Super Junior~ Boys in City 2 ♥ {Scans, DVD Caps, GIFs}

Photobucket Photobucket Oh my…all the scans are sooooo gorgeous @_@ I miss seeing them active ;;_;; But never fear, 2009 will come, they will release their third album, and the world will be filled with Sapphire Blue <3333 Soo many piccies of Siwon, all looking hot and sexy XDDD I ADORE the picture of Sungmin playing guitar, he looks so serene and peaceful 🐱 Also, this picture…..F4!!! It looks so…perfect….friends surrounded by friends 🐱 It’s good to see all 4 of them together…(here’s an older picture of them together) ♥♥♥♥ There are many many scans below, so I’ll put it under a cut. Included are random scans from the photobook, full calendar scans, and some GIFs from the DVD, as well as some caps from it ^-^ I also included a download link for the ZIP file of all 77 scans and GIFs and caps at the bottom, please CREDIT if taking out 🙂 Original credit goes to as tagged and soompi ^-^ If you like the pictures, please support SJ by purchasing their photobook and calendar 🐱 Let’s support our beloved Super Junior boys <3333

  • YesAsia (US$49.99; shipping’s free if you’re in Asia, Europe or Middle East)
  • DVDHeaven (USD 34.105; shipping charges are extra )

Includes Photo Book (with DVD-code 3) Size : 22.4 x 30.8cm/ total 134 pages 2) 2009 Calendar Size : 21.0 x 25.0 cm/ total 14 pages

EDIT 2 : More scans :DDDDD

EDIT: A few new HQ scans from Soompi and 2 clips from the DVD 😀 ^^ Enjoy~

♥ Super Junior – Boys in the city 2 – Eeteuk playing the piano cut

♥ Super Junior – Boys in the city 2 – Carts coupling cut

These beginning thumbs are so vibrant and rich-colored scans, thank you to whoever scanned these <3333 I miss seeing Wookie and Kibum….they look so gorgeous in these 🐱 (FYI, these new thumbs are not included in the ZIP file below the cut)



(In case you can’t figure out who’s missing from the 12 months, don’t bother. They are all there XDD Shindong and Siwon both represent December. I was going crazy because I couldn’t figure out who’s missing, so I’ll spare you the torture XDDD;; )


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

DVD caps~

Download Link~ {77 images, 13.4MB, Mediafire Link} ♥ Click Here



  1. pikakitty said

    omg 😀

    are u take these from soompi?

    but anyways 😀 it’s complete though 😀

    thanks a bunch

  2. spazzes said

    Thank you for collecting and sharing these <333!

  3. gelatin said

    thanks a lot for the ZIP file. 😀
    love the boys. wee~~ can’t wait for next year’s album.

  4. aitsukame said

    Sungmin’s missing!!

  5. lord_jedi said

    Thank you~

  6. lovemelodies said

    Wait, Sungmin’s missing? XDD He’s in the shots with the harmonica and guitar ^^

  7. lovemelodies said

    Hi there! You are very welcome ^^ Thank you for linking me on your blog <333

  8. lovemelodies said

    Yes, these are from Soompi, and you are welcome ^^

  9. mimiejay said

    I love you!!!!!! 😉

    You just made my day brighter… 😀
    I miss SuJu boys.. Can’t thank you enough.. (^_^)

  10. lovemelodies said

    Aww, you are most welcome ^^ I’m glad you like this 😀

  11. sky said

    Thank you very much for uploading this! ^^
    It made me feel better after today. <333

  12. fairytale said

    aww~ thank you so much^^

  13. loveheenim said

    Miss the boys alot!!! Thanks for posting 🙂

  14. rawrmina [: said

    love you so much right now xD
    thank youuu! <333

  15. honestly how can i not love your blog?
    you made my life way easier=)
    thank you for these=)

  16. lovemelodies said

    I EXIST TO SERVE YOU, DID YOU NOT KNOW? 😀 XDDDD You are SO CUTE, your comment made my day <3333 You are very very welcome, as always 🐱

  17. lovemelodies said

    You are most welcome, I’m glad it can make you happy~

  18. babiegel said

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    These pics are really beautiful, I love Donghae’s.
    ummm.. I don’t know if anybody’s pointed this out but when I enlarged the pic of Donghae *on the calendar* their names are printed on them right, but Kangin’s is spelt wrong.

  19. lovemelodies said

    You are welcome ^^ Aren’t they gorgeous? 😀 Oh, about Kangin’s misspell, yes, I did notice that. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t catch the mistake before the printing >< But his pictures sure makes up for it, he looks so amazing in his shots 😀

  20. jeanlouis said


    you rock!!!thanx for the compilation dear^^

  21. noe said

    thank you for sharing

  22. uaeelf13 said

    E.L.F from UAE :: United Arab Emirates ..
    I love Super Junior they are my everythings …
    SUJU have big fans in Arabian Countries…

    Super Junior Fighting … ^^we love U^^
    You are the best
    We are E.L.F? OR ^^

  23. Lucky Sister said

    I have downloaded the scan but I getting the real thing!!!!!! OMG, my brother was so great that he gives me this for Xmas.. 😀

    Finally.. i got original stuffs! XD 😛

  24. lovemelodies said

    @Lucky Sister
    Man, you are very lucky <333 Hope you enjoy the photobook and the calendar as well ^^

  25. yumetheny said

    oh no!! hyukjae’s missing!

  26. yumetheny said

    wait, my mistake!
    the thumb didnt come out, so i thght he was missing. xD

    anw i think everyone’s there.
    i recall sm saying that they included 2008 dec so that all the members can each represent a month.

  27. yumimaki said

    Thank you so much for the comprehensive zip and the uploads. Really appreciate it.

  28. Vaniaaa said

    thank you so much for these all..
    you really made my day with these all…
    thankkkkk youuuu… ^^

  29. daylajames13 said

    i just watch the dvd…. it’s a little bit disappoint me because there’s no eunhae moment……. so this what people are talking about…. speculation of eunhae are broken apart since suju m……

    luckily there’s a little eunhae moment in the end of the dvd…..

    what a relief…..

  30. xtraordinarilynaked said

    Where’s October/Wookie?

  31. Sylar said

    Heechul is so handsome like that! <3<3<3<3

  32. Stars said

    Sungmin’s not in the calendar!
    Sorry, I had stared at it for minutes thinking “someone’s not here, and there’s only twelve boxes T_T”

    Thanks for sharing all this ^_^
    For some odd reason, I feel like saying they look delicious. XD

  33. madu nakame said

    OMG. wookie-oppa so cool here!

  34. yb212117 said

    Thanks for sharing all this ^^

  35. zulfa said

    ..oppa i want to see you live

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