DBSK~ Samsung Public Cheer-up Campaign =^o^=

Credit: mickytoho@youtube

Hey guys, remember this? Yunho + Yoochun Presents: Boys on Crack CFs {Subbed + Download} ♥♥♥
Turns out this is some sort of public message, of cheering up when you are feeling down ^^ and now they’ve released a full version with all the DBSK members ^o^ Things to note:

– 0:25: is it me or does that kid look like Taemin? @_@
– Jae saying that a team has to have 5 members XDD
– Micky’s tiny megaphone and Yunho’s mini-guitar
– Crack Mirotic chin dance ^^
– HORIZON DANCE at the “Ha Ha Ha” part!!!!! 😀
– Xiah swimming 😀 {DUCK BUTT XD}

EDIT: The 4 member group is said to be trainees of SM ^^ Hope to see them debut soon 😀

Have a happy day everyone =^o^=



  1. 0:25 Yeah~ I thought dat is Taemin too~~ 0_o
    Whoa~ DBSK is being plain adorkable hereee~~ I love them all~
    Esp. Junsu, why swimming all of the sudden~~ so random^^

  2. Heroojj said

    Hahaha….that makes me laugh every time I watch it! Very good idea! ^^

  3. monkeybrainz said

    u too ?? i really felt that he looks like taemin too !
    i even thoought it was SHINee but there’s 4 members , said to be new and i don’t see anyone else except for ‘taemin’.
    who knows ? they may be the next rookie group by SM

  4. i think so too~ maybe they’re the undergraduates who are making cameos before debuting ^^

    Looking forward for more pretty boys to shine!!

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