EDIT: DBSK~ Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot + 2009 Calendar {Pre-order} ♥

I don’t think I’ve ever posted up pictures from this photoshoot, so here are some really nice shots of the boys doing promotion for Lotte Duty Free items. Also, SM is using these shoots for a pocket(?) calender, which the scans have already been released. I believe SM usually puts out 3 types of calenders, pocket-desk-wall. The two pictures below (pastel-colored, adorable looking) I believe is the wall calender, and don’t they look cute?? XDD I’ll be posting up the pre-order links as soon as they come out, for the wall calender (if those are the wall calender previews). Enjoy~

DBSK 2009 Calenders Preview~

EDIT: DVDHeaven pre-order links added, will edit again when yesasia links comes out ^^

2009 CALENDAR [Limited] (Wall) USD14.115 (Size: 390 x 475mm, 14pgs)

2009 CALENDAR [Limited] (Table) USD14.115 (Size: 300 x 160mm, 14pgs)

Um…based on size measurements, I would say first preview to be wall and second to be desk…? If someone could translate the preorder pages and let me know for certain, I would really appreciate it ^^

Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot~

Lotte Duty Free 2009 Calender~

All credited to: Soompi, please do not hotlink ^^



  1. Paulexie said

    I so want to buy the 2009 calendar! But I just bought the Mirotic CD T^T So maybe… wait. I’ll buy it! No need to wait haha

    the boys look handsome and manly in those photos!

  2. NaNi YooChun said

    is it this picture will be show in the calendar?? i want the blue one but im confused..

  3. lovemelodies said

    Don’t they look nice and relaxed? XDD I love seeing them like that ^^ I hope you enjoy the calendar ❤

    @NaNi YooChun
    The blue one’s a table calendar. The pictures will be on the cover of the calendars ^^

  4. NaNi YooChun said

    erm..i want the lotte calendar. but the one that will be release its not the lotte right? based on the cover..do i have to wait till the lotte release? anyone has any idea?

  5. kelly said

    I want to buy the 2009 calendar!…^^….please contact me , my email : kwok1801@yahoo.com

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