this kills your computer because of the lagging ^^; I did upload them into thumbs at first, but they are too gorgeous to be shrunk into thumbs, and I didn’t have the heart to post that , so yeah, full sized photos of awesomeness for you ^^)

Just some house-keeping here. I edited this link (DBSK Calendars) with a ZIP file of all the scans that I have right now. Also, there are a few more scans in this link (SJ Boys in City Photobook Scans) that I got from soompi ^^ Ahhh, Heechul and Wookie and Sungmin together @_@ Heechul stole Wookie’s musical note necklace, how adorable <33333 And the snow is staying ^^ Around 85% voted yes, out of around 50-ish voters, so yeah ^^

Credit: Soompi



  1. honestly…
    aren’t they a bunch of cuties?
    aargh tuekie cute expression is love!
    i still remember around the same time last year,
    kyuhyun came and became a hugholic which is love!!!

  2. Hi, I wonder if you can promote this one at your site? Please vote for Hangeng oppa here:- http://www.mtv.co.kr/poll/matjjang_view.php?idx=57 1

    You can vote for every 10 minutes, please spread it around ^^

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