Super Junior {Heechul + Kangin} Band of Brothers~ Epi. 1 (Subbed)♥


Super Junior members Kang In and Hee Chul aimed to reproduce a perfect replica of the legendary rock group, Beatles.

Together with Trax members, Jay and Jung Mo, they transformed into the world famous rock group on the first broadcast of Mnet’s ‘Band Of Brothers’ airing on October 25th. They performed dressed exactly like the Beatles, right down to the straight bangs and trademark black attire.

With their public performance, they also revealed their transformed looks with Kang In transforming into Paul McCartney, Hee Chul as Ringo Star, Jay as John Lennon and Jung Mo as George Harrison.

Kang In, Hee Chul, Jay, and Jung Mo have in fact known each other as friends for over 6 years and have been very close therefore the Beatles was the ideal fit.

Source: Newsen


Band of Brothers – Heechul & Kangin- Part 1
Band of Brothers – Heechul & Kangin- Part 2
Band of Brothers – Heechul & Kangin- Part 3

Ahhh, it’s sooo nice to see Heenim and Kangin <33333 and for those who do not know, the two other (quite gorgeous) guys are members of TRAX, a Korean Rock band under SM. Jay and Xmas are great friends with Heechul, so I thought it was very nice that Heenim Oppa got a chance to hang out with his friends again while filming ^^ This episode’s great, filled with Kangchul moments, and just brotherly love interaction <33333 I luff how Kangin drives the car, looking so stylish 😀 and Heechul’s reaction when he was told Ringo had no favorite food recorded was priceless ♥♥♥♥♥ Can’t wait to see more of this show, Heenim and Kangin Oppa Hwaiting!

Picture Credit:sj-market (click for more pictures ^^)



  1. FionaChan said

    any download link with subs?

  2. woo heechul 😀

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