081115 SJM + Zhang Li Yin~ Southeast Ranking ♥

Hi SJM!!!!!!<3333 There hasn’t seem to be too much activity with SJM since most of the members are going back and forth to Korea to record for their third album (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Hangeng filming his drama. So it’s great to hear that SJM performed and won at the Southeast Ranking <333 Congratuations SJ-M!! Also congratuations to Li Yin for winning Best Newcomer, that girl has so much talent 🐱 SJ-M and Li Yin 加油!!!

While Korea’s MKMF Awards was going at the same time in Seoul, Fuzhou, China held an award ceremony of their own. SM Entertainment’s artists won in their respective categories: Zhang Li Yin for Best Mainland Newcomer, and Super Junior-M for Most Popular Group.

Both artists performed after receiving their awards. Zhang Li Yin sang “Believe in Love”, the featured song on her upcoming repackage album, while Super Junior-M performed “Me”, their latest featured single from their first album.

Hangeng of SJM was not in attendance. (Most likely due to drama filming schedules.)

Credit: Sohu+ Wendy@Chocolyn for compiling


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