DBSK ‘Wrong Number’ MV + Making Of MV ♥

DBSK- Wrong Number MV

Credit: cassiopeial0ve@youtube

IT’S FINALLY OUT!!! and what an AWESOME job they did with this MV, I am SO PROUD of them 🐱 The dancing is so smooth yet the movements are very sharp. Xiah looks sooooo gorgeous in that white suit ♥_♥ and Micky’s hair looks so fine ^^~ JAE’S RAPPING WAS SOOOO COOL!!!!! and I LOL-ed at Yunho’s rapping dancing part >.>;;; That…posture was just…strange ^^; ROFL at Jae dropping the cellphone in the wine, what a waste of a beautiful cell XDD I luff how dark and mysterious the MV is, and DBSK really did such an amazing job with it ^^~ DBSK Hwaiting!! I can’t wait to see lives!! 😀

08.11.14 YTNStar – Making of Wrong Number MV

Credit; Yunise87@youtube


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