{Mod Post} Hi Thar ^-^

……I REALLY should go to bed, as it is 1:30 in the morning and I just finished my paper, BUT, I wanted to do this for a while, and why not now? 😀 I’m just curious how many people actually comes to this site on a regular basis, or if you just drop by randomly, that’s fine too ^^ XDD If you wouldn’t mind, leave us a message and say hi? 😀 and tell us if you are a regular visitor or just surfing around, if you wouldn’t mind ^-^ Oh, and I have ADORABLE Big Bang Cyworld Mini-s as bribes, so comment please!!!! 🐱
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Oh oh, brownie points for you if you can tell who’s who in the Mini-s in the comment ^^~

EDIT: thank you to all for such nice and wonderful comments, you make my heart so happy 🐱 LOL, I saw some of the comments and I was so excited I ran to Wendi and was like “WE HAVE REGULAR VISITORS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!” xDDD Thank you so much for everyone’s continuous support, and we hope to bring you more k-pop news in the future ^^



  1. okay the bribe is so irresistible!lol!(OMG DAESUNG’s IS SO CUTE!)
    i just discover your site today as i was searching for donghae’s 100 Q n A and i found it here=)
    and i was happy that i got Changmin’s too=D
    i had it in my documents but virus is a pain, i can’t even open the files now, so i have to search it again=/
    (lol too long of unnecessary explanation!)
    i linked your site from my blog so i can check on new updates and leave comments too^_^

  2. astrid said

    a regular bah.. i come here everyday to chk on news of SuJu n DBSK..
    thanks for all e updates news n photos n etc..
    thanks for all e effort made..
    keep it up n sorry for not commenting in e past.. *guilty*

  3. 9 said

    From left to right: GD, TOP, TaeYang, Daesung and Seung-Ri! ❤
    Speshul love for the TOP one! Nice eyeliner! ^^ XD
    Do I deserve brownies? *hopeful*

    I come on a really regular basis. I look to see if there’s updates pretty much everyday. Sometimes more than once… *smile at the addiction*. 8D

    I find my place for my daily dose of KLove! ^^

    Thank you. Keep that amazing work! ^^ Love youu~~ so muuch~~! ❤ ❤

  4. xion said

    im regularrrr~~~~~ haha..
    1- GDragon
    2- TOP
    4- Daesung
    5- Seungri

    haha.. dunno correct or not.. 😀
    anyway.. i love ur site…

  5. Sarah said

    Hey im a regular!
    I check ur site everydae for updates.
    Especially those on DBSK!~ =)
    Thanks for all your efforts & keep up the good work!
    KPOP Hwaiting!=)

  6. Hlo~ I’m a regular, every possible day I will come to check ur site up ^^
    Think I’ve left a comment before but it was very long tme ago~
    Sorry for coming regularly but not commenting regularly *blush*
    This is one of my FAV k-pop source~
    You had done very good job on this, so, HWAITING!!
    Lots of love

  7. meggie said

    hey, i’m a regular,
    i check your site almost daily for updates,
    although i don’t comment,
    but i really appreciate for your efforts
    on making this site so wonderful !
    keep up the good work. (:

  8. Neko-chan said

    -eyes sparkles-
    the bribes are honest enough.. hehe..
    im a regular reader, although i dont comment very often..
    mianhe.. hehe..
    you’re doing a good job, dont worry..

    kay lets take a guess..
    first from left would be Taeyang, TOP, Seungri, Daesung and G.D…
    did i get it right? ^-^

  9. gem said

    from left to right…. Taeyang, Sungri, G-Dragon, Daesung and TOP….
    though its really hard to find Taeyang in there…

  10. Sky said

    I’m a daily visitor, though I do not comment much. v_v

    I enjoy reading your posts…Otherwise I would not know what my favorite bands are up to. You are one of my favorite blogs to check up on.

    I have no idea who’s who in those mini-s, but they are adorable. The second one is my favorite.

  11. Jess said

    i love your site (: thanks for always spreading the kpop love <33 i come mostly for dbsk, big bang, and SHINee, but the constant updates are always nice 😀

    these are my guesses… left to right:
    gdragon, seungri, taeyang, daesung, and top (:

  12. Jess said

    oh wait,
    i’m sure this is really unimportant
    but i change my guesses to
    taeyang, seungri, gdragon, daesung, and top
    ahahahaha. i saw gdragon’s hair and i was like.. oh wait… ahahaha.

