Super Junior~ Siwon Photo Story + Super Show Seoul Encore ♥

From damifino at SJ Soompi Thread~

The official Super Junior website is doing a special feature in anticipation of the upcoming 3rd album release! Starting 11/21/08, they are going to start posting pics taken by members, news, updates, etc. The first person up is Shiwon, but it looks like they will have each and every member take pics to do a photo story and it will be posted here. SM asks that fans check out SuJu’s official website often to see what’s new 🙂

Oh man, oh man, this is exciting ^o^ I’m surprised they are doing features for fans to anticipate the 3rd album release (unless it’s going to be very soon, oh please yes >< ) but hey, it’s news from SuJu, and I’ll take that any day 😀 Wow, Siwonnie is so good at anything he do!! XDD Dancing, singing, acting, being a perfect gentleman, and now photography @_@ XD In that first picture…I spy Chinese words on the sign, so he probably took that in China. The second one also, maybe, to remind him of activities during the day…and I luff the reference to BB’s Haru Haru ^^ Then that last one, man, what a stylish bag <333 I want ^^ and new things ahead…looks like he’s packing, possibly to go back to Korea from China to record and finish making the 3rd album, I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!!!!

Siwon~ Photo Story

[SiWon] 2008-11-21 오전 12:12:00

◈ 지금도.. 그때 그자리에.. ( still at the same place.. )


◈ 하루 하루 (day by day)


◈ 새롭게 펼쳐질 새로운것들 ( new things ahead )


Credit: superjunior.iple



Super Junior will have an encore Seoul concert.

On January 3rd and 4th of next year, Super Junior will hold their “Super Junior The 1st ASIA TOUR-SUPER SHOW ENCORE” at the Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.

This concert will be an encore to this year’s past “Super Junior The 1st ASIA TOUR-SUPER SHOW” on February 22-24 (3 days) at the Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.

Meanwhile, on November 22 they will perform on the stage in Shanghai, China for their “Super Junior The 1st ASIA TOUR-SUPER SHOW in Shanghai.”

Source: Newsen

So, soooo happy about this, yet so sad that I probably won’t be able to attend any Super Shows that they’ll be hosting, now or in the future ;;_;; Ahhh, gloomy thought aside, I’m eagerly anticipating pictures and fan-accounts and videos from the Super Show this Saturday. I hope the Chinese fans will bring out Heechul’s name-sake poster and hang it up for him to see again 🐱 Best of luck to SJ performing on Saturday, Super Junior Hwaiting!



  1. how could him? he is too perfect to be human being!
    can’t wait to see the other members entry!
    thanks for sharing this=)

  2. xion said

    how can they have an encore wen other countries tat they’re suppose to perform also they havent come!!!!??? 😦

  3. mimiejay said

    OMG!!!!!! i love this piece of news!!!!!!! The best news this year!!! SuJu’s new album!!!!!!!!! GAhhhh i can’t wait!!!!!! i missed our SuJu boys soo dearly!

    ^ sorry for the spammm..lols, Why won’t they held concert in other country! Hmph! I can’t afford (i sound so poor) to go to their concert but i’m really anxious of Malaysian ELF reaction of the tour.. I’m jealous but i really want more ELF in Malaysia!!!

  4. lovemelodies said

    You are very welcome ^^ I hope they’ll release the other members’ soon too <333

    An encore only means they are performing again due to fan requests, doesn’t mean they are canceling the other spots on the tour ^^

    Hehe, it’s not spam, I feel the exact same way 😀 I wish they would come to the US for a concert XDDD At least you are in the same continent 🐱 I hope they’ll hold their supershow at Malaysia soon <33

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