Big Bang~ Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake CF+Making+ Download ♥

♥ Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🐱 ♥

15 Second Version~

Credit: BabyBongaholic@youtube

20 Second Version~

Credit: BabyBongaholic@youtube


MP4 (iPod) Version~

Credit: hq_bigbang@lj

AWWWWWWWW <333333333333 THEY ARE TOO CUTE XDDDDDDD What a sweet, adorable CF this is, featuring the Big Bang boys ^-^ Little snowmen (snowomen?? XDD) popping out of the ice-cream cake, and BB running around trying to catch them ^o^ Facials are AWESOME! and when they catch the snowmen and put it on their heads, they turn into beanies!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!! XDDDD Too cute, too adorable, MUST WATCH ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Shooting of Baskin Robbins CF

Download~ Mediafire {78 MB}
Credit: hq_bigbang@lj

Highlights include Baby getting overexcited with being in the front and introducing the other members, TOP scratching (DJing) with pan and tape for headphones (LOLS), BB members running around being dorky (looks like they are trying to kill flys or something XDD),  TOP abusing Daesung’s butt (XDDDDDDDDD), and various other assorments of amusements ^^ Highly recommended to watch, this can brighten up anyone’s day 🐱 Big Bang Hwaiting!!!



  1. OMOOO~~~ How cute is that??? The snowmen turned into beaniess!!!
    Now I really want the beanies~~

    I love TOP’s facial expression when the snowman hits the window~

    And d making too? Omo~

    Wendi, Star, you guys r d best~ kamsahamnida~~ ^^

  2. lovemelodies said

    :DDD aren’t those hats adorable??? I so want one <333 TOP was admiring himself in the window before that snowman so rudely interrupted his….careful examination XDDD Hehehe, you are too sweet 🐱 Thank you for your continuous supports and messages~ kamsahamnida ♥

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