{Mod Post} Happy Holidays and Milestone ♥


It just came to my attention that the blog as reached 200,000 views in less than 6 months @_@ I am so surprised and humbled, that (for me) is quite a big milestone, and I honestly can’t believe me and Wendi kept up with this for 6 months thus far XDDD;;; I want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all the support and encouragements 🐱 It makes me happy that we are able to reach so many people with news from our favorite music groups. We will work hard to provide more news and updates from them, please look forward to it =^o^=

I also found out that you are able to make it ‘snow’ on your blog, and I think it looks really neat (and fitting as it’s snowing where we are living) xD However, I find sometimes it’s a little distracting when you are trying to read the contents on the blog. So….snow or no snow? I’ll close the poll at the end of the next week, so please vote and let me know ^^ Thanks again, and happy holidays to everyone ♥



  1. ^^ said

    congrats! but just wondering if this includes subscriptions, cuz i don’t actually physically visit the site, i have subscriptions through google reader. 🙂

    luvin the snow btw.

  2. lovemelodies said

    Um… o.o I have no idea? XDDD;;; I believe (from what I’ve read on wordpress) it’s physical visits on the site, or as physical as you can get on the internet XDDDD Thank you for the congratulations 😀 I’m happy you like the snow ^^

  3. strr said

    i seriously dont mind the snow~ it adds more to the winter feel.
    since its winter now~ (:

  4. Syahiiroh said

    Congrats! ^^
    Now its 201,535 already!. (((:
    I’m happy for you. i just found out about your blog and straightaway link you!.
    Hope you dont mind! ^^

  5. lovemelodies said

    Hi there ^^ Thank you very much /bows/ XDDD Of course I don’t mind, I’m happy you like the blog ❤

  6. lovemelodies said

    I’m happy you like it ^^ I honestly don’t mind it either, because our blog is white in the first place, so it’s not that much of a distraction. Also, you are right with the wintery feeling to it 😀 Hope you are staying warm ❤

  7. Snowy site, feels for the season. Nothings wrong wif it ^^

    Oh, congratulations you guys!! It’s good to know you guys are growing day by day….that visits clearly shown, lots of people had long been visiting here ^^

    Is it too early wishing this? Haha, oh well. Happy Xmas shopping! lol

  8. Alice said

    the snow might get kind of annoying?
    haha but thats ur decision~

    and congrads on the #!!!

  9. lovemelodies said

    Yes, I agree that sometimes it can be a bit annoying. I’ll see what the rest says about it at the end of this week ^^ Anyhow, it won’t last too long 🙂 Thank you very much <333

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