Donghae + Ryeowook Cyworld Messages~ Super Show ♥♥

Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.11.23

Title: Super Junior Show China’s Shanghai Stop

To everyone who comes here, although I haven’t been here in a long time
Or those people who have been supporting me~~
I really thank you all~~
Even if it was held in Shanghai, but we will also have (more Super Shows) in other cities~~~
I will never forget all the touching moments I saw today~~ Thank you~
Ryeowook’s feeling very blessed in his heart!

Original Source; Fill me in RyeoWook

Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.11.23

Now (we) just came back after Super Show ended…
Saw the members whom I haven’t seen in a long while, my mood during the performance was really great!!^^
(I’m) Very thankful to all the E.L.F in China!! E.L.F 샤릉훼 (I love you)~~^^

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 김향숙

Wookie~~ We feel very blessed to be able to see you, and thank you for performing for us fans. 厉旭我爱你 Donghae~~ I’m so happy you were happy during the performance. After all, the fans can only have fun with the idols themselves have fun 🐱 李东海我爱你 ♥



  1. love~eastsea~ said

    “Saw the members whom I haven’t seen in a long while, my mood during the performance was really great!!^^”

    donghae miss the fellow members a lot!
    and i am so glad he was happy.

    Wookie… we miss you a lot and i am just as happy as he is=)

    thank you for sharing=)

  2. lovemelodies said

    and thank you for commenting ^^ Donghae and Wookie are both so sweet <33 I think part of the reason they felt so happy is that they have been in China for quite a while, and must have not had a chance to see the other members. I’m also very happy that they are happy XDDD;;; Fishy and wookie hwaiting 😀

  3. Lizzyjj said

    Good to hear that they miss their hyungs that is on the Korea, hope that they will be performed all together on one show just like before and hope that the 15 members will be able to be accepted by the fans with their whole hearts ^_^.

  4. icha said

    when super junior will held concert in indonesia?

  5. missaway said

    super junior, come to malaysia!!!

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  7. Maxx30 said

    Find out what kind of supplies, equipment, and help you will need when you go home. ,

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