S.H.E ★ 我的電台 (FM S.H.E) Album Download ♥

S.H.E ★ 我的電台 (FM S.H.E)
ALBUM TYPE 9th Album
RELEASE DATE 2008.09.23
RECORD LABEL HIM International Music Inc.
BUY IT YA North Am. / YA Global

01 早安您好
02 我爱烦恼
03 宇宙小姐 (達芙妮廣告曲姐妹作)
04 沿海公路的出口
05 天亮了
06 比你賤 (featuring周定緯 Judy Zhou Ding Wei)
07 喜碧夫人時間
08 女孩當自強 (Top Girl年度廣告曲)
09 安靜了
10 我是火星人
11 612星球
12 店小二
13 熬夜DJ
14 月光手札
15 酸甜 (蒙牛酸酸乳廣告曲) – S.H.E/飛輪海合唱 Fahrenheit

DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM (72.48 MB @ ~320kbps)

Really popular group in China, FM S.H.E marks S.H.E’s 11th album release ^^ I’ve only recently gotten into their songs, and they are pretty good 😀 I usually don’t enjoy female singers, but these ladies are really quite talented. Please do give them a try ^^ I uploaded the individuals that I really liked from their album, or you could download the full album using the sendspace link. I hope to hear more great releases by S.H.E in the future. S.H.E jia you <333


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