Yunho + Yoochun Presents: Boys on Crack CFs {Subbed + Download} ♥♥♥

Part 1~

Credit: mickytoho@youtube

Part 2~

Credit: mickytoho@youtube

Downloads {HQ, non-subbed, iPod version}~

♥ Part 1- Mediafire
♥ Part 2- Mediafire

Credit: tvxfq@lj, reuploaded by me

AHAHAHAHA, OMFG, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THE BOYS DOING?!?!??! XDDDDDDDDDDDD ALDKFIHAK;LGHAKSLDFJALH /dies from overdose of dorkyness/ Ok, ok, after me and Wendi laughed our heads off watching this MOST AMUSING set of videos, the biggest question is…..what are these for? o.O I think 2U just had too much time on their hands XDD

In the first one, they seemed to be pretending to audition for SM via youtube from the sentence “I think SM will like this when he sees it” and in the second one, they are making a fanvid for the song?? O.O Soo confused, but too hilarous to care honestly XDD the Ad-Libs from Yoochun is oh so amusing 😀

DBSK and non-DBSK fans alike, PLEASE WATCH THIS!!! It will do your heart good, I promise 🐱 Hope all the DBSK boys are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of food and turkey. DBSK Hwaiting!




  1. Paulexie said

    LOL! This gave me a fit of laugh! OMFGGG>
    My baby Yoochun! ahahaha. Their such dorks! And the adblibs was awesomeeeee.
    *dies from total laugh*

    ps. I watched it like 5 times already and I still can’t get enough of it! hahahaha

  2. lovemelodies said

    I LOVE THEM SO MUCH XDDDD ’nuff said ^^

  3. su-moon said

    I love them!!! XD
    Thanx for putting this up!
    Never know bout this until i saw ya blog!! X3

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