  13. GEE said

    regular 🙂 taeyang, seungri, gd, daesung and top (whos looking as hot as ever)

  14. lovemelodies said

    I’m glad you like the bribes ^^ and thank you so much for visiting! The 100 Q+A-s are always so much fun to read 🙂

    Hi hi!! Thank you for your visits and support, I’m glad we can provide you with news ^^ No need to comment on stuff, just knowing you enjoy the updates is what matters ^^

    @9 a
    awww, you were close, but it’s actually Taeyang, Sungri, G-Dragon, Daesung and TOP *gives brownie points anyways XD* Thank you for visiting us and supporting us, we really appreciate it ^^

  15. lovemelodies said

    Hi regular XDD <33 The order’s actually Taeyang, Sungri, G-Dragon, Daesung and TOP but here’s some brownie points for trying ^^ *gives out brownie points* Very happy to hear you like the site, hope we can provide more news for you in the future ^^

    Hi Sarah!! I’m so glad you enjoy the updates on DBSK, and thank you so much for the nice and supportive comments 🐱 Have a great day

    Hii ^^ Hello again, I remember you 🐱 Please don’t feel guilty for not commenting, I’m glad you like coming here and enjoy the updates 🙂 Heaven Hwaiting!

    Hallo meggie :^D Thank you very much for coming and visiting us, we really appreciate your support and kind comments <333 Have a great weekend!

  16. lovemelodies said

    Hey Neko-chan, how are you? 😀 I remember you from a few posts back, thanks for coming back and visiting us 🙂 and thank you so much for your nice comments, makes me feel a little more secure in what I’m putting up XDD;; You are very very close, you just need to switch G.D and TOP’s order 😀 Taeyang, G.D, Seungri, Daesung and TOP

    Nice job!! I believe you are the first person to get all of them right, nicely done 🐱 *gives out brownie points* I think what gives Taeyang away is his puppy Boss, that dog is too adorable ^^

    Hi Sky ^^ Thank you for your visits and supportive messages, I’m glad we can bring you updates and news you enjoy ^-^ the mini-s are members of Big Bang, Taeyang, Sungri, G-Dragon, Daesung and TOP. They are a very nice band to listen to ^^

    Hello Jess 🐱 Thank you thank you for the nice comment ❤ You got it right on the second time, nice job!!! *hands out heaps of brownie points 😀 *

    Hi Gee 😀 Thanks for visiting us <333 and congrats on getting all of them right, TOP looks so adorable and hot at the same time @_@ XDDD *hands out brownie points*

  17. Alice said

    i come by almost everyday to see what u guys have updated!
    unfortunately i’m not much of a person to comment, but thanks for keeping us updated!!

  18. Paulexie said

    hello~~ ^^
    I’m actually a regular reader! I come here like everyday! Just… I don’t comment T^T SORRY! From now on, I promise to comment~! and besides this site is like one of the sites I never want to FORGET TO CHECK when I’m using the computer and internet^^ Most of the posts are about SUJU, DBSK, BB and etc, which are the ones I like~~ so this is one of the sites who keeps me updated about them and I’m really happy^^ So, don’t worry! You have a lot of readers *raises hands*

    – Paulexie

  19. lovemelodies said

    Oh, that’s fine, there’s no need to comment 🐱 You are very welcome for the updates, I’m just happy you enjoy them 😀

    Hello there!! aww…there’s no need to comment if you don’t want to ^-^ Honestly, I made this post just to see how many visitors to have, for my own reference. It’s not to say “why aren’t you guys commenting?!?!?!?!” XDDD;; Hey look, we share the same fandoms XDD *highfives* thanks again for your visits, and your supportive message 🐱 ❤

  20. mobilezdi said

    hye..~~ actually..im always be a silent reader…
    but today!! i must say something to u.
    yes, i visit ur site every day.. and im soo loving ur articles …every morning its like the first thing have to do before i start doing my work
    thanks for passionately updated us with great news every day… 🙂

    btw, love ur bribe…. theee… XD (*_*)

  21. pueppi7 said

    I think im a regular one but i dont know your site long. I just met it accidently.
    But I love it 😀
    1- Tae yang
    2- Seungri
    3- GD
    4- Daesung
    5- TOP

  22. shid said

    am a regular here~ but when i kept coming back few days back…it wasnt updated. ahahah it was still at the SJ Shanghai show which.. im not interested. HAHAA. anyway, loveeeee the mini-s. AND SEUNGRI BABY!

  23. Paulexie said

    haha. yeahhhh well i didnt mean it to be that way too^^ rofl~
    *high fives back* and *hugs* XD

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