081030 SHINee Iple Entry {Minho+Taemin} + New Iple Photos ♥

Ahhh…too many things to say and not enough time to say it >< Minho’s charisma shines through like the flame (/gets bricked XDD) in his Iple Entry. YOU WERE FANTASTIC IN THE FASHION SHOWS, OPPA!!!!! XDDD I really want to see him on more of them, as long as he’s not overworked ^-^ Oh, Taemin <333 Soooo ADORABLE, and I wish he could be a little easier on himself, you guys always do the best, always give the fans the best, Taemin. Anyone can see that, please don’t worry so much ^^~ Lol, he sounds so cute giving advice and telling people not to catch a cold XDDD Kawaii ♥

Lemme see….IPLE Photo updates @____@ Taemin…you are ONLY 15, look so adorable and innocent and YOUNG, the pose really doesn’t suit you ( you should try out these instead, Junsu has the cute look down pat ^^~) The Amigo Pictures look gorgeous and hot as well, Jonghyun’s is my favorite 😀 SHINee Hwaiting!!!

SHINee ~Minho~ Iple Entry ♥


SHINee ~Taemin~ Iple Entry ♥


New Iple Pictures ^^~


New AMIGO Individual Photos~ ♥



  1. dae-shii said

    taeminnieee~~ 😀

  2. Nessa said

    Key n Jonghyun ❤ ❤ 😀

  3. thiny said

    hay shinee hello onew

  4. na luci said

    shinee is the best!

  5. said


  6. aimi said

    your so cute taemin…i love u so much..your birthday same with me..just add me at friendster ok??

  7. aimi said

    your so cute..i like you and i love you..your birthday is same with me..just add me at friendter ok??

  8. thiny said

    onew ssi and minho ssi sarangheyo

  9. siam said

    ignore that girl aimi

  10. ilove taemin said

    TAEMIN why are you so cute?
    i love you taemin and i love keyy
    i would do anything to see you but I live in Germany from Neuenrade!
    Perhaps you will come to Germany? BUT PLEASE to Neuenrade!
    everyone can see you but I do not!
    I cry almost every day for taemin and I pray God that I see taemin!!
    i love youu taeminn <3<3<3

  11. thanthanwin said

    I love taemin.You are very cute & handsome.

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