Super Junior~ Band of Brothers Episode 5 {Picture Spam} ♥

Because I really miss seeing Heechul and Kangin…

Because whenever Heechul changes a hairstyle (and GOD I LOVE that ponytail on him), it’s a reason for an update…

Because Kangin looks so young and happy and ADORABLE in that white BacMan Hoodie (I think that’s what they are called)…

Because I’m waiting for these ridiculously HQ and gorgeous Noky Brothers (DBSK ‘Hahaha’) photos to load and it’s taking foreverrrrr…

Because I kind of feel guilty for not keeping up with B.O.B and is trying to relieve my guilt by spamming you with B.O.B pictures…:D

………….So there 🐱

Credit: sj-market

If anyone would like a ZIP file of these to download, let me know and I’ll upload a ZIP file ^^



  1. rawrcarebear said

    I want Youngwoon’s sweater so much!!! 😦

  2. lovemelodies said

    Oh, I knows, isn’t it adorable?? XDDD

  3. SJ-Love said

    hmmm…Can I be lazy and greedy and ask for a zip file for dl? XD
    Anyway, thanks a million!

  4. sharee^o^ said

    i wanna zip file..
    uhm, could u make it zip/rar in every photos here??
    jeongmal kamsahamnida!!

  5. heechul nice 😀

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