2008 Golden Disk Awards {DBSK Performance Download + Pictures} ♥



-Disk (DBSK)

-Digital (Jewelry)


-Disk (DBSK, Kim Dong Ryul, Sg Wannabe, Rain, Brown eyes, Shinwa)

-Digital (Mc Mong,Brown eyed girls, Jewelry, Wonder Girls)

YEPP NewComer Award

-Disk (Shinee)

-Digital (Davichi)

YEPP Popularity Award

-Disk (Sun Ho Young, DBSK)

-Digital (FT Island, SNSD)

Trot Award

-Digital (Jang Yoon Jeong)

Rock Award

-Disk (Nell)

Special Award

Kim Chang Wan

Producer Award

Lee Soo Man [SM Entertainment]

Credit: Soompi

Congratulations to DBSK!!! I”m soooo happy for them 😀 Got to run to class, be back later with pictures and updates <333

EDIT: I just realized they have SPARKLY BLACK SUITS ON XDDDDDDDD /lolz/ They look awesome. I like Yunho’s new hair, it makes him look spiffy 😀 Ahhh, I am SO PROUD of the boys ^^ They truly deserved these 3 awards, they’ve all worked so hard XDD Also, congratulations to SHINee for their Best Male Newcomer award (I swear they’ve received every single one of these that’s been given out since they’ve debuted XDDDD) and LSM for Best Producer Award 🐱

THEY PERFORMED “ARE YOU A GOOD GIRL?“!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing performance that is, I loved it ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  The outfits are a little….strange? ^^; Not in a bad way, but a little too informal IMO for such a performance. The sparkly suits they wore would have been great ^^ I did love Jae’s fur jacket (even though it made him look a bit like a caveman -.- ) and the amount of chest he showed XDD;;;;; I haven’t had a chance to watch the Mirotic Remix performance, but I LOLLLL at the altered lyrics “I got you….under my sky” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XDDD /DYYYINNNGGG/ This is great source of lulz, I wonder how they performed it with a straight face =.=”

Download Links {HQ, 257 MB}~

♥ Mediafire- Part 1 || Part 2 ||  Part 3

♥ Megaupload Link

Credit: mrskimj_j@LJ + berry_tallcake@LJ

Youtube Links~

TVXQ Cut [at] Golden Disk Awards

TVXQ – Are You A Good Girl

TVXQ – Mirotic

TVXQ Wins Bonsang [at] Golden Disk Awards

TVXQ Wins YEPP Inkisang [at] Golden Disk Awards

081210 Golden Disk Awards : Shinee wins Newcomer Award

081210 Golden Disk Awards : Shinee – Replay/Love like Oxygen/Amigo

081210 Golden Disk Awards : Shinee Red Carpet

Credit: DBSK Soompi + SHINee Soompi

Here’s some pictures from random groups (but most are DBSK ones), from performance and red carpet. I’ll be uploading a ZIP file of the 60ish photos very soon ^^ Here’s the ZIP file ^^Enjoy~

Download~ {ZIP, 58 Pictures, 9.12MB}
Mediafire Link ♥

Credit: as tagged+soompi+fangirlmitz


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    you’re so cool >w< thanks for sharing

